If you are a pet lover and have been looking for some free breeding games for Android or iPhone, then I’ve got the perfect list of 14 games just for you. Whether it’s dogs, cats, horses, dragons or wolves that tickle your fancy there is something on the list for everyone. Take a look at these awesome free apps to see what interests you.

creature breeding games

Pet breeding games have been around for a while now, but they are still just as popular. This is because new breeds of animals are constantly being introduced. People love to see them interact with one another. There are so many great ones out there that it’s hard to choose which one you want to play. Here is a list of the top 14 free animal breeding games available on Android and iOS that will keep you entertained for hours.

Animal Breeding Games Online Free

The virtual reality of your new life is full of cute animals. But you’ve got to fill it with the love and care they need. You can raise them from newborns all the way up until they’re fully grown. To keep these fluffy friends happy, take them on walks in their favorite park or play games with them like fetch inside a big ballroom while dressed up as an elegant princess.

1: Hamster Life

You will get to take care of a cute and adorable hamster in this game. It’s called Hamster Life, the one that lets you raise your own pet on your mobile device. The goal is to make sure they grow up happy while nurturing their personality traits like eating healthy food or playing with other hamsters.

breeding games

But be careful because there are also dangers out there such as attacks from predators and getting lost too much outside so it’s important you keep an eye on them constantly. But don’t worry, this app caring guide provides tips for how best to do just that.

You’ll be in charge of everything like food and water intake levels, ensuring they have a great place to live with plenty of space for running around on their wheel all day long. Just show your love and care for the little hamsters, there will be rewards waiting at every level up. They appreciate a bit of walking too.

2: Dog Hotel

The DogHotel App invites you into an interactive world of fun where you get to manage all aspects of operating your very own pup’s paradise. The player has full control over every aspect from designing rooms with different themes like Furry Friends or Doggie Dreams.

You are in charge of your own doggy hotel. You can create the perfect atmosphere complete with canine-friendly rooms, beautiful gardens and a lake for dogs to splash around in. Pet sitters will come stay at your resort while you’re too busy tending to guests. So dig deep into that imagination.

animal breeding games

DogHotel is an app where players get their hands on all sorts of great items needed for running a successful dog hotel business. Both standard amenities like pet beds or food dishes as well as rarer ones such as new breeds not yet available through other methods. Furniture pieces which allow for upgrading these facilities (such as more elaborate designs); decorating options including trophies earned from competitions taking.

3: Fish Tycoon 2 Virtual Aquarium

The aquarium is a delightfully fishy adventure. It’s fun and interestingly interactive, with over 50 different species of aquatic creatures to interact with in the virtual tanks. You can feed them or explore their habitats for hours on end.

As the manager of your own virtual aquarium, you will start with just a small tank and earn money by selling fish. You can also make more cash in time-limited events like fishing contests that take place throughout different times of the year.

pet breeding games

With coins from these challenges, upgrade or renovate your store to attract more customers. Fish Tycoon 2: Virtual Aquarium is one of many great tycoon simulator games for kids ages 8+. So download this free app today on iOS and Android devices.

Starting with just a few eggs, you will grow and change along with the families of pet fish in your game. Start as any ordinary person who is looking for some excitement and adventure on their day-to-day schedule by raising virtual pets. You’ll be taking care of Koi fish, Catfish, Groupers even Sharks too. There are plenty more fish in the sea and they’re all waiting for you at fishdom 2 world aquarium simulation game.

4: My Singing Monsters

My Singing Monsters is a game that lets you interact with cute and quirky monsters. You start out on an empty island where the goal is to turn it into a paradise for your singing pets. You’re sure to have a great time exploring all the different islands and beating down pesky monsters in this breeding games.

The Singing Monsters app lets you create an island full of happy monster pets and watch your song evolve as they breed. Play with the different world decorations to make it look just like you want, then share what you created through social media or email.

breeding simulation games

The joy of nurturing a monster is one that runs deep into your soul. The process starts with simple need-satisfying tasks such as feeding, handing out toys and giving them baths like any doting human would do for their pet. But soon you learn the monsters have needs too.

A favorite song to sing along to make them happy when they’re sad or just because; new outfits so they can strut in style around town while on leave from fighting off evil hordes outside your door. And if all else fails, letting him pamper himself at home by building his own room where he’s king of his castle.

5: Cat Simulator Online

Get your furry little paws on Cat Simulator Online. Live the life of a cat or kitten by raising up to four generations with over 30 different breeds, explore fantastic new 3D environments and meet other cats. It’s time for an all-new adventure RPG that will have you purring at every turn.

human breeding games for adults

Explore the wonderful world of Cat Sim Online with one of your favorite cat breeds. Play online multiplayer games, make clans and fight enemies to protect your family. As you grow in popularity, unlock new cats for even more fun adventures.

