February 27, 2024

Best Apps to Add Music to Video For Android and iPhone

Do you have to add music to your video? If yes, then in this post we are going to tell you about the best apps to add music to video. It is no secret that we all love to listen to music while we work. Whether you need some calming tunes or a pump up song, the right tunes can help get your creativity flowing and keep you energized throughout the day. But what about when it’s time for video?

Apps to Add Music To Video

It is easy enough to add audio from another source like YouTube but if you want something more personal, adding music on your own can be tricky. That’s why I put together this list of 11 best apps for Android and iPhone users who need an app for adding music to video. Check them out below.

Apps to Add Music to Video For Android and iPhone

The app we are going to provide you in this post below is quite easy to use. You will be able to add music to the video very easily. The special feature of all these app is that you can add songs to them, as well as all kinds of editing in your video like Filter, Crop, Speed manage, Add Text etc.

1: InShot – Video Editor & Video Maker

With over 100 million downloads on the Play Store, Inshot is one of the most popular video editor and makers apps around. With this kind popularity it’s no surprise that they’ve been able to create such high-quality content with ease. This number should give you some idea of its popularity among smartphone users, who can now edit their videos in an easy-to-use interface with this powerful toolkit.

Video Editor & Video Maker

I personally use the inShot app to edit my videos. This cool video editor allows me easy access and control of music, which is great because it means I can always have something suitable playing while editing. You simply search for whatever song you’re looking for from their library-which has lots more than just one or two hits like most other apps do- then tap “add” at any time during your work session until that track joins together harmoniously with what’s already on screen.

You can add only one track to your video and you’re allowed to put as many videos on at once, but what’s more is that we have this thing called InShot. It lets users convert any song or audio file into an editable soundtrack for their videos in a split second and with all kinds of fine effects like cutting the music, adjusting sound levels by volume control keys along its length. So it matches up perfectly when played back crossfaded together later down below.

2: Add Audio to Video

Simple and easy to use, the Audio Video Editor is perfect for creating fun videos with a soundtrack. You can select any part of your video that needs an accompaniment or remixing in order make it more interesting. In just one tap on this app’s interface you will have access to layers upon layers of sound ranging from natural sounds like rain drops against glass recordings such as birds chirping whatever genre suits your creativity best.

Add Audio to Video

This powerful software not only gives users all they need here but also allows them complete creative control. There aren’t many other programs out there which give these options so we’re grateful developers put time into making them available inside our application. You can trim audio and add it to any part of the video. If you want to add funny sound, recorded dialog, dubbing video and background music to your video then you can easily add these to your video.

3: Music Video Editor Add Audio

This is another apps to add music to video. More than 1 million people have downloaded this app on the play store on their phones. This video editor app will help you to add music in any way that suits your needs. You’re able mix and match songs with the original clip sound, making for an awesome experience.

Music Video Editor

You can choose to repeat the audio until it reaches its end if you’re working with longer videos and would rather have an uninterrupted background music or sound instead of having shorter phrases overlap one another as they play. You may also want silence at certain points in order for what’s being said on screen not be lost due too overlapping sounds when repeating parts from different sources such as songs playing simultaneously over each other.


  • Repeat mode support
  • Audio Editing at its best
  • Volume control with Audio Mixing
  • Preview support

4: Magisto

Magisto is a video editor app that will help you edit your videos quickly and professionally. This 50 million-plus Play Store download has more features than other similar products, including the ability to share clips on social media right from within Magisto. Magisto movie maker can help you create a mini-movie in a few minutes. You can easily cut, trim, merge and reorder your video. If you want to customize adding text, choosing fonts, changing orientation and using different colors in your video, then you can easily do this.

Video Editor & Music

Magisto video editor is the best way to make your video stand out from other videos on Instagram. It’s not easy for a one minute clip of footage, but with Magisto you can have an amazing looking slideshow or collage made in minutes. All it takes are three simple steps.

