Social media is a great way to keep up and stay connected with friends and family. It’s also a fun way to share pictures, videos and updates about what you’re doing in your life. Smartphone users can easily use their phone to access these sites like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook etc. This makes it easy for people of all ages to get on social media accounts without having or needing a computer.

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Instagram is a great way to keep up with friends and family around the world. However, it can be a little overwhelming because of how many people you might not know follow you. This blog post will list 10 instagram unfollow app that unfollow everyone who doesn’t follow you back on instagram. That way, your feed won’t be cluttered by those who don’t seem interested in what you have to say. Enjoy!

Best Instagram Unfollow App For Android And iPhone

They say that you should never judge a book by its cover. But what about Instagram? When it comes to apps, people are often attracted to the best looking ones first. This is why we’ve decided to write this blog post on the 10 best app that unfollows everyone who doesn’t follow you back on instagram. We’ll take an in depth look at each of these apps and provide some insight into their features, functionality, and pricing models. We hope our review will help you choose which one is right for your needs.

1: Followers Track for Instagram

This instagram unfollow app is designed to make it easy for you monitor your social media accounts in one complete dashboard. You can see who unfollowed or new followers were gained by tracking the analytics of each individual platform like Instagram. The information will help give insights into what content might be most effective at attracting attention on different channels. All without needing additional apps installed onto phones running low-memory capacity versions.

instagram unfollow app

The app gives you real-time stats for your Instagram account. It helps in finding out which posts get the most engagement and who’s unfollowing or liking a post that might have been liked by someone else originally? You can also see how many times each photo was viewed. So no one will miss out on valuable feedback while scrolling through their feed.

When it comes to unfollowing on Instagram, there are a lot of options for people who want better organic growth. Some great ones include followers track and unfollow free. These instagram unfollow app not only let you know how many followers have left your feed but also help with removing those pesky spammy views from other users feeds as well through their follower count tracker.

This makes them perfect tools if one wants more control over where they place themselves in regards towards social media marketing strategies. Whether this means being selective about which profiles get followed back or simply blocking others entirely. So that no unwanted attention gets thrown onto oneself by wayward nepotism schemes gone wild.

2: Unfollow Users

The Instagram Manager not only finds out who doesn’t follow you back on instagram, but also lets users unfollow multiple accounts at once. This is a must-have for all social media managers looking to grow their following through follower maintenance and unmatched analytics that give 24/7 visibility into how many people are engaging with your posts.

You can find out who unfollowed you on instagram with Unfollow users for Instagram. This app tracks how many people are not following your account and lets them be either blocked or follow everyone in their phone contacts list. Which also includes all the other accounts they’re friends with like Facebook Groups etc. Making it easy to remove someone if needed. The creators of this tool say “It’s time we stop worrying about stalkers; our phones make us an open book.” Who doesn’t want peace-of-mind?

unfollowers for instagram app

This app does not increase your followers on instagram. It only tracks users who do not follow you back and allows them to be unfollowed by a tap of a button. Which is great for those that have tons of inactive accounts or want an easier way out. If they’re feeling overwhelmed with follower requests from friends spamming their feeds constantly asking “Why aren’t we following each other? This management tool also lets people know when someone has been reactivated because it will show up as blue ticks next time around.

3: Followers & Unfollowers

This tool will show you insights on your instagram profile, including how many people are following and unfollowing. Followers & Unfollowers lets you see insights on your instagram profile. You can easily unfollow 50 people who don’t follow back, stars are a great way to make sure they never get lost in the crowd again.

best instagram unfollow app

The app will give you a complete picture of your instagram account. You can see how many mutual followers and un-followers there are, as well as the profiles that have recently unfollowed from following yours on social media platform Instagram! With multiple login options made easy by this free download for iPhone or Android devices.

It’s super simple to switch between accounts at any time. Perfect if want know who follows/unfollows my profile without having too much information about them publicly available in their bio like. Some other sites do with default sharing settings enabled (which is not always ideal).

4: InsTrack for Instagram

InsTrack is the leading analytics app for Instagram that has been helping brands understand their communities since 2012. With powerful insights and data, InsTracks empowers companies of all sizes to grow on social media in a way that works best with them. InsTrack offers deep analytical tools tailored towards small business owners looking at growing an audience by targeting specific demographics or interests within it. Celebrities can also benefit from this tool if they are serious about building up followers authentically.

InsTracked deserves to take a spot among the best apps for managing your Instagram account. It offers its users so many options and tools that they can use in order to better control their online presence on social media, including unfollowing people who aren’t following you back or blocking notifications from certain individuals.

best unfollow app for instagram

InsTrack definitely deserves its place as one of today’s most innovative digital management software programs available exclusively through iOS devices like smartphones/tablets. Users are provided with an expansive range between customizable features allowing them ultimate flexibility when it comes down deciding how best manage.

This app is great for keeping track of your social media feeds. You can see how many people are unfollowing you, as well as get access to a lot of different information about the profile and even post scheduling features. This powerful tool makes it easy for anyone who wants their posts seen by more followers on Instagram or Twitter so they won’t have any trouble staying active no matter what life throws at them because now there will always be someone ready to take over if something happens unexpectedly.

