If you’re a golfer but don’t want to go out and play on the course, many apps on your phone will be perfect for you. There is an app for every type of golfer whether it likes to know stats about their game or one who wants a more relaxing experience. Read this blog post to find the 10 best golf games app for Android and iPhone.

Golf Games App

Golf is an expensive game. If you’re a wealthy man, then golf is for sure an expensive hobby. But this doesn’t mean the pursuit has no value at all. It can make your social status even higher. The rich and powerful people who play these games are often seen as pillars of society with their wealth being. One example of how fortunate they’ve been throughout life while looking down upon others less fortunate than them from high above ground level.

Golf Games App For Android and iPhone

A great way to pass the time during rainy days is by playing some golf. There are best free golf games app on your phone that will help you do this. But there is nothing better than a day at the golf course. Whether you’re on your own or with friends. Hitting one shot after another can make for some great times outdoors and give us all that fresh air we need during these hot summer days.

The golf games app has never been more accessible. Whether you’re a beginner looking for an introduction to the game, or someone who wants detailed statistics about their performance. There is an app out there that can provide what you need to enjoy your time on the course even when you’re not playing it. Check out this article and read through our list of ten of the best golf games app for Android and iPhone.

1: Mini Golf King – Multiplayer Game

This is not just any regular game of mini-golf. This one has all the bells and whistles, with action-packed levels designed to give you an intense gaming experience like no other. Plunge yourself into beautiful landscapes from around the world on stages too challenging for your average Joe or Jane Golfer out there.

golf game app

Who doesn’t have time or patience because they want their arcade-style round complete within minutes flat before heading back home again? Where life goes fast but this will make sure it slows down a bit more as players take off headshots left right and center. Not only do we offer online multiplayer matches. But also local tournaments over wifi so everybody can play together anytime anywhere.

For those who love to play mobile games, this is a great opportunity. The graphics are designed with an eye-catching style and there’s no shortage of attractions for you. As the name suggests it all takes place in real-time so make sure that if gaming isn’t your thing or not as much fun anymore. If you don’t like this type of graphics, then the app isn’t for you.

2: Birdie Crush: Fantasy Golf

Birdie crush golf game is one of the newest and most popular games on this list. It features easy-to-use controls, fun gameplay where you can choose between traditional strokes or other modes like bobbing for apples. Plenty of things that need mastering depending on how far into it you want your character. Different courses with wildly varying challenges each time around.

golf games app

The app is simple and easy to control, but the controls are still satisfying. The visuals of this game can be considered pretty good. When judged by other games in its genre because they offer a decent amount for detail without being too complicated or laborious on screen at any given time during gameplay.

3: Golf GPS & Scorecard by SwingU

SwingU is the top-performing, free golf GPS rangefinder & scorecard app in the world. It’s not a trial version with limited functionality. It has been downloaded 5 million times and can be found on more than 50% of all Android devices worldwide. The accuracy rivaling any other handheld or watch available today. Battery efficiency means you’ll never need to worry about your phone running out during an important round at the thirteenth hole.

free golf game apps

Golf GPS is a great way to keep score on the course and track your progress. It’s much easier than using pencils or paper, as you can easily view stats from every hole in one place with this app. The SwingU versus feature enables you to compare your game against a target handicap, scratch golfer, or tour pro. You can see how well they are doing in all five categories. Driving approach shots chipping and pitching bunkers putting, which will help raise awareness of where the weaknesses may lie for people playing golf.

It’s never easy knowing what it takes just because someone else has different strengths doesn’t mean yours aren’t important too. So why not try comparing yourself with an expert? With this neat little gadget from Swing-Forrest Solutions, there is now no excuse when trying out new techniques at home as well as getting tips on improving certain skills by reviewing real-time data.

4: Flick Golf World Tour

Golf games can be boring, but this app will change your mind. With the touch of a button and some fancy moves. You’ll have sunk that perfect hole-in-one without even trying. If golf isn’t really up to your alley then don’t worry because this app also offers other simple outdoor activities like camping trips or Just Dance parties where everyone has an equal shot at victory.

free golf games for iphone

Imagine yourself in a world tour, playing through 15 different courses on your phone. You can choose between three game modes. Quickshot for those that want quick fun and high scores, World Tour which will take more time but has an overall better feel as you explore locations from all over the globe or anything else we think up.


  • Rewarding missions
  • 15 gorgeous golf courses to master
  • Challenging variable weather conditions
  • Leaderboards and achievements
  • Full HD resolution
  • The best ball control from tee to hole

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5: WGT Golf

You can’t get a more famous place in the world of golf than where you’ll be living. Chambers Bay, Bandon Dunes, and Pinehurst are just three examples from this list that would make any avid player’s dream destination to play at their best venue. The 2015 USGA US Open was also played there with Valhalla hosting the 2014 PGA Championship last year. It really does have something for everyone when they want an amazing experience on course as well as off it.

best free golf game app

Golf has traditionally been a solitary sport, but with this immersive new game you can compete head-to-head against friends or other players in multiplayer games. Compete for the highest score and bragging rights of your local course. You’ll be able to play all 18 holes live on screen while building up an online player ranking through competitive leaderboards.