Select what kind of project (slideshow/video), pick some background music and design including transitions if desired; wait until mathematician algorithms analyze each frame before adding any effects like stabilization & filters which save hours during editing time afterwards too.

5: Add Audio to Video : Audio Video Mixer

 Add Audio to Video

The best video editor app for making your own music videos. With simple, yet powerful tools like trimming and cutting the perfect clip. Adding sound to still images with ease or selecting popular genres from any playlist on demand. This is one tool you’ll have in mind every time someone asks what kind of video they could make.

I love how we now can use our smartphones as high quality audio mixers because not only do these apps give us more flexibility when it comes time for creating memorable moments but also let’s people get creative by mixing two completely unrelated songs together seamlessly without ever having picked up an instrument before.

If you want to make music videos and want to mix songs in it, then you can easily do it without the help of your phone without any expensive software and PC. Just download this apps to add music to video and add any background music.

6: Video Star

Video Star

With Video Star, you can create amazing fan edits and lip-sync music videos. There are thousands of effects to color in this free version with or without the All Access pass that unlocks all additional features including mad editing skills.

In video star app you get many free features, which you can access for free and show your video editing skills. Here you keep getting regular new effects and features, for this you have to join the community of video stars. The Pro version of this app is also available, which you can buy and use other Pro features.

7: Video Maker & Photo Slideshow, Music

Video Maker & Slideshow

Video Maker is the best photo video maker to merge photos and create slideshow with music. With FotoPlay Video Maker, you can mix your favorite memories into a beautiful musical experience in just seconds. You’ll be able to share them on TikTok or Youtube without any hassle. All while looking for new ways how they could have been used elsewhere like Facebook & Twitter.

It has been downloaded on Play Store more than 1 million times. There are many options available for you to edit videos. You can make a video with a slide show and put the song in its background. If you want to make a video from your photos then you can mix music, effects and sticker in it.

8: Clipper – Instant Video Editor


You can edit the video in your iPhone without any hard editing work, for this you have to download the Clipper app. You can easily edit all basic to advanced level videos and use the filters available in the app to make the video beautiful. Mixing music in the background of any video is very easy in this app. The interface and design of the app is user friendly.

9: MP3 Audio Cutter Converter Merger & Video to Audio

Music cutter apps are a great way to make your video sound exactly how you want. This one allows you convert videos into audio so they can seamlessly integrate the music from other sources such as podcasts or YouTube clips.

The app that does it all. With the power to convert video as audio, edit your file in a variety of formats and add effects like reverb or echo for added creativity. This is an essential tool if you’re looking for something quick but accomplished.

MP3 Audio Cutter

The app that does it all. With the power to convert video as audio, edit your file in a variety of formats and add effects like reverb or echo for added creativity; this is an essential tool if you’re looking for something quick but accomplished.

10: Add Audio to Video : Audio Video Mixer

Add Audio to Video

This is also a good app to add a song to the video. If you want to mix other audio with your original audio then you can do this from it. With this app, you can use video edit, trim, add, slow motion, fast motion etc. It supports various formats of videos: MP4, FLV, MKV, AVI. After editing the video, you can share it on social media from here.

11: FilmoraGo

FilmoraGo is the best free video editor and Tik tok creator on YouTube. It’s packed with features, including over 1000 music assets that you can use in your videos or as stickers for other social media platforms like Instagram.  You’ll also find text effects audio mixing tools an emoji collections so creativity never has a limit when it comes down creating content online today.

app to add music to video

The app lets you create professional videos quickly without having any technical knowledge on how they work or what goes into them- making it perfect if you don’t want anything too complicated but still need something that will last long enough until someone else can translate their creative vision onto film.


As you can see, there are a wide variety of apps for adding music to video. The best ones usually have a free trial period and allow users to upload their own songs. If you’re looking for the perfect app that will help your videos stand out from the crowd, we recommend trying some or all of these suggestions.

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