April 21, 2024

5 Best Bigger Keyboard App For Android Devices

Android devices are versatile and can be used for a variety of purposes. Many people like to use their Android device for work, whether it’s for business or personal reasons. If you’re looking for an app to help with productivity, then you may want to consider using a large keyboard app. In this blog post, we will discuss 5 of the best bigger keyboard apps available on Android devices. With the help of all these apps, you can increase the keyboard size of your phone, which will allow you to see large text in a big keyboard.

bigger keyboard app

We use our phones to text and post on social media, so it only makes sense that we should have a keyboard that suits your needs. You might not realize this but there are many different types of keyboards available for smartphones. The first decision point when picking out what kind of phone typing experience or keyboard will be important because they can vary significantly depending upon their function within the operating system.

These keyboard apps will be able to accommodate your needs no matter what type of Android device you use. Whether it’s an affordable phone or high-end tablet, there is something for everyone. You’ll also need the latest version (or above) because this post only includes applications that were updated recently. So just Select one of these and install it in your phone and try it. So friends, now let’s know how to make iPhone and Android keyboard bigger.

How to Make the Keyboard Bigger on Android

To change the keyboard size on Android, you have two options. The first is to resize your default Gboard and use an additional third-party app for bigger screens like tablet computers or laptops. Alternatively and more conveniently download any number of free apps that will allow users with smaller mobile devices access into apps made specifically designed exclusively for larger displays as well.

large key keyboards for android

To make the Gboard bigger, all you need to do is open up your phone’s keyboard and tap on a spot where people can type.

When the keyboard appears, press and hold on the comma key. A green option will pop up above it: cog or box? You slide your finger over to choose from two choices – one is called “cog”. When you release this button it changes how much time various activities take for each step in an algorithm; there are three different speeds so be careful not get confuse by their names.

To make the keyboard taller, go into settings and select preferences. Tap Keyboard Height on this new page that pops up. Clicking Extra Tall should do it for you right away without any more work needed from yourself or anyone. With a few quick clicks, you can make the keyboard taller to suit your needs. In order for this option work correctly it’s important that both key chandler and typing app are set up with their preferences enabled so they’re ready when needed.

Bigger Keyboard App For Android 

Emoji and GIF fans alike will find plenty to love in the google play store. Keyboard apps are no exception, with many designed for big fingers across all themes or features. Some are made for people with big fingers who want themes or type faster than they can using default keyboards in Android itself. There aren’t many options out there that will fit this need specifically though. In our list below we’ve highlighted top five recommended picks from around the web take your pick.

1: Microsoft SwiftKey Keyboard

The first app on this list is swiftkey. Through the intelligent AI of this app, it reads your writing style. With which you can speed up your typing speed. You can send emoji and GIF with your own personalized keyboard and you can do as you want. This keyboard always learns and follows your typing style – including your slang, surname and emoji.

Microsoft’s new keyboard is called SwiftKey. It learns your style and beats out other keyboards in typing speed with artificial intelligence that knows how to type faster. Because it has access all of what you’re doing on social media, emails or even work projects. You can also use this personalized AI app for fun things such as sending emoji messages without having an accent coach handy when talking over video chat software like skype etcetera.

large keyboard for android

The inbuilt emoji of this keyboard provide you with a wide range and diversity that is not available on any other typing app. It learns what your favorite emojis are so when it comes to chat, they can always be sent. The autocorrect also works properly; word prediction for those who use more often certain words or phrases throughout their conversations. All at once better than ever before. You can increase the size of this keyboard in 2 ways which is the following.

1: SwiftKey Hub: First of all, open the SwiftKey hub in your android phone and then tap on the “Resize” option to increase the keyboard size as per your requirement.

2: From the Menu: You can also change the size of the keyboard from the settings of this app. In the settings of SwiftKey app, you will get the option of “Resize Keyboard” from where you can enlarge the size of your keyboard.

2: Classic Big Keyboard

The classic big keyboard is the best keyboard for people who like big keys. It’s not just any old large size either; these are specially made and designed so they’re comfortable to type on. If you need a keyboard with plenty of space between each key, this one will do it all without making your fingers feel cramped up or anything.

large keyboard app

When you download this app in your phone then set it to be the default keyboard, so that’s exactly what I did. The first thing on my list of adjustments was changing where all these extra features were located. I had them scattered around different menus until finally finding their way into one big mess under orallyigned. After making sure everything else looked good (like size change keys) and getting used ot how easy editing could be by just pressing harder or softer according rising pitch sound clips provided.