The only thing cats love more than laying around all day is exploring the world. The app enables you to customize each of your kitties by name (or nickname), gender, fur color (browns and blacks are rare.), clothes or accessory items such as hats and scarves, plus much more. You can also unlock new breeds with coins earned from leveling up in-game. An exciting opportunity for those who just want their own unique breed of kitty at home.

6: Flutter: Butterfly Sanctuary

Discover butterflies in the amazon rainforest with this relaxing butterfly game. Hatch, feed and raise caterpillars into beautiful creatures that spread their wings to reveal a stunning array of colors. Each one uniquely colored but perfectly matching the real-life wing patterns. Flutter is peaceful to play giving you sanctuary where you can take time for yourself if only by connecting with nature’s beauty.

You have over 400 species to collect. Each one uniquely colored with matching wing patterns to their real life counterparts. Flutter is so peaceful unplug from your busy day and reconnect with nature for a while as you enjoy these enchanting wonders.

animal breeding simulation games

Butterflies are beautiful creatures that come in all shapes and colors. Collect them as you explore a garden, then learn while playing games to find out more about these marvelous insects! Plant flowers near your home which attract new species of butterflies for an ever expanding collection. Relax with the natural beauty around you.

Watch butterflies fly from leaf-to-leaf or play bug and butterfly games like Caterpillar Feeding Time. There’s so much nature fun waiting outside: Nature Games Outdoors can be played anywhere at anytime. Grow colorful flowers which attract new species for your expanding collection of virtual insects. Relax while watching the pretty bugs fly from leaf to leaf or playing bug and butterfly games like feeding caterpillars with different foods.

7: Wild Craft

Wildcraft is an RPG adventure that lets you explore a huge 3D landscape as if you were really there. You can run through the forest and climb trees, hunt for food to feed your family, make friends with other animals out in the wilds- whatever feels natural.

And because Wildcraft’s world spans miles of terrain beyond what any one player could see or access at once (and even then it takes days to travel.) Players will need all their survival skills just to stay alive during this challenging but fun new gaming experience.

fun breeding games

As you embark on your new adventure, start as a wolf or fox and take the family along with you. Play multiplayer games together to keep enemies from getting close enough to hurt our cubs. Unlock more animal breeds by growing your legacy in Wildcraft.

This fun breeding games is a great way to get your fix of the wild. This game has stunning graphics that take you on an adventure with multiple different options for animals, and each season brings new scenery worth exploring.

8: Pocket Frogs

Pocket Frogs is a portable app that allows you to take your little frog friend with you wherever the wind takes you. You’ll never be without someone special again. This is a game that will make you feel like the frog-king of your own domain.

You begin with two miniature frogs and through careful breeding, end up with over 3,000 colorful species in all shapes and sizes. With an abundance of options to customize each froggy’s look or abilities as they race around the screen careening into one another for points. It can be hard not to spend hours trying out new combinations just for fun.

dragon breeding games free

In this human breeding games for adults you get to nurture your frogs and make them feel at home. The more attention they receive the happier they will be. Watch as their colors change in response to playtime with new toys or food that is especially delicious for amphibians. A great perk of caring for these unique creatures? Unlocking all sorts of awesome species like fire-breathing dragons and adorable sloths (among many others).

9: ZooCraft: Animal Park Tycoon

Animal Family is the perfect game for any animal lover! You can design your zoo however you like and make it a loving home for pandas, cheetahs, dolphins, and even orcas. Design an enclosure that fits their needs to ensure they are happy in captivity or help them escape with new friends from other zoos right under the noses of unsuspecting visitors.

games with breeding mechanics

Your creativity never ends when playing Animal Family as there’s infinite ways to create fun surprises along your journey designing this magical world full of loveable animals. Build your dream zoo now for free. Set up habitats for animals and add ice cream stands, restaurants, souvenir shops. Decorate the zoo with their own trees and flowers to welcome visitors in a memorable way while still keeping it personal.

Ever wanted to keep an unusual animal as a pet? Well, this is your chance. But the animals you collect in ZooCraft aren’t just pets. they’re wild animals that need shelter and care.

Learn fun facts about them and give them a happy life by making your zoo one of the best zoos on Earth. Complete with exotic foliage, curious creatures from distant lands like llamas or mandrills, vibrant colors galore.

10: Dragon Mania Legends

This is another best breeding games for android and iPhone devices. Dragolandia is a world of fantasy and adventure, where hundreds of dragons live in secret. Discover what it means to be part of the elite dragon society with this virtual escape into an immersive world full of magic and spectacular sights.

Create your own team outfitting them in magical armor, going on quests for powerful items or defending their homeland from invading forces. Join thousands other players that have already discovered all there is waiting here at Dragolandia.

