10 Best Home Decorating Games For Adults

The home is a place where people spend most of their time. Decorating the space can be an exciting way to express your creativity and style in a room. There are many ways to decorate, but one fun way is with games. Games like these ten best home decorating games for adults will help you design while also providing plenty of laughs.

Home Decorating Games For Adults

A lot of us think that home decorating is just for kids. But, if you’re looking to spice up your living space and have some fun with it, then these ten games are perfect for adults who want to take on the challenge.

Design your dream house without spending a penny with these creative design games. From interior decorating to landscaping, there are plenty of projects for you turn into reality. The list is available on both Android and iOS devices so that everyone can enjoy these fun activities.

Home Decorating Games For Adults

Designing the perfect home has never been more accessible or affordable with great free-to-play games all in one place. Choose from various tasks including designing an entire room or adding finishing touches like plants around the outside of your yard. After playing this game it’s easier than ever before to take those ideas off paper and put them right into action.

1: Design Home

Design Home is a new home decorating app where users can create their dream house with ease by choosing from over 100 different items including furniture, wallpapers or even paint colors. The best part about Design Home is how incredibly simple the user-interface makes designing. Just drag & drop any of these objects into place.

decorating games

Play Design Home today and turn your home into a stylish, modern wonderland. With real life furniture from brands such as Pottery Barn and Restoration Hardware at your disposal. You can make the most of every inch of space in any room with minimal effort on your part. Customize everything to fit perfectly into each area – even go outside for more scenery if you want to take it up a notch or two.

If looking for an easy way to satisfy that need for creativity while still being able stay chic-schedule play time now by downloading Play Design Home right away. With this app, you can design your home in a beautiful new way every day. You’ll be able to choose from gorgeous furniture and decor brands that will make any space look like the epitome of an interior designer’s dream come true.


  • Daily Design Challenges.
  • Design rooms and express your creativity.
  • Creative community
  • Vote on your favorite rooms.
  • Enter Design Challenges to unlock furniture rewards.

2: Home Maker

Create the home of your dreams. Choose from a wide variety of colors, textures and tiles to create customized rooms with no limitations. You can explore 3D cities in search for beautiful homes that you might want to buy or rent out. Furnish it with any appliances that you desire.

home design games

The game provides hundreds of different items including furniture pieces like couches and bookcases as well as kitchenware such as microwaves and ovens so there’s plenty to pick from before designing your perfect space.

Designing houses is now easier than ever thanks Home Maker. Homes which offers tons customization options when renovating old house interiors, choosing new interior design features for various types of living spaces. Bedrooms suites, kitchens & bathrooms among others.


  • Design various houses and rooms.
  • Vote for the best design.
  • Decorate with tons of unique furniture.
  • vibrant design community.
  • Creative ideas and bring it to your real life.
  • Share your design.
  • Get distinguished rewards.

3: Design This Home

Design This Home is the most popular home design game in the world with over 10 million players and has been #1 around globe. With 5 star reviews from over 200,000 people this app will be sure to stand out for you as a potential gem.  This room design games is the perfect way to unleash your creativity and design anything you want in an escape from reality. Players can paint their walls, renovate floors, arrange cabinets. All from a virtual room.

decorating games for adults

Home design games for adults is a fun game that lets you design your own dream house, and the options are endless. You can choose from different styles of wallpaper or floors for any room in your home. To make it easier to buy new stuff faster, there are some optional purchases available but if not they’re still fun to play games without spending money at all.

Design This Home is an app that gives you the opportunity to customize your residents, share your home with friends and family alike, clean up after them as they leave a mess in their wake. Once you’ve completed tasks like these online or offline. You can earn rewards for yourself on this game where creativity counts.


  • Customize every aspect of your home.
  • Own multiple homes.
  • Choose from six beautiful floor plans.
  • Share your home with your friends on social media.
  • Easy to play for all ages.
  • Quality retina art and animation.

4: Home Design Makeover

Welcome to Home Design Makeover, where your skills as a designer will take the fortunate families from dreamers into reality with amazing home makeovers. Solve fun match 3 puzzles designed by experts in design and decoration for even more assistance on designing, customizing and decorating their perfect dream homes.

You will get a wide choice for decoration and customization, starting up with the style in which you would like to decorate your house. You can choose from any of these styles. Victorian, Modernist or Art Deco. Alongsih choosing how you want to dress it all up on the outside.

interior design games

Should we do something whimsical? A little artsy? Or maybe just keep things simple. You also have options when it comes time to pick out furniture pieces inside each room that is uniquely yours eagerly awaiting what colors and patterns coordinate best. You’ll find plenty of inspiration as well before even making decisions by scrolling through Houzz’s over 2 million photos uploaded every day.


  • Free content updates with new interior and exterior design challenges.
  • Experience addicting gameplay with offline mode.
  • Design and renovate different rooms styles.
  • Remodel homes with a Farmhouse style.

5: The Sims Freeplay

The Sims FreePlay is an interactive home decorating games that lets you create, customize and design your own virtual town. You can build homes for different families, choose the interior decoration or even add a swimming pool if there’s not enough room to put it in. The possibilities are endless as this game allows players of all ages to have fun with their imagination and creativity.

Build up your town with Sim virtual families and watch as they grow, develop from babies to seniors. Create a life path for the Sims you want them to take on. If you’re not happy with their current one. The more time and money invested in these Sims, the better chance of success there is. Watch them thrive while designing fun challenges that will help complete goals or earn simoleons. So players can purchase rewards at any point during gameplay.

home design games for adults

The Sims FreePlay has a vast and diverse world of customization options to explore. From designing your room, choosing outfits for your Sim, or creating their personality from scratch. you’ll be immersed in an engaging experience that will keep you coming back for more.