5: Analyzer Plus – Followers Report

The instagram analyzer: Follower Analysis is an option you can use to monitor the performance on your account. This tool offers many different information, such as follower growth and unfollows for each of its users that might help them better understand. How they’re doing in comparison with others who also use this service or not following back people who were once loyal followers.

Analyzer Plus is a social media management platform that tracks your posts. It also tells you if someone has liked or commented on any of the ones in recent memory shows who their favorite followers are so they can see what others have been saying about them online. Provides insights into how active each user’s interactions were with other peers. All this information gives insight as whether there might be anything worth pursuing further down the line.

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Analyzer Plus helps users keep up-to date with everything happening around them through various platforms including Instagram and Facebook. Which lets its subscribers know when new content was created by following people/posts relevant too their interests. You’ll never have to worry about losing followers again with followers in Real-Time.

This app keeps you up-to date on exactly who is following your posts, favorites and comments. It also tells if someone has unliked one of the things they’ve liked or commented on any post by you before. Which means that their silence can’t possibly mean anything bad for you.

6: Unfollowers and Followers Tracker for Instagram

Followers & Unfollowers is a useful app for anyone who wants to stay away from the hassle of unfollowing people on instagram. You can easily see insights about your profile, such as how many followers you have and which ones don’t follow back or even star them so they won’t get followed by others.

the best instagram unfollow app

This instagram unfollow app makes it easy when managing multiple social media accounts because all these different sites are available in one place instead having an individual account per site like Twitter + Facebook etc. The app that keeps on giving. This is the perfect way to get an idea of who’s been ignoring your account.

It even tells you how many mutual followers and recent unfollowers there are. So it won’t be long before they’re gone from sight too just like all those other people in line behind yours. You can log into different instagram accounts easily with just one click of the button.

7: Follower Tracker Reports

FollowMeter is the most powerful analytics for your Instagram account. With this unfollow instagram app you can access deep insights into how well-followed an account has been and monitor. Which followers are unfollowing or unsubscribing from posts in real time. All without needing any technical knowledge. It provides you with powerful analytics and insights. So that all of those pesky numbers can finally be analyzed by someone else.

instagram unfollower app

You can keep wondering who unfollowed you or get Followmeter and find out right now. There are people who follow your social media accounts. So once they see that their favorite star has become even more famous by following back-up again in return for some followers themselves magically less than 100% of them will be gone forever.

The best part about this service: it does all the hard work to notify when someone follows then promptly goes silent afterwards without any explanation given as seen on my own account. Where I noticed an unusual amount (around 5%) of individuals abruptly disappearing just days after.

8: Follower Analyzer for Instagram

The app that will help you get the lowdown on your friends and competitors. With this tool, not only can it unlock their secrets to success. They’re also able to learn more about themselves through self-discovery. What are waiting for? Get ’em while supplies last because these limited time offers won’t be around forever.

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Found some interesting profile info using Instagram?” Needed know who always liked & commented following them? This is perfect solution – discover hidden talents as well as personal information from other person’s perspective without any intrusion whatsoever.

You can analyze any of your friend’s accounts or an account that you follow to get the juicy details. You’ll find out who is currently at their top, like which one post they’re most proud of and even see what people are talking about them in real time. Get started by clicking on get started now.

9: Followers & Unfollowers for instagram analyzer

Follower Analysis tells you who is following and unfollowing. You can see how your likes compare with those of other users. As well as which ones have left the platform. You can compare this information with other users. So it’s always up-to-date. Follower Analysis helps you get a bird’s eye view of your followers, likes and feed activity. The exclusive report offers all the statistics to fuel that fire with insight into how active or passive people are viewing the stories they follow as well as their own profile information.

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The Follower Analysis application provides powerful tools to help you get around. This analysis tool can track your followers and increase the influence of an internet celebrity. Whether they’re a pro at marketing themselves or not. The app also offers other features that will be helpful in maintaining sanity for stalkers batch checking off on users profiles. Viewing secret stories through this program’s diverse functions.

10: Unfollowers & Ghost Followers

This app will allow you to find all your unfollowers, fans and much more. Gain new followers with our global media shout-out service that works for both small businesses as well as large corporations. The report allows the user an analysis on their account including lists of any mutuals following them.

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Which can be specifically targeted in order gain even more popularity than before by directly targeting those individuals. Who might not follow automatically just because they are popular already or have lots of contacts doing so already too.

Unfollowers is an app for Instagram which allows you to find your unfollowers, fans and mutual followers. You can also gain more likes by sharing content with the public through this global media shout-out. The analysis section of unferishers shows all 3 lists. Accounts that are following me but don’t follow back (unfollowing), people who were once my friend.


Instagram is an excellent social media platform for sharing photos, stories and videos with your followers. But if you have a lot of people following you who don’t follow back, it can be frustrating to scroll through your feed because there are so many posts from those accounts that never interact with yours.

To solve this problem, we’ve compiled a list of 10 instagram unfollow app that will unfollow anyone on instagram who doesn’t follow you back. Using these types of tools will help keep the content in your feed fresh and engaging for yourself as well as others.

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