Dragelanders are psychic creatures known as dragons who inhabit the vast lands outside human civilization called The New World (or NWE). They can fly freely throughout their kingdom which consists mostly jungle. Like landscapes like Amazon Jungle but also includes some deserts such as Death Valley National Park. For centuries humans.

animal breeding games online free

Dragons are a loyal and loving companion that will do anything for you, but to make them feel loved they need love back. To keep your dragon happy feed it regularly with food from its diet group while providing shelter in the form of houses or other means. Don’t forget about their mood either.

When taking care of your Dragons there is always something fulfilling waiting at the end. Whether it’s unlocking more eggs through buying points or improving skills by spending gems. Not only this but every level also unlocks hourly bonuses which can range anywhere from extra coins to decorations for surrounding areas like villagers.

11: Dino Pets

The anticipation of the next big game is always exciting. Dino Pets, an innovative dragon breeding mobile app for Android and iOS devices has taken this experience to new heights by letting you combine two different species into one creature that’s beyond imagination.

You can create more than 20 mythical creatures as well discover 50 dinosaurs in your own Jurassic Park with all sorts of animals available at your fingertips. Like Pterodactyls or Stegosaurs who were alive during prehistoric times (although they might not look so scary).

The human tribe has been rebuilding a shelter for dinosaurs and their babies. You’ll see different types of dino such as T-rex, Triceratops etc., in this game. There are 50 kinds total with 20 mythical creatures that can’t be missed out on too when breeding them all together. The possibilities are endless here so don’t miss your chance at trying it once.

12: Bird Land Paradise

Bird Land Paradise is the best bird caring simulation game where you can experience all of your favorite animal-themed adventures, from pet store picking to egg hatching. You’ll even get access to some unique birds that only live at this paradise. So what are you waiting for? Get playing today.

The best thing about Bird Land is that it has an entire tropical biome to keep your bird happy. As you wander around the lush jungles, touching all of its beautiful plants and trees with joyous empathy in their eyes while they chirp ecstatically at being free from cages or unnatural habitats-you will feel better than ever.

bird land game

The object of the game is to level up your birds so that they can be more successful at breeding. You’ll need some food items, bird seed (or meal), an empty cage for them in which you will place feeders with different foods like cracked corn or millet. Whatever looks appetizing, as well as time.

The good news? It only takes about 30 minutes per day if done consistently because chickens are social creatures who love having friends around their flock. But it’s not nearly enough hours if playing on weekends without any school/work obligations holding us back.

13: Bulu Monster

The next app is the Bulu Monster and it’s a game that permits you to grow your own monster on your smartphone. You can create an original, magical creature in this fun-filled mobile application. The best part: players need not have any previous experience with digital design or coding as there are step by step tutorials available for newbies like me. Who want nothing more than just petting these fantastic animals without understanding how they work inside out.

You can’t have a pet monster in the real lift, but it is possible to be one on your computer. The game-play for this fantasy lets you imagine where they took their inspiration from as well. After all these Pokemons do kind of look like what we know them too. You’ll need search high and low until finally finding an area that has monsters living around. Then start training up those fighters so they’re ready when battle begins again against everyone else’s creatures.

Bulu Monster breeding game

150+ monsters to choose from, with all the different abilities and specialties. Some have HD animations that make them more interesting than your average Tamagotchi game. When you train your monster properly they will give out rewards in points which can be spent on increasing his power or unlocking items for him/herself at any time. It’s up to how much money you want to spend on feeding this little guy.

If you find yourself without access to the internet, this game can be played offline. There’s no need for an online connection when there is a good ol’ fashioned console in your home. You’ll get some items from shops and buy them with gold coins which are found throughout levels or obtained through gameplay outside of New Game+ modes if any exist. So have at least one hundred thousand bells before spending it all on new outfits/weapons etc. Because who doesn’t love customizing their pet?

14: Howrse – Horse Breeding Game

Horse breeding offers interactive gameplay that brings the art of horse breeding to life. Players have the opportunity to create their own custom stables and breed virtual horses that can compete in events like dressage and jumping competitions. This amazing game allows you to build your own farm from the ground up, design and breed horses of your own choosing and even compete in competitions across the world. You will have access to all the tools necessary to successfully manage a horse breeding business while enjoying an incredibly fun gaming experience along the way.

Horse Breeding Game

This game is quite interesting in which you can choose your favorite horse. In this you will get 50 breeds (purebred Arabian, Fjord, French Riding Pony, Shetland…) of horses from which you can choose any one. You can even choose ponies, donkeys or unicorns. You can train your own horse. You can up the energy level by feeding them. When your horse is 3 years old, choose a specialty of either classical riding (speed, cross-country, show-jumping, or dressage competitions) or western riding (barrel racing, cutting, reining, western pleasure or trail class competitions), then start training them to enhance their skills.


If you have a love for animals and enjoy playing games, this list might be just what you need to get your fix. There are 14 free apps that offer breeding games from dogs, cats, horses, dragons or wolves. Take some time today to browse these awesome Android and iPhone apps so the next time boredom strikes it won’t be too long until you find something new to play with on your phone. Which game did you like best?

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