The big keyboard is an amazing keyboard that can change the color of your keys at night and show beautiful backlighting for when you are trying to type in low-light situations. The application also includes emoji keyboards, making it perfect for those who love messaging on social media or communicating with friends.

3: Large Keyboard

The average person has trouble typing with a small keyboard. Big Button Keypad & Voice Typing application is designed for those who need big keys and lots of room to type, as well. If you’re finding that your fingers are cramped from using an old-fashioned keypad or tenkeyless system board in order to match up all these skinny characters then this large Android enabled device will be able give some relief by providing plenty more space between each letter on screen at one moment’s notice.

bigger keyboard for android

If you have problems with a small keyboard, then you can download this bigger keyboard app and replace it with the inbuilt keyboard on your phone. This keyboard has a large key, which helps in typing a lot and also makes the typing speed very fast. If you have to customize something in the keyboard, then it has given you many tools to customize it.

The big keyboard has a keyboard that can be extended to suit your needs. With this large-size app, you’ll have ample space for all of the important information in life and work without having any trouble typing anything out. You won’t even miss those little phone keys with their limited range when using our amazing iOS universal touch interface on an iPad or iPhone. Because we’ve got full size letters right there at hand every time. No more reaching around behind yourself while trying not sneeze during proximity interactions either.

4: Big Buttons Keyboard Standard

If you are bored with your phone keyboard, then this big button app will help. This sleek and stylish smartphone is made for people who want to type easily in their cell phones without having small keys on a minimalistic layout that can be hard to read at times. The biggest benefit about using this over other basic keyboards out there? It has bigger numbers & punctuation buttons.

The updated version of this app is also available which you can buy for $3, in which you get emoji, Voice to text microphone and world prediction are just some features. This particular application is perfect if your senior citizen because they will be able use all these cool tools while still being able operate easily on their phone or tablet.

big keyboard app

Big buttons keyboard standart is the most secure, confidential and simple way to type on your phone. It does not collect personal data from users like fingerprint scans or pictures with no names attached. Big buttons design makes it impossible for anyone but you to know what’s being inputted. Special thanks go out in advance of these developers for making such a great product available at an affordable price point.

So everyone can enjoy their anonymity when using smartphones without having worry about any potential hacks happening while they’re away from home network protection.

5: Big Buttons Typing Keyboard 

Big Button keyboard is the best choice to make typing easier on any screen, even with large fingers or if you have fat hands. When we think about what makes a good input device for computer software such as text editors and word processors – size matters. That’s why big button keyboard will be gladstonishing because not only do they come in different sizes.

android large keyboard

Big Button Keyboard has a large and well-defined keylayout that makes typing fast, easy even when you are in hurry. The app will make your device look awesome with its intelligent design for all screen devices. The big button keyboard is designed to give users an enjoyable experience of quick input on any size touchscreen display from small phones up through tablets. No matter what their use case may be. With our intuitive controls we can help them get comfortable pressing keys without having clutter surrounding the letters they need most quickly at hand.

When you’re in a hurry and need to type quickly, it can be hard with smaller keyboards. If your hands are full or just not working properly for some reason then big button typing keyboard is the best solution. You won’t have any problems because all of these big buttons will make things go much faster than before. This simple app allows users access their messages through different apps such as WhatsApp Messenger Facebook etc.


Most people have a difficult time reading small text on their phone. For this reason, many of the major manufacturers design larger phones so that people will be able to read more easily. However, even with a large screen size, there are still times when you need your keyboard to be bigger in order for it to fit all of the letters and numbers on one page.

If you’re constantly having trouble seeing what is being typed because your traditional keyboard is too small. Then we recommend trying out one of these 5 apps that increase the size of your phone’s keyboard. We hope you found the list of these apps helpful, and that it has given you some ideas for finding a better keyboard app. If not, be sure to check out our blog post about 5 best big keyboard app for android. Don’t forget to leave your thoughts in the comments below.

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