10 Best Baseball Game App For Android and iPhone

If you are someone who loves baseball, then this blog post is for you. We have compiled a list of the 10 best baseball game app that will help get your adrenaline pumping during the game. Whether it’s checking scores, reading up on stats or getting updates on players injuries, these apps offer something for every kind of fan.

Baseball Game App

Baseball is a sport notorious for being difficult to translate into other mediums. But with the advent of baseball games on mobile devices, it has never been easier. So download some of the best free baseball game app to play on your android or iPhone devices. Baseball is an engaging sport that will keep you entertained.

Baseball Game App For Android and iPhone


This app is a fun and easy to use baseball game with great graphics. It has the best gameplay of all apps. If realism trumps gameplay though, there are other options out there. So if you’re looking for something simple but still addicting this should be your first choice.

One of the best things about this game is that you can choose your level of control. You can either fully manual or half-automatic, and even switch during gameplay. Not only will switching up how you play affect outcome but it’s also fun to change when necessary.

baseball games app

Another great aspect of this game are its customizable options: create an entire team from scratch – including their skills, personalities, names etc. Train them all individually so they’re ready for any competitive sporty challenge ahead then win competitions with ease.


  • You can play base running manually
  • Pitching and fielding as fun as batting
  • Lean and fast gameplay
  • Comprehensive player stats
  • Casual characters and serious game mechanics

2: MLB 9 Innings 21

9 Innings 21 is a great free baseball game. You get to play actual MLB games and collect cards of the different teams players. With 800 real life players, 30 authentic ballparks, and decent graphics this app will keep you entertained for hours on end.

In this baseball game you can play as actual major league players. Even if they don’t exist in real life. You will have to complete the club mission and win the grand cup at the end of your journey.

You have to complete club missions by earning more points than your opponent at the end where winning grand cups determines who gets bragging rights until next season starts back up again anyway.

best iphone baseball game

3: Super Hit Baseball

The simpler, the better. That is what super hit baseball prides itself on being. A clean-cut baseball game that does not have any flashy graphics or unnecessary extra features to get in the way of you and your desire for an old school baseball experience where it’s just you versus another player at batting practice.

This app will quickly become one of those games that can be played anytime throughout our day when we need some quick fun without stress. With no complicated rules and easy controls. Among the many great features of Super Slugger Baseball, you can unlock more players and stadiums as you play. You will quickly get hooked on this game.

best mobile baseball game

4: Homerun Battle 2

This review of Homerun Battle 2 praises it for its six game types, customizable characters, simple mechanics and social elements. It’s more fun than the first version but lacks some polish in comparison to other baseball games on mobile platforms. The graphics are cartoonish without being too distracting from gameplay quality.

Which is good enough overall with added aspects. That make playing alone or together easier as well as better looking items along with a more polished look compared to previous versions making this one worth checking out. If you’re into competitive play against others online or offline alike while enjoying an easygoing freemium feel about things so definitely consider picking up either way especially if sports based stuffs your thing otherwise.

best baseball game for ipad

This baseball game app has various modes that keep the experience fresh, but you should be careful with how much time and effort you put into these games because of the free-to-play mechanics. It’s great as an occasional time waster, but don’t let yourself become too immersed. It’ll cost you in microtransactions.

5: MLB Home Run Derby

MLB Home Run Derby is an exciting mobile game brought to you by MLB. In MLB Home Run Derby, you can experience the thrill of real-time competition. Can you become a champion? You get to choose from three different modes and collect over 100 players. There are always new events for this game too. It never gets boring.

In this baseball game, there are three modes of play. The first mode is multiplayer where you can spend time with people from all over the world by playing together in a shared environment. In contrast, an arcade lets players kill some time as they try to hit targets and run around on their own without any help or support from others online.

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The last option features Al who provides commentary throughout the gameplay session while also providing tips for how to improve your performance along the way if needed.

6: BIG WIN Baseball

In BIG WIN Baseball, you can assemble a team of your dreams to fight their opponents from all over the world with crushing blows. With every game, your skills are only improving in preparation for the daily pennant and win the main game. In this baseball games app players have the ability to choose from Bronze, Silver and Gold packages. As they continue playing/collecting cards their skills are enhanced as well.

mlb game app

This application is a fun and immersive game that allows you to immerse yourself in the world of baseball. Compete against your friends as individual players, or work together on an epic team quest.

This app lets you experience what it’s like running around the diamond during each play. You can test out new plays with different teams from across leagues all over North America. Show off your skills so everyone knows who has #1 fans behind them.

7: Real Baseball 3D

Tap your screen to swing the bat and watch homeruns fly out of the park. Real Baseball is one of Google Play’s best 3D baseball sports games, with realistic simulation mechanics that make it impossible for you to stay bored while playing this game.

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In this baseball game, strategize and outsmart your opponent in the major league. Create a dream team to put them into real test. Whether it’s a quick match or full season winning the world series championship now.

Game Features:

  • Easy one touch controls and authentic 3D graphics are provided in this game.
  • Full team customization allows you to create your own fantasy team with up to 700 players.
  • Always accessible: 3 innings, 6 innings and 9 innings.

8: MLB Tap Sports Baseball

Tap Sports Baseball is a series of free, annual baseball games published by TapSports. This year’s edition includes realistic graphics, intuitive controls for pitching and batting that mimic the real game as closely as possible on mobile screens with one-touch gameplay options to give gamers more control without making it too complicated or difficult to play at your own pace.

Any baseball fan will recognize the name of this classic sports game that has a lot to offer. There are many modes and features, options for both single player and multiplayer experiences, as well as customization for your team’s jerseys. Most notably though is its freemium status which can be frustrating at times but makes it accessible to those who don’t want to spend money on buying coins or diamonds with real cash.

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Still if you love playing Baseball games then MLB Ballpark Tycoon offers all kinds of exciting opportunities from tournaments against other players online to individual showdowns against friends in local play too. For example, players can play in multiplayer games with other people online and compete against each other. There are also tournaments to join if you want an extra challenge that require a little more work than the usual quick matches.

9: Baseball Boy

This game is a new kind of baseball. You’re not playing in an arena with traditional teams and fans shouting from the stands, but you are instead on a mission to hit the ball as far away as possible for your protagonist kid.

In this version of Baseball Jack isn’t worried about his team or even rivalries. He’s only focused on hitting that ball hard enough so it flies farther than anybody else ever has. It might sound simple at first glance, but there’s actually some strategy involved.

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Sometimes its worth waiting until later pitches if they look faster. Other times its better to swing early when balls seem easy because what looks like an out-of-the-park home run could be just one step shy. Baseball themed banana bets and fish wagers might sound a little odd, but it’s actually really fun. You can choose from traditional betting or go for something crazier like bananas instead of money.

10: Baseball Star

This game gameplay requires players to build their own team by creating characters with unique qualities before competing against other teams for victory. The game is exciting to play because it requires you take action quickly without the help of an internet connection. You will be seeing four different screens with all important positions of players and when its time, make your move.

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You don’t even have to worry about an internet connection! This makes the game fun and exciting by adding a new element that we haven’t seen before in other sports games like this one.


We have also included the best features of these amazing baseball game app. So, you can play it anytime anywhere without any cost on your device. This is a perfect solution for those who are looking to enjoy their free time with an interesting activity. It will help them in killing boredom and making some new friends as well.

There are many people around us that love playing games but they do not know how to find good quality apps which provide entertainment at different levels of difficulty level. That’s why we have shared our experience with you by providing valuable info about this great baseball game. So that you don’t face difficulties like these anymore.

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