Single player full stroke mode offers quick 9 Hole closest tiered gameplay as well so no matter what level gamer there is something here worth striving towards. The choice of shot type in this golf games app is quite extensive. You can choose from a variety of options including full, punch, pitch and putt for when you need to get it done quick or take your time with chip-in’s on approach shots. The graphics are really great too so if nothing else convinces.

6: Golf Star

Experience the greatest golf game you’ll ever play. Golf Star is an innovative, real-time multi-player mobile application that lets people from all over the world compete with one another in realistic 3D graphics and physics-based gameplay to see who can be king on hole 18. You can play against other players from all over the world or join up solo in an event where it’s just your skill versus theirs.

best golf game app

If you want to improve your golf skills, realistic graphics are for players who have an understanding of the game. Master techniques will teach new strategies and angles that can be used on certain shots or fields. So they don’t repeat themselves over and over again in every match with no variety. The simulation also offers insights into how different clubs affect one another when swinging them.

7: GL Golf Lite

The most realistic app is GL Golf Lite. This game not only allows you to play on a golf course but also features amazing graphics and physics that replicate the real thing so closely. You’ll have hours of fun with four people playing all 720 holes in this one-of-a-kind experience for your device.

It’s time to get out there again because we found another great new release. GL Golf, unlike other games where users just hit shots into thin air or move around tiny dots inside. Here players can simulate every aspect from teeing off at. Many things make a real game of golf unique and challenging. When you play, not only do your strokes count but also the weather can change at any moment with rain or shine.

iphone golf game

Golf is a game of strategy, luck, and skill. It’s not just about the swing but also all factors that come into play on any given hole from water hazards to sand traps. Players have four seasons at their disposal as well as different times during the day with which they can choose when playing. Morning putting before work starts up again after lunchtime finish has finished for another few hours.

8: Golf Blitz

This is a great app for those who are looking to take their golf game beyond the typical, boring options. With this fun and unique graphics-based real time multiplayer mode you can compete against other players in order to create your own golfer with customizable features while using only equipment that would defeat them all.

best golf game app for iphone

We all love a game of pool, but it can be challenging to meet another person who also enjoys the same thing. Well, now you don’t worry. This app has 25000 different combinations so even if someone elses’ schedule conflicts with them.  They’ll still get their chance at being victorious. 16 uniquely designed balls are waiting just in time for any occasion that calls for some good fashioned billiards action. Especially when 4 players are competing against each other at once which is what this version allows.

The best thing about this app is that they continue to add new features and changes regularly. New golfers can watch live streams of other competitions so you won’t get bored with it yourself. It’s also great when there are challenges added in which will test your skills as well. If none of these options work out for whatever reason. Try using one keystroke per hole instead but be careful because some people think this is cheating.

9: Golden Tee Golf

The golfing game phenomenon enjoyed by more than 20 million players over the past three decades. Golden Tee Golf can now be played in your palm with this wintery update. tee up and see if you have what it takes to golf past snowy tundra peaks.

Tee it up and play a free golf game with multiple, unique modes. Whether you’re looking for challenging windy bluffs or relaxing front nine holes. There’s something here that will suit your taste. Try out daily challenges to keep things interesting as well as multiplayer battles against other players online in real time. No matter what kind of player – cheater beware.

best ios golf game

The winner of the golfing challenge will walk away with an incredible prize. Whether it’s customization options for your clubs or cash. There are many ways to win big at Golden Tee Golf. Play some quick rounds in one our 18+ course where you can make shots as smoothy butter lightning. Just don’t forget about that rough around the edges.

Golden Tee Golf is the most advanced golfing experience on mobile. Choose your equipment, get specialized balls for different courses, and tee boxes that you can customize with a wide array of colors to make it your own. Swing freely using swipe-controls or click-down buttons as you aim to a sinkhole in one after a shot by swinging wisely according to wind conditions and terrain features while monitoring accuracy stats like distance wedge slice hybrid sand skill.

10: PGA Tour Golf Shootout

Get ready to take your game up a notch with a PGA tour golf shootout. Tee off and putt through 17 real-life TPC courses from the pros, including impossibly difficult par 3s. Level up by collecting new clubs as you go along on tourneys of all different varieties. There’s always something going down each day so it won’t ever get boring. And if that weren’t enough reason alone to sign up today.

ipad golf games

In this exciting mobile golf experience from EA Games, players can sink birdies to achieve ace cards against challenging greens while also competing for weekly challenges. Where they’ll earn rewards like gold coins or even some VIP status.


  • Daily challenges and rewards
  • Unlock and upgrade golf clubs
  • Beautiful 3D graphics
  • Play against real opponents around the world in Versus mode
  • Progress through challenging TPC courses in single player


I hope you liked this list of all golf games app, this blog post is perfect to help you find them. You’ll be able to play a round of virtual golf from your phone in no time and if that’s not enough for you, there are much other fun and helpful features to explore as well. We hope these 10 apps will keep both amateur and professional golfers entertained while they’re on the go. There may even be one here that can replace going out into real-life altogether.

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