15 Best Chatting Apps With Strangers For Android And iPhone

Are you looking to make some new friends online? Or maybe want something more, both in terms of fun and relationships. Well then we’ve got just the answer for you. In this post our team have created a list of top 15 best free chatting apps with strangers for Android or iOS users that are designed to easily allow people who live nearby each other stay connected on any given night out. Download one today and never be bored again at your local bar.

Chatting Apps With Strangers

If looking for a chat app that’s fast and easy to use, then I’d recommend Waplog. It has many features such as being able to find friends by their photo, location or name with ease. The ability to upload your own photos so others can like them and comment on them too. You are also given stickers which allow you send colorful emojis if chatting in person is not an option.

Chatting Apps With Strangers 2024

Chatting with strangers can be exciting, and a great way to make new friends. It can also be a fun way to kill some time, or learn about new cultures and people. When chatting with strangers, it is important to stay safe by not giving away too much personal information, and by meeting in public places. Below in this post we’re listing top 15 best stranger chat apps for android and iPhone users so you can easily search, flirt with people nearby or talk to strangers online.

1: Qeep

Qeep is the best and most popular stranger chat app for both iOS and Android users. Part of its success can be attributed to a great range of features, including 20 million real people listed on it who want to connect with new friends just like you. Connecting is easy – all you need do is sign in using your phone number or email address (or Facebook account) and start chatting instantly. One more thing. Qeep also lets you share photos with these strangers online too.

Qeep’s popularity has been skyrocketing since 2013 when they introduced their amazing mobile apps that are free-to-download from iTunes Store/Google Play store respectively. They offer an impressive array of options such as connecting with millions peers around.

Dating App

If you’re looking to make some new friends online, or if you want a different way to find love with someone in your area, this chatting apps with strangers is the perfect solution. You’ll be able locate people nearby so that chatting becomes more personal and less anonymous than on other talk to strangers app where everyone’s just staring at their screens all day long.

If there are two things we can’t get enough of nowadays it’s social media and cheating dating apps–so why not combine them? There have been many attempts before but none as good as Meet me-a mix between Tinder and Facebook for meeting up with singles near by who like what they see after swiping through photos or messages.

2: Holla

stranger chat app

If you are looking for a new app to chat with strangers, then look no more. HOLLA is the best stranger chatting app that will get you hooked in minutes! Its easy-to-use interface and plethora of features like search option which allows users to find their favorite people from around the world.

It’s hard not be addicted right away. You can also use its amazing random video chat feature if your internet connection isn’t at par yet so this alluring app has something for everyone plus there is an awesome user base as well who might have similar interests or just want some company over text messages.

Sometimes it is hard to find new people in your area, but not anymore. Meetup let you easily search for strangers and chat with them online. All of the profiles are 100% real so that you can feel confident when making a connection. Get started on this chatting apps with strangers today by downloading the free version or upgrading if necessary.

3: Chat for Strangers By FunPokes

Chat for Strangers video Chat

Feeling lonely? Chat for Strangers is an ingenious app that lets you meet strangers from all over the world! You can chat with people by their interests, age and even see who’s nearby. What are you waiting for? Download now to start chatting today.

Chatting has never been this easy. Whether it be a quick question or just some good old fashioned entertainment – download apps for chatting with strangers and find someone amazing in minutes. Chat for Strangers is the perfect way to meet new people. You can chat with other users, anonymously or not, and even video call if you’re really feeling adventurous! If a conversation isn’t going well then just click “next.”

Achieving the perfect stranger chat has long been an exercise in futility. From trying to find that one person with a shared interest, or just someone who doesn’t bore you senseless for hours on end, it’s difficult and often leads people nowhere but frustration. This app is like chatroulette app.

With this app though, all of your problems will be solved. You’ll have access to thousands of strangers from around the world ready for some chatting and flirting action at any time – plus there are features like picture sharing so you can share media without fear of judgement by scaring off potential suitors before they even get started because hey why not? This is definitely a step up from other social apps where only pre-selected contacts may catch my eye.