6: Kawaii Home Decor

You can have your way with this free home decor game. Your favorite pieces of furniture, the style you want to show off and a client’s request are all up for grabs. Play today and let your creativity shine through in one of our best DIY House games yet.

The game seems to be tailored for those who would like to play something that has a focus on decorating and furnishing their office space. It’s an interesting twist, because typically the player is focused more so on making their own home look nice than anything else.

You’re finally in charge of designing your own dream home with this interior design game. Design anything from a messy living room to neat bedroom, fill it with different styles furniture and you’ll have the perfect space. Organize rooms using shelves or drawers too for even more creativity, then decorate them just how you like by adding plants on tables or pillows on couches.

room design games for adults

There’s nothing else that can make your house feel so cozy as all these lovely touches that only YOU designed; now get yourself comfortable. It won’t be long before someone offers to buy up property near yours at an inflated price because they know what kind of design genius lives there.

7: Home Design Makeover

This home design games for adults allows you to design a new room for your clients. You’ll have the opportunity to work with many different styles and themes, but one of the best parts is that it’s up to you how far out of budget your client wants their project.

Home Design Makeovers lets players create an entirely new home decorating experience in just minutes. It offers numerous options for customization from furniture placement all the way down to wallpaper designs. So there are no limitations on what can be achieved through this game. The possibilities really are endless when playing Home Design Makes over.

house design games for free

Playing Match 3 games is not like a walk in the park. Some designs might take you days to complete, but it mostly depends on your skill level and how much time you spend playing every day.


  • Make a country-style house or add modern style.
  • Variety of rooms and styles.
  • Interesting clients.
  • Offline mode allows you to enjoy the game.
  • Regular free updates with new design challenges.

8: Home Fantasy – Dream Home Design Game

Home Fantasy is a creative match-3 puzzle game with an emphasis on building your dream home. You get to blast away at cubes and decorate the walls of your new house. Match 3 or more like objects, move them around in groups, then watch as they turn into colorful paintings that you can hang up anywhere you want even outside.

If you’ve ever wanted to design your own home, now is the time! Home Fantasy has created a fun match 3 game where players take on the role of an interior designer. Players are given different challenges in which they must furnish rooms with furniture and decorate them to look like their best work.

The better looking each room is designed, the more stars it will get from clients who come into visit for potential homes that may be right for them. You don’t need a strong reason or any good reason at all really. Just play this creative matching puzzler because its super cool experiences await inside.

realistic interior design games

You can make the game more challenging by providing a lower budget and fewer materials to build something outstanding out of them. Or you could repair old houses, giving them a new makeover that will astound their owners.


  • Sync your game profile easily on different devices.
  • Plenty of color cube elements.
  • Unique and stylish options of furniture.
  • Offline support, play anywhere, anytime.
  • Multiple ways to get rewards and boosts.

9: Sweet House

Sweet House is a new social game that allows you to design your own dream home and share it with friends. In Sweet house, players have the opportunity to create their perfect place in life. From picking out furniture for every room of the house all the way down to designing gorgeous gardens outside. Players can also go on an adventure by exploring different rooms through match-three puzzles or other mini games.

Sweet House is an app that will give you the home of your dreams. As soon as you start playing, This home design games tasks you with completing a variety of missions. For every mission completed successfully and in time, players are rewarded with stars- which can be invested back into gameplay after purchase at any point on their journey through this exciting game world.

decor games for adults

Players who complete all 120 levels (with 3 or more stars) unlock epic new features like ́Super Bosses’, ‘Missions Unlimited’ mode to earn unlimited coins from each level without having to leave behind valuable resources found along the way during previous playthroughs; and other exclusive rewards for power gamers such as bulldozers, digging machines unlocked only by collecting enough Golden Eggs during gameplay.

The levels in this game require a particular amount of stars, so you might need to come back and replay some missions. When completing the mission, one must choose from three given decors while they complete it – if not chosen beforehand.

10: Design My Room

Design My Room is a free to play game that allows players the freedom of designing their own home interior. From flooring, wallpaper and furniture arrangements. This home decorater games is an entertaining way for creative people to create interiors they would love in real life without spending all day on design programs or hiring someone else who knows what they are doing.

The limitless possibilities allow gamers with any skill level to enjoy themselves and be satisfied at seeing something new each time it’s played. There are hundreds of real estate properties, empty rooms, redesign houses, home from various locations for you to design and decorate.

For those decorating enthusiasts looking to make a dream home come true, there’s no better place than the interactive 3D room scenes found on 123 Home Decor Ideas. Designed with realism and vivid graphics that will have you feeling like your own designs are coming alive before your eyes.

full house decorating games

With an entire world of interior design ideas at their fingertips, users can browse through our database for over 7 million photos of rooms in order to see what they might want in their very own homes or offices without ever leaving this site.

And if it still isn’t enough inspiration after hours upon hours browsing various living spaces- fear not. Included is also a blog where bloggers share the latest trends, styles and more so people don’t miss out when designing their personal space.

Design My Room is a fun and creative way to decorate your room. You can choose from an extensive selection of furniture, wallpapers, flooring tiles and more in order create the perfect space for you.


If you’re looking to spice up your living space and have some fun with it, then these 13 home decorating games are perfect for adults who want to take on the challenge. These games will help you get in touch with your creative side while also helping turn a boring room into something unique that’s all yours. We hope you find some of these games helpful when it comes to spicing up your living space.

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