6 Ways to Make Your Mobile App Designs Stand Out From the Crowd

Mobile applications can be of various types, but it needs to be unique to sell the product. When something is unique, it’ll become successful automatically. However, with advancements in technology and different app development strategies, standing out in the market may seem a difficult task.

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The competition gets tough as over 3.4 million apps in the Google Play Store and nearly 2.2 million apps in the Apple Store are available to download. According to Statista, there’re currently around 6.648 billion smartphone users worldwide and they spend 90% of their mobile time using apps. But an average mobile user may install 20-25 apps but uses only 8-9 apps every day.

With such little user attention and a competitive market, you need to think and make something out of the box that’ll grab everyone’s attention. If you want to know how to do it, here’re six ways to make your mobile app designs stand out from the crowd.

Learn Your Potential Users’ Demands

In order to make an app stand out in the market, it needs to be able to fulfill all the demands of your potential users. For that, first, you must know who will use the app. This will help determine the business potential of the app and how it can benefit people.

Based on the service you’re offering, the app can be for entertaining, finance or gaming. You can ask your users what features they require, how simple and intuitive design they prefer or check the current trends and conduct a poll to get a clear idea.

Keep the Design Simple

The primary reason mobile app’s design is important to stand out from the crowd is it creates a dramatic effect on the user. The way they can navigate and use the app depends on its design and interface.

You must keep in mind that users will use the app on a small screen. So, do not jam the space with large icons or unnecessary options and expect them to function smoothly. In case your app design is complex, it may take more time to load and users don’t like waiting. In contrast, if the app is well designed, it looks attractive and professional.

Here’re the Google Play app icon guidelines to follow:

  • Size: 512px X 512px
  • Maximum file size: 1024 KB
  • Shape: Full square

Pick the Right Color

All the design elements, including the color, need to have a specific purpose. When selecting the color for your mobile app, make sure it aligns with that purpose. The next thing to look at is the color of the icon that will make it stand out in the search result.

For instance, bright-colored apps grab people’s attention quickly. But too much bright or high contrast may ruin your reputation and people will skip it. One or two colors are more than enough for the app. If you notice, simple icons create more engagement than complex ones. 

However, picking the right color from multiple color combinations can be difficult. To make your job easy, you can choose from a palette color that matches your idea. With this, you can be inspired by a large variety of colors and design your creativity. If you want a perfect color theme for your app design, find a color palette on Vista Web.

Integrate Third-Party Service

The third-party API integration with mobile apps has become a major element to attract customers. App users want more convenient ways to streamline their works. Consequently, many app developers are now focusing on integrating third-party services with their apps.

For example, most apps now allow users to open Google Maps. With third-party integration, you can integrate place details, transportation details, cab fares etc., into your app. 

Integrating the app with what people already use gives them a seamless experience. As a result, your app’s creditability in the market increases and more people download the app.

However, do not develop excess integration that few people only know about. Otherwise, it’ll be a waste of useful resources and not to mention, third-party integrating into an app is time-consuming.

Speed Up the Loading Time

As already stated before, if your app design is complicated, it severely affects the app’s loading time. For example, a 1-second delay in the load time can impact the conversion rate by almost 20%. Even if an app takes over 3 seconds to load, the user will immediately abandon it.

This is a huge problem that most apps, especially gaming apps, often experience. To speed up the loading time, simplify your app design and keep updating it. The fast loading speed will enhance user engagement and increase business revenue. 

Take Feedback

The final important part is to take feedback from beta users. Though while designing an app, you may ignore the reviews where people say to build app design they’ve seen before. But that doesn’t mean you won’t ask for feedback.

The beta users often provide useful opinions that you might not have thought of before. They interact with the preproduction applications, identify user problems and give critical feedback on them. It’ll help you estimate the app’s functionality.

Designing an app may not easy, but with proper knowledge and mindful ideas, you can create a successful app. All you need is to follow the trend and listen to what people want from a mobile app.

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