10 Best Hip Hop Music Apps for Android & iPhone

Hip hop music is one of the most popular genres in America. It has evolved and changed over time, with new artists emerging all the time. Hip hop music can be played on a variety of different devices including: iPods, iPhones, iPads and Android phones and tablets. The 10 best hip hop apps for iPhone and Android are listed below.

Hip Hop Apps

The following apps have been chosen from various categories. You will find that each hip hop music apps offers something unique to cater to your specific needs. If you’re looking for an app that’s perfect for creating your own original beats or remixes then check out below.

Hip Hop Music Apps for Android & iPhone

If you’re looking for some of the best hip hop apps out there, we’ve compiled this list. Hip Hop is a genre of music that has been around for decades. It’s energetic and will definitely get you up out your seat, but what many people don’t know about this type of rap can be found in its roots. Hip hop began as an expression against racial discrimination among African Americans who were living during Jim Crow Laws.

These artists used rhymes to express their anger over unfair treatment from law enforcement officers or societal institutions like schools. That had separate seating areas designated just for blacks. Because they weren’t allowed into any other sections without segregation back then being legal. Here are the best free hip hop music apps to listen with no judgment. Listen to any song at your leisure, from all genres and eras of rap.

1: Hip Hop Rap R&B Radio

This is the perfect radio hip hop apps for all your music needs. It has everything from old school classics to new releases and can be streamed on-the-go using YouTube videos, or podcasts that teach you about the history of this genre in a fun way.

All your favorite rap stations in one app, and you never have an issue finding what song someone wants because it’ll be on here somewhere waiting with its video up. So that we don’t miss out any good parts of the song or lyrics at anytime during our commute home from work or wherever.


The YouTube integration makes this experience even better by allowing listeners access not only through their own mobile device but also computer internet browsers as well. Which means if there’s anything more than just audio going down inside these virtual speakers then chances are everyone involved will hear about.

This app sleep mode is perfect when all else fails. Just set up some time that suits into seconds so this baby can shut off after a while of being idle since we know how much power draining apps do these days. If sleep without a reliable FM broadcaster than this product has an option called “Sleep Mode” which automatically shuts off after 30 minutes but only if battery life permits. Otherwise just turn down volume when desired levels have been reached before heading off into dreamland.

2: Free RnB Radio

The best way to stay in touch with the latest happenings of your town is by listening to music. That’s why this hip hop radio app has been specially designed for people who want more than just talk radio or news updates on their phone screen while they’re driving around. It streams online rhythm and blues stations so you can passively hear about all sorts of things going down locally as well.

free hip hop radio

R&B Radio Station List

  • 181.fm – True RnB
  • Basement R&B
  • radio-therapy-music
  • Midnight Soul Radio
  • Hot Jamz
  • Funky Corner Radio
  • Classic Soul
  • International Soul Radio
  • Music Massage – Slow Jams

3:  Spinrilla – Mixtapes & Music

Spinrilla is the first and only hip-hop app that gives you access to new music, all day every day. Discover independent artists on your computer or mobile device – from anywhere in the world. This app innovative algorithm will auto download any song a user likes so they’ll never miss out again.

The app will allow you to listen, watch and learn about the latest news in hip hop music. You can also enjoy various documentaries as well as interviews with some of your favorite artists. The perfect app for those who love listening to hip hop music, and want the best of what’s out there.

hip hop apps

The perfect app for those who love listening to hip hop music, and want the best of what’s out there. The interface makes finding songs easy – just choose your artist. The interface is very simple but also beautiful at the same time. It looks like something out of Future Garage or OutKast era which makes listening even better. Because those two artists make everything sound good when they sing about their feelings in such an honest manner on this particular music player.

4: Hip Hop Music

Do you want to enjoy the best of hip hop music? Download this app and it will do everything for your needs. Search through thousands of tracks, download them all quickly without any hassle so that playlist creation can be easy as pie. You have an endless supply at hand with options like year or album searches too if those are more specific tidbits which interest us here today or later.

Add songs onto playlists then listen whenever is most convenient. Whether its pre-bedtime while scrolling through some old favorites from back in days right before starting college. During study breaks between assignments when juggling work life alongside schoolwork.

hip hop music apps

The design of the app is sleek and intuitive. You won’t be confused by it, so just relax while on your journey. Listen to what you like in order for recommendations are made that will suit all preferences. Even those with complex needs such as mine. The search history also gets remembered very well thanks to this beautiful interface which makes searches quick & efficient every time.

5: Power 106LA

Hip Hop is the music of our generation. This radio app will tune you into all your favorite classics and play only what they call “hip hop”. which includes rap or hip-hop songs. You can’t go wrong with this one, as it has everything from recent releases to oldies but goodies for any mood on a given day.

This app will bring all your old favorite songs back to life. It’s the perfect way to get in touch with rap and hip hop music, but not just that. It also has a variety of other genres like RnB for those who prefer something more romantic or even EDM if you want some dance party tunes.

new hip hop music app

Sometimes nostalgia hits us hard when we hear our favorite tune come on static-free waves from behind speakers loud enough so as never miss anything happening around them during shows. This can happen no matter where one lives these days thanks largely dueinging technology advances suchas smartphones along w/amp3 players available now.

7: Drum Pad Machine – Beat Maker & Music Maker

DJ with the Drum Pad Machine, an innovative and easy-to use DJ beats music mixer that allows you to create your own unique sounds. The drum pad is a Quantized Technology’s latest innovation in sound design which combines ultra high quality mic preamps for pristine audio performance with advanced synthesis features.

If you have ever seen a music pad, then it’s likely that this device can be used without knowledge of the subject. All one needs to do in order for them to make their own song or tune is select sounds from pre-set options and tap on any button with piano keys; creating melodies as they go along.

hip hop app

This app is perfect for anyone who has ever wanted to make their own rap music. It’s not just about making beats and rapping, either. There are sound effects that you can use in conjunction with any recorded vocals or instruments as well. The best part? You don’t have an engineering degree required when using Logic Pro – because these tracks all come together through Live Loops.

8: Hip Hop Music DJ

Making your own music is as easy and simple with this amazing virtual drum machine. You’ll be able to create all the beats from scratch, or use some of our pre-made samples. This app has everything including drumsets for making authentic hip hop songs.

just start recording then add over them using one tap Morphing feature which automatically creates different variations on each hit. So that you never have any boring moments during playback round after perfect looping soundscape composition . The user interface makes learning how to master DJ style mixes very straightforward because you can see what button does exactly before tapping it.

hiphop music player

This is a fun and amazing drum pads app, you can make beats with fresh packs. The best part about this? You get to choose from tons of free sound clips each month. So why not go back for more now that there’s new music waiting just inside the door at your fingertips.

9: MyMy Music

MyMy Music is the ultimate destination for discovering and streaming hot independent Hip Hop. The catalog of music featured on Mymy hot new hip hop club includes both old school hits to new releases, all curated through community voting which ensures only high quality rap/hip-hop tunes make it into playlist.

hip hop music app

MyMy Music is an interactive music discovery platform that lets users create their own playlists and share them with others. With Mymy, artists can directly submit songs to the site without jump through hoops like other platforms do- just sign up as one. It’s free for both listeners and contributors alike so give it a go today.


Hip hop is one of the most popular genres in America and it’s no surprise that there are a lot of apps to choose from. We hope this list helps you find some great hip-hop music for your playlist or favorite streaming service. The best part?

All these applications are free, so download away and get ready to bump all day long without spending a penny. Which app do you think we should add to our list next? What’s your go-to song when you’re feeling down on life? Let us know by leaving a comment below.

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