4: Sweet Dates

Chatting Apps With Strangers

Dating is all about meeting new people. That’s why it has now become more popular to do this with strangers online on a stranger chat app like Sweet Dates! It doesn’t cost anything, and you can even make friends or find love in the process if you’re lucky enough. These apps are available for free as well as paid versions so that everyone has access no matter what their budget may be.

You don’t need money to meet someone great these days – just download an awesome app like “Sweet Dates” which lets users talk and date anonymously from anywhere around the world without having any commitment whatsoever.  The best part? This free dating site offers both a free version and one where there might actually be some potential.

It’s amazing how this chatting apps with strangers allows you to find chat groups of people who share your interests and have anything from conversations about world politics or just sharing a laugh with other members. It has the handy feature that makes it easy for someone like me, without very many friends in my area, to make new ones.

5: Splansh

chatting apps with strangers

People are getting bored of their current social media apps like Instagram and Facebook. Tired of seeing your friends’ posts, only to have them post the same thing an hour later? Well now there’s a new local chat app that will give you something different- Splansh.

It has all the features as before but with one difference: other people can also see what you’re posting; this means more exposure for yourself on many platforms at once. So if you want to be seen in every nook and cranny across town then download today because it takes less than three seconds.

Splansh is the perfect chat app for anyone seeking a safe and secure place to interact with others. It blocks curse words so you don’t have to worry about being unintentionally harassed by trolls or people looking for sexual partners, while also providing daily tips on how best to improve your life in order that all of our interactions go smoothly.

6: KingsChat

chat with strangers app for android

KingsChat is a revolutionary chatting apps with strangers that enables you to chat and meet with new people nearby or around the world. You can easily connect with other users who are also looking for friends, no matter where they live in the world. It’s available on both Android and iOS devices so it will work regardless of which type of device you have.

You can also sign in with your Facebook account and search for people all over the world. Along with text chat it provides start video chat, which opens up more possibilities than just sending texts or pictures back-and-forth like on other apps.

One of the best features of this app are its live filters. You can add stickers to make yourself look hilarious and fun while recording a selfie from across town before sharing it online so everyone knows what’s happening at any given moment.

7: Azar

Chatting Apps With Strangers

Azar is a new chat app that lets you make friends all over the world. It’s especially great for those who don’t want to use something as popular as Whatsapp or Snapchat because it doesn’t have an age restriction like other apps do, so even teens can use Azar without risk of getting in trouble with their parents.

You might be looking for some ways to stay connected while travelling abroad and meeting people from across the globe? Why not try out Azar a free chatting application developed by Google where users are able to meet strangers from around the world based on preferences such as gender and region. With more than 10 million registered members, there will always be someone waiting just for you whether they’re near your home or country.

Using this app you can not only text friends but also chat with strangers. You can use WiFi text messaging app for chatting You have the option to video chat over 3G/4G and Wi-Fi connections, which is one of its best features. It’s free and secure too.

8: Between

fun chat apps

Ever wanted to make a connection with someone in the same area as you? Between is an app for people who are single and seeking their perfect partner. You can easily find flirt, date or chat. It’s also good game apps for couples on android and iOS devices.

It is a free, fast and convenient online dating app. You can also share photo, videos or voice messages to your stranger friend. It has an amazing feature where you can check out when your friends last used the app by clicking on their profile picture in chat windows. If your WiFi is not working properly while making a video call, then you can use WiFi Signal Booster app to make your Internet connection work properly.

9: MeetMe

best stranger chat

MeetMe is the best way to find friends on your terms. Choose from millions of profiles and start chatting with likeminded people who are near you. Meet new, unfamiliar faces while still being able to use all apps in peace for a free fee that’s less than what some dating sites charge per month. Make sure not miss out this chance by downloading now.

