Best Party Planner Apps For Android and iPhone

Hello Friends in this post we are going to share with you best party planner apps for android and iPhone. “Parties” the word sounds so rocking that brings new energy to everyone’s mind.  Weather it be birthday party, marriage party, Christmas party, kitty party or any kind of party.

party planner apps

Enjoyment level in any party depends on the arrangement as well as planning of the party. If the arrangements and planning are good and up to the mark  then everyone is satisfied. So good planning need a proper guidance. These all are part of our daily life that brings new joy and enthusiasm to our life. Everyone likes to attend the parties and enjoy at there best.

Guidance may be provided by the event managers but the key point is they will organize according to their will and choice. Here is we are providing you the simplest and easy way that will guide to to organize a party. So here are the best 10 party planner apps for Android and iPhone. The need is just to install these apps and feel blessed.

Party Planner Apps For Android and iPhone

1. Evite: Free Online & Text Invitations

This app provides you with all the planning that are needed as well as remainders are also provided. To organize a party  you need  to know about the number of guests you want to invite.

There are several task to remember like invitation cards, food arrangements, guest arrivals, money management and many more.

But here you need not to worry about all these just install the app and it will guide you throughout. This app contains the application of budget setting, guest management and guest invitation.

  • Using this app you can also design the cards and templates of your own choice. Many more features can be added like photos from your phone, event title, venue of party and timing of the party.
  • You can also send invitation through email. Trace the RSVP to see who have received and viewed your invitation. To see various themes you can check it from Pinterest.

free virtual invitation

2: Plan Meals – MealPlanner

This app is best meals planner for any party. You can download this app on both Android and iPhone devices. Whenever you are planning a party either fancy or small party menu of the meal is core center of attraction.

So this app provides you with various tips to manage the meal and menu. Here it creates a shopping list of all ingredients needed. It also manages the menu and drinks. Here you can also set remainders for complete procedure to start and stop.

Plan Meals

3: Spotify

A good music changes the mood of guests in the party and also if the music is good the party lasts long. A soothing music also calm down people, it relieves the stress and bring good vibes around all the people. Spotify it contains more than 50 millions of music tracks and 232 million users.

It is a music service that provides huge amount of music tracks of your own choice. Spotify is free to use. So just install the app and make your party memorable for yourself as well as for those attending the party.


4. Cocktail Flow 

There is no doubt that the flow of drinks shows your standard and makes your party more rocking. So by using this app show your guest your standard and make they happy. Surely the guests are going to be impressed.

This app will provide you the receipt of ingredients needed to prepare drink  the recipient may contain the ingredients that you already have at your home.

You can also present variety in drinks like tropical, creamy shot, hard, string or mild. So plan ahead your cocktail party by using the app.

Cocktail Flow

5. Karaoke 


Not every party demands rocking and buzzing sounds. Some parties can be enjoyed using karaoke. Once everyone has arrived keep the party on with karaoke. Weather your guest like different patterns rocking, pop choose from “7 rings” by Ariana Grande “Bohemians Rhapsody” by Queen. Browse through popular track and find your taste of karaoke. This will make you feel different and satisfied .

By the same time your guest will also feel the difference as well as worth coming. There is no need to get worried about the music the app is going to manage all. So quickly install the party planner apps and make use of all the featured available.

6. Event Planner App

Event Planner

It’s an party organizer app that helps you out to plan all types of parties marriage party, birthday party, kitty party, cocktail party or any party. This provides you with –

(a) Guest list – that will include total number of guests their age, sex, gender.
(b) Shopping list – here you can manage all the things that you need to purchase.
(c) Budget list – all the expenditure will be managed and under control.

This app is a complete package of event management under your choice and budget. This will bring less tension and great joy, you can organize from a simple party to a complex big party using this app.

7. Pro party planner

Pro party planner is best party planning checklist app. This app helps you to plan conference, meeting, trade shows, parties and fundraisers. This is a great and unique application that helps you to organize all kind of parties.

This app is generally created for professional who want to organize parties over business, conference or any meetings. Here you can do everything plan the budget, select designs of invitation cards, theme of the party according to your choice, venue, timing of party and food menus.

You can do everything of your own choice. shopping list can also be created very shortly. You can also put remainders for anything that you might forget despite of busy schedule. Just install the party planning app and enjoy at your best.

Pro Party Planner

8: My Party Planner – Lite

My Party Planner

This is the last app of party planner apps list. With the help of this app you can plan any party very well. It has five sections: TO DO, Guest, Menu, Shopping and Budget in addition to general information.

If you have to manage another party then you can copy similar event. You can send invitations to your important guests through this app. In this app you can easily manage all the parties like Birthday Party, Dinner Party, Events etc.

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