In this post we are providing a complete list of dancing apps with your picture for you. If you are bored and do not have anything to do, then you can pass your good time with all these apps. You can become a very good dancer with the help of all these apps, for this you just need to adjust your head with another character. This will definitely bring a smile on your face. You can download dancing apps with your picture for both your Android and iPhone devices from here.

dancing apps with your picture

Dancing Apps With Your Picture For Android & iOS

1: Dance Yourself 

Dance yourself is best dancing apps with your picture. You can use this app on both Android and iPhone devices. With the help of this app you can create funny videos, GIF by adding your face to another’s face. You can become a dancing star by choosing your favorite dance style and adding your face to it.

You can make short video clips by sharing your face in GIF animations and share them with your friends. If you are not a good dancer, still you can choose the dance of your choice that suits you. Here you have 12 types of dance themes provided. You can create a 3D GIF and share it with your friends on social media.

 Dance Yourself

2: Crazy Motion 

Dancing Apps With Your Picture

Crazy Motion is popular dancing app with your picture for iOS devices. The rating of this app on the Apple App Store is quite good. Many hilarious dance videos have been provided in this app, which you can edit and make yourself.

The app is absolutely free, and is quickly becoming a classic for users around the world. You can surprise your friends with this app. You can edit dancing videos with one click. For this you have to follow this step.

  • Select any video in your app.
  • Select a photo from your photo-library.
  • Adjust images, angles and dance moves to create the perfect Crazy Motion Creation of your choice.

3: Reface: face swap videos

This is amazing and popular face swap app for android and iPhone. This app has more than 10 million installs on the Play Store and it’s also the number one face swap app on the Play Store. I also like this app very much, I use it myself.

In this app you have to select your face and after that you have to swap your face with the dance moves of any celebrities. The powerful AI of this app edits your face very smooth which looks real. Download this app and use it once.

Face swap dance videos

4: Face Dance

This is another best dancing apps with your picture. You can edit videos in different categories by doing face editing. Editing videos with this app, you can spend happy moments with your friends and family. With just a few clicks you can easily create a funny video.

With pre feed audio analysis technology it puts audio into your videos. Which makes your video look very funny. So download this app and create amazing dance video with your face.

5: Dance Your Avatar

This is best meme dancing apps with your picture. If you like meme and you have to dance to all the popular meme then it will be best for you. In this app you get a huge collection of funny dance meme. If you want to do a dance step in your favorite song, then you can easily create a GIF dance video with your friends with the help of this app.

You get cartoon characters of all popular series. With which you can create your avatar and share it with your friends. They will be crazy in love with your GIF dance videos.

 Dance Your Avatar

6: Funny Dance

If you need a funny dance video app for your iPhone then this is the best app for you. To make videos in this app, first you have to upload three pictures of you, your friends and family members and then after that this app will create a funny video for you. You can cast up to 3 friends with many styles of face.

7: Animate Yourself 3D

Animate Yourself 3D

If you want to make a music video with your friend, then this iPhone app can be very useful for you. You can edit the dancing animation by removing its face and putting your face on it. You can create 3D animation video and add text bubbles to make the characters talk.

More than 40 3D characters have been provided to you, using which you can create very nice and funny videos. If you want to add your favorite song in your video, then you can edit it and put it through such app.

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