8 Best Free Microsoft Excel Equivalent For Mac

In this article we have prepared for you a very useful list of best microsoft excel equivalent for Mac. It’s always good to be knowledgeable about what you’re using, and this article can help. It’s not easy finding the mac word equivalent. But if you find yourself in need of one, these are your top 8 options.

Excel Equivalent For Mac

You’re probably wondering how to get away with a Mac without paying for Microsoft Office. The good news is there are alternatives out there, and most of them are easy enough if you have some time on your hands. For example:
The latest versions of Pages, Numbers or Excel can all be edited just fine in Apple’s newest operating system.

Google Docs also has features that allow users edit each other’s documents via online links shared between colleagues Mac devices. Additionally- while many people use Dropbox solely as an ordinary file storage service. It actually offers excellent access controls so those who collaborate remotely won’t need extra passwords at every turn.

Free Microsoft Excel Equivalent For Mac

If you’re a freelancer or entrepreneur who works from home on the weekends, it might seem like there are no options for editing and sending documents. But have no fear! Here are microsoft word alternative for mac to help get your work done without relying solely on Microsoft Office programs:

Google Docs allows anyone with an internet connection access (even if they don’t know how) within minutes of signing up. It’s simple enough that children can do this too with parent supervision. And all files last forever so long as people save periodically.

1: Google Suite

If you’re looking for a free word processor that will work on Mac as well, then join the Google alliance. They have versions of Docs (for mac), Sheets and Slides which are all direct alternatives to Microsoft Word. Just like how Excel replaces Apple Numbers or PowerPoint does with Keynote come in Windows version too.

Google Sheets are the most popular alternatives to Excel. These programs have many timesaving features, such as charts and graphs which can be used for monitoring trends in your data. Built-in formulas that make it easier than ever before to create complex calculations quickly without having endless copies of formula down from previous versions.

excel equivalent for mac

You may have edited over time but never saved back up again. Pivot tables so information will always stay organized while being viewed side by side making decision making much faster. Just what we all need during those long work days.  In addition these spreadsheet applications also come fully equipped with conditional formatting options allowing users even greater autonomy when creating reports based on specific criteria like dates or values below certain thresholds.

Google Docs has many features that make it a superior program to Microsoft Word. For instance, there is an extensive add-on gallery which includes beautiful templates and research tools built in as well. Additionally, with Google Search capabilities integrated into the app you can find what your looking for easily at any time.

Google Sheets: The first on the list is Google Sheets. This is the very best excel equivalent for Mac. It has a lot of great features that makes it very similar to Microsoft Excel and would be a good option for those who prefer using an online platform as opposed to installing software locally on their computer.

2: Apple Pages

Apple Pages is a great Microsoft Word alternative for Mac users. It comes pre-installed and offers features similar to the original program, but it also has plenty more. You can find collaboration tools with friends, templates galore (and an Apple store where you can download free ones), cloud storage so your documents are always up date.

Apple’ Pages truly captures everything that makes MS Office suchpopular software across multiple platforms while adding some unique iOS specificintegrations like editing group projects as if they were just another collaborator in real time rather thanattempting do this offline beforehand.

microsoft office for mac free

With OneDrive, you can access your files on the cloud and share them with anyone. With iCloud Drive integrated into Apple Pages it is possible to store documents in an app that will sync seamlessly across all devices where they are used. This means no more losing paper copies.

Apple Pages has all the essential features you need for any project. From a table to charts and images, it’s easy to add anything into your document no matter what kind of work or media file type is needed in order get things done quickly with minimal frustration.

Apple Pages is perfect for those who want to save time and money without sacrificing quality. When you use the free Microsoft Word alternative, your documents will open in their native formats. So that all of your work can be done on one platform.

3: LibreOffice

Microsoft’s Office suite is expensive and not available on a variety of platforms. LibreOffice offers an affordable, versatile replacement with its wide recognition as one the best open source alternatives to Microsoft Office. For those who want a free, open-source option LibreOffice is the best alternative. It’s available on just about any platform you can think of and it offers many equivalents that function in much the same way as Microsoft programs do.

free word processor for mac

You can use this app for all your necessary work-related documents. It comes preinstalled in many operating systems including mac OS Sierra or High Sierra. This means you won’t have any trouble getting started after installing them from their website. You’ll be able find anything at hand without having search through various folders like before because everything has been stored right there waiting patiently inside your fingertips ready when needed so see what must happen next.

As a former Microsoft Office user, I found that switching to LibreOffice was not difficult. The suite has all the features and benefits of an app with pro-level capabilities without being online. In contrast Google apps have limitations such as only working in Chrome or offline functionality limited by server load which can sometimes make it inconvenient depending on where you’re going? With this difference between two popular suites. You decide what’s best for your needs.

