Are you single and seeking a partner? Unless you’re a monk sworn to celibacy, you will undoubtedly be aware of the modern phenomenon of internet dating sites like Cupid. Perhaps you’ve caught adverts on TV or social media? Whether you’re still tempted to try online dating, or you’re already a seasoned virtual dater, you might well benefit from our recommendations of the best apps/sites you should be looking into in 2021.

sites like cupid

You’re single and looking for love in all the wrong places. It’s time to try something new, like an online dating app or site. With so many choices, it can be hard to decide where to start. Check out our list of 5 apps and sites like Cupid for singles trying their luck on a new adventure. Be sure to read through these carefully before making your final decision as you may find that one is perfect for you.

Apps & Sites Like Cupid To Try Out

Have you tried any of these dating apps or sites? If not, it may be time to try something new. There are so many choices and different features that it can sometimes feel overwhelming when trying to decide where to start your search for love online.

We’ve created a list of 5 popular options below but before making a final decision we recommend reading through them carefully as they each offer slightly different offerings in terms of price and features. It’s time to try out some of the best apps and sites like Cupid.

Whether you’re looking for love or just want to meet new people, there are plenty of options available online. Check out our list below and see which one might be perfect for you.

1: MyBlacky

An excellent example of the niche dating outlets that are springing up all the time, MyBlacky will introduce you to the finest in ebony dating. The interface contains a lot of text and few images, but this information is all pertinent and designed to point newcomers in the direction of some terrific flirty experiences. So if you want to interact with wonderful black singles, sign up now. 

2: Granniestomeet

While looking for senior dating sites, you might feel that there are limited options. But it is not actually the case, because in the recent year we’ve saw a spike in dating outlets that are focusing on this demographic. One of them is Granniestomeet website that doesn’t go in for overly-jazzy or gimmicky (read eyesore) contemporary presentation, it gets straight to the point.

This website makes very convenient for the older people to find love online. One of the noticeable features you’ll come across when first checking out this site is the heading ‘Safe Dating.’

Clicking on this link activates a pop-up window introducing newcomers to 15 great date tips. At the foot of the introductory page you’ll come across a tremendous cross-section of sub-topics, ranging from grannies dating to black senior dating, and much more.

3: Eharmony

According to the legend on its homepage, eharmony is currently the world’s number one most trusted dating app. This may be a statement that is impossible to qualify, but the fact the following soundbite states that someone falls in love via this site every 14 minutes might be enough to persuade you to at least give it a try.

Another long-standing dating outlet, the key component of this platform is compatibility, with newcomers often finding suitable matches. Web traffic stats reveal there are 10 million active users. You can also use it as a virtual girlfriend app.

4: AffairDating

People get into online matchmaking for all sorts of reasons, and seeking a soulmate is only one of these. For many site users, it’s all about hiding behind the anonymity of a username/nom-de-plume. And flirting with a variety of stunning site members, without your actual partner ever needing to find out. AffairDating is a discreet outlet that never judges the lapses in the morality of its members.

It does recognize that there are many people out there who might be in a stable, contented relationship, but still need to let off emotional steam now and again by getting friendly, sometimes even extremely friendly, with a gorgeous third party. There are no frills with the home screen, just the basic details about registration, and tips about breaking the ice.

5: Cupid

Cupid is a long-established dating site with a strong reputation for reliability, becoming the ‘go-to’ matchmaking outlet for a variety of singles. It has undergone a recent makeover and instantly presents a captivating interface for newcomers and regular users alike.

The introductory sub-heading asks: ‘Need an online dating UK site you can trust? At this point, you can launch straight into the membership application form, with the standard drop-down menu assessing your tastes.

To your left is a chat window allowing you to get into friendly conversation with a stunning single. With categories split by genders, or tempting subjects like mature dating, this site is ideal.


We hope you have found a dating app that has captured your interest. If not, don’t despair. There are plenty of options out there for singles looking to find new love and adventure.

We recommend checking out these 5 sites like Cupid in order to get started on the right foot with your online dating experience. Have any of them caught your eye? Which one will be perfect for you?

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