Hello friends in this post we are going to share with you best wedding countdown app for android and iPhone devices. As you know how important wedding day is in our life. Everyone tries to make this day extremely special. Everyone tries different ways to make the wedding memorable. One of those ways is the wedding day countdown app. Using these applications you can set a countdown till your wedding day, so that your excitement remains and you will be very happy on the wedding day.

Wedding Countdown App

You can easily manage the remaining days of your wedding with the help of wedding countdown apps. There is a collection of very beautiful and amazing marriage countdown app on play store and app store. So it was quite difficult to find the best app but we have selected the best 10 wedding countdown app for android and iPhone for you. You can see the list of these apps in the post below.

Best 10 Wedding Countdown Apps For Android And iPhone

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1: The Big Day

The big day is best wedding countdown app for android and iPhone users. This app has more than 1 lakh installed on PlayStore and the app has also received good ratings by users. You can make the biggest day of your life memorable with this app. In addition to designing your personal countdown, you can manage to-do lists and guest lists in one app. You can track all your wedding guests and create a seating sheet. It keeps sending you notifications for the remaining time.

[appbox googleplay net.mazein.weddingcounter]

2: Countdown Widget

This is another best wedding countdown app for android and iPhone devices. In this app you can set a reminder and countdown for all types of events. Specially for marriage function. You can use many types of units to count a countdown such as Years, Months, Days, Hours, Minutes, Seconds or Heartbeats. There is also a premium version of this app, in which you get 4×4, 5×5 dynamic Widget as well as app ads free.

[appbox googleplay com.cg.android.countdown]

3: Wedding Countdown Widget

This app is another popular wedding day countdown app for android and iPhone. This app has more than 1 million downloads on play store. It also has the option to use your own photos for the countdown which you can attach to the music in the background of the countdown. It measures your wedding countdown in different units. Such as Years, Months, Days, Hours, Minutes, Seconds, Heartbeats or Kisses.

[appbox googleplay com.cg.android.weddingcountdown&hl=en_US]

4: WeddingHappy – Wedding Planner

You must have known by the name of this app what kind of work it is. This is a wedding party planner app with which you can do all your wedding planning in one click. You can use this app in your Android and iOS device. This app only asks for your wedding date, then after that this app provides you a customized schedule with a to-do checklist and suggested due dates. You can edit dates and tasks.

[appbox googleplay com.weddinghappy.wedhappy&hl=en_US]

5: Countdown+ Widgets Calendar

This app is best and popular wedding countdown widget for android and iOS users. If you need a countdown app for any event in the future, you can use this app because it has all the events like birthday, concert, holidays and any events in your life.

You can select different widget styles and set them on your phone’s home screen. Where you will see a countdown of all events. The main feature of this app is that you can set different times for unlimited events. You can choose the countdown timer’s units in years, months, weeks, days, minutes, and even seconds.

[appbox googleplay com.appsbeyond.countdownplus.lite]

6:  TheDayBefore

TheDayBefore is awesome wedding countdown app for android and iPhone users. This app has a feature that allows the application to automatically calculate the number of days since your special occasion. You will not be able to miss any of your special days. It shows multiple D-Day widgets on your phone’s home screen. There are seven ways to calculate days. You can also use background photo and Motion stickers to make your event countdown beautiful.

[appbox googleplay com.aboutjsp.thedaybefore]

7: Bridebook

Bridebook is wedding date countdown for android and iOS users. This app has more than 1 lakh downloads on Play Store and its size is only 5.4 MB. You can make it your personal wedding planner app by which you can manage your entire wedding. You can make a very good plan for your dream wedding. With this app you can track all the wedding expenses and costs. So must download it.

[appbox googleplay com.bridebook.mobileapp]

8: Joy

Joy is another best wedding countdown app for android and iPhone devices. This app is free as well as easy-to-use. It makes your marriage very special through its countdown feature. It manages guests, RSVPs, and more – all in one place and most importantly, capture the joy of your special day and show it to your future generations.

The main features of this app is that with the help of this app you can create your own personal social network in which you can add wedding party and guest profile. It is a fun way to connect with everyone and get to know each other before your special day.

[appbox googleplay com.withjoy.joy]

9: Wedding Planner

Wedding planner is one of the perfect marriage countdown app for android and iPhone users. This is a great app to prepare for your big day. If you want to plan your wedding according to yourself, then with this app you can do good planning. You can set a budget and manage it by looking at the expenses in this app accordingly. You can keep all your important marriage contacts here and can also set them category wise. You can also use this app for money management.

[appbox googleplay com.sevenlogics.weddingplanner]

10: Big Days of Our Life Countdown

This is the last app of this wedding countdown app list. It is also very popular app. This app has more then 5 lakh downloads on playstore, which is a very large number. It provides a countdown for all upcoming events in your life. It counts your countdown in days, hours, minutes, and seconds. Which gives you a good feeling and helps you keep track of all the special moments in your life.

[appbox googleplay com.prosellersworld.bigdaysfree]

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