4: iWork Suite

The iWork Suite: Pages, Numbers and Keynote come pre-installed on your Mac. These are Apple’s own alternatives to Microsoft Office applications like Word for PC users. And they’re some of the best microsoft excel equivalent for Mac. For example: numbers is one of our favorite word processing programs available in this day and pages includes automatic identifying features as well. So all relevant data will transfer seamlessly between platforms without any problems at all.

word for mac free

While key note has quickly become an essential tool used by many individuals across multiple industries including doctors’ offices as well schools etc. Where teachers need easy access during class time so that students can do their work around teaching schedules without having difficulty catching up.

The iWork Suite lets you work with Microsoft Office documents without any problems. As long as you don’t use a Mac-specific font, importing and exporting should be easy peasy. Love this one because it’s short but also accurate.

The “i” in iWork stands for integration which means that all these applications can talk to each other seamlessly on your computer or mobile device (depending upon what platform they’re available under). They offer compatibility when working between different platforms including Macs running OS X Yosemite 10.10+ & Windows 8/7+.

5: Zoho Sheet

Zoho is an affordable and comprehensive suite of applications for small- to medium sized businesses. It provides operational support in every aspect, from email through sales tracking with a number of tools that can be tailored according your needs. All at one low monthly cost.

Zoho Sheet is an innovative and easy-to use program that can be found in the free version of ZOHO’s website. With it, you have access to all your files no matter where they are stored on device or what format you want them as. The interface itself has similarities similar with MS Excel which makes learning curve shorter than most other programs out there for handling spreadsheets smoothly without any hassle. Whatsoever at all times when dealing both up front nor later down road.

mac word equivalent

When working within Zoho Sheets community portal called “Zohostar” by default-, users get instant feedback through chat boxes whenever someone else edits/approve their work. This provides invaluable insight into how changes will affect. The solution is a cloud-based system, meaning that you can access the files from anywhere with an Internet connection as well on your mobile device. The real time collaboration will mean less wasted work and faster completion times for tasks.

A software application ia available to download onto devices such laptops computers etc. Which enables users within different business locations or departments across various company sites globally collaborate seamlessly while keeping their individual location details private at all times.

6: Drafts

Drafts is a free, text-based note taking application that you can download from the app store. It does not support .docx files like Microsoft Word and instead requires another program called “Notes HD.” A lightweight but handy client software for iphone/ipad users available at no cost. With this fresh new take on organizational tools it’s easy enough to create an account with your email address. Just one click away from getting started right now.

The user interface of this application is much more intuitive and easy to use than others in the market. Not only does it have a file management panel, but with these simple clicks users can easily open native files right on their screens.
Users can open files by clicking once, which saves them right on your UI so that you don’t have to worry about losing anything important.

free excel for macs

The app has a tag system which allows you to categorize files for easy retrieval. There’s also the ability to save in any format or service compatible with other apps like Google Docs, Evernote and OneDrive among others. So it’s best microsoft excel equivalent for Mac. Whether someone needs quick access right now or wants their information stored indefinitely.

The Drafts app is a great way to get all the features and options you need in one place. You can pay for an upgraded version that offers even more handy tools like dark themes, workspaces, etc. But if there’s something specific that doesn’t seem worth it at first glance then don’t worry. The free version has everything needed as well, just try out what each feature does before deciding which option suits your needs best.

7: Edit Excel File in Dropbox

This is another best excel equivalent for Mac users. Dropbox has a new partnership with Microsoft to make it possible for you open Word, Excel and PowerPoint files shared with your Dropbox account. You don’t need an Office 365 license but do have free access through their web app or mobile apps on iOS and Android devices respectively. NO matter what type of computer is used as long as there’s internet connection.

8: Ulysses

Ulysses is the best app for working on multiple things at once. I love how it allows me to work with different documents and notes in a single place without having them all open manually, which would be cumbersome. if you had 20 tabs opened! The UI looks very similar to Drafts but there are some expanded features that make life easier.

word alternative mac

Multi-tab lets users edit several files simultaneously instead of editing one by one. iCloud sync means your changes will always remain synced across devices using this software (perfect if someone else has access too). Symbol substitution makes getting rid of pesky little mistakes easy as pie.

Ulysses is a powerful note taking app with many features. It has both an easy-to use dark mode interface for those who prefer it. As well as editor modes that allow you to focus on your writing by hiding all but the document window when in use. You can also hide other columns if they’re not necessary while in writing mode; just highlight one word at time then select #heading 1 from top menu bar.


If you work in a traditional office environment that runs on Excel and Word, then the best microsoft excel equivalent for Mac are going to be your saving grace. You can still edit office documents with these programs if you’ve outgrown the world of Microsoft products.

The best part is they’re all free. So don’t stress about having to shell out a bunch of cash for expensive software when there’s no need at all. Check them out today and see which one works best for your needs.

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