MeetMe has been one of the most popular stranger chat app since its release last year because it offers an experience unlike any other. Meeting up with strangers that share similar interests or commonalities can be scary but exciting at the same time when done through our platform as we provide safety measures such as location tracking features so users know if someone they’ve met was nearby their home address.

Chatting apps with strangers provides a variety of languages for users to communicate. It also has the option to subscribe which includes extra features such as chatting with strangers, so you can find your soulmate.

10: hi5

online chatting apps

Meet your new BFF with Hi5. You can filter people by location, age and other things to find the best possible match for you. Hi5 is a social networking app that allows users to make friends from all over the world using filters based on interests or commonalities like religion/politics, physical attributes and more.

This chatting apps with strangers is as secure as they come. You can keep your name and location hidden while still communicating with others who are also using the same service, which gives you complete control over what information to reveal or conceal in conversations.

The best feature of this app? It’s security! The entire platform has a high level of encryption that makes it difficult for hackers to decipher data sent through its channels. When other people try contacting me on my profile there won’t be any personal details visible unless I choose them to see those details when we’re chatting giving all users full privacy control so no one will know anything about anyone else without their permission first.

11: Waplog

Chatting Apps With Strangers

The Waplog app is the newest way to make friends and date. With over 60 million members in more than 25 countries, you have a chance meeting someone new nearby who has similar interests as you.

It has good option to search people by photos, locations, and suggested friends also. You can easily upload and share your photo with your friend. It also give you to option to like and comment on other friends photo. In this app you can easily find new friends, chat buddies or maybe a life partner.


texting random strangers app

One of the best ways to meet strange is through online dating. LOVOO is an app which allows strangers who have similar interests, hobbies and preferences chat with each other easily. It’s free so there are no strings attached.

Whether you’re looking for a date or just want to make new friends, Radar has all the features that can put your social life on autopilot. With an incredible radar feature by which it is easy to see who’s around with similar interests and body chat apps in order to start chatting with people nearby as well as photo sharing capabilities. So you’ll always know what they look like before talking them up online; this app will help you find whatever type of company suits your fancy.

13: Chatous

app chat with strangers

Chatous is a new app that allows you to easily search and chat with people who are strangers. Along with the ability to just message these stranger, it also has an amazing feature which lets you find someone according to your specific interests and talk about those things.

It’s never been easier to connect with someone in a new way! With the hashtag app, you are able to chat and stay connected even when we’re not online. You can also sync your conversations on both web and mobile platforms so that no matter where we go or what device they have access too, our chats will always be there.

14: Bloomy

best free chat app

The Bloomy app is like a social media dating site for the modern age. It allows you to find and chat with new people in your area, see who’s online now, flirt through messages or audio calls privately without worrying about anyone catching on since it’s all anonymous.

If something sparks between you two but lives are too far apart then send them an invite any time they’re among our top members to meet up at one of their upcoming events so love can bloom where we encourage that kind of thing over here.

Bloomy is designed specifically for those seeking meaningful connections outside their current relationships; giving users access to thousands upon thousands of potential matches nearby looking just as eager (and willing) as themselves.

15: Cake

Chatting Apps With Strangers

Cake is a video chat app that allows you to start up live chats with your friends or an anonymous stranger. It has both free and paid options, so it’s easy for anyone to use the best one they need in order to get their job done.

You can either press “find new friend” on the screen which will show you someone random who wants a chat of any kind-friendship included or go into public broadcast rooms where there are lots of people already chatting about many different subjects.


We hope you found this list of free chatting apps with strangers to be helpful in finding the right app for your dating needs. So download one of these apps today and go have some fun. And if you’re looking to make new friends, get a date or just stay connected with your existing social circles then we’ve got the perfect solution for you.

Whether it’s chatting at home by yourself or meeting up in person tonight (or tomorrow night), there are plenty of great options available that will suit all needs – so what are you waiting for? Download one today.

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