February 27, 2024

10 Best Before And After Picture App For Android & iPhone

Ever want to see how you would look if you lost weight, got a face lift or even dyed your hair? Well now is your chance. With these apps it is easy and fun to take before and after pictures. From our list of the 10 best before and after picture app for Android & iPhone there are some great choices for all.

Before And After Picture App

There are plenty of reasons to compare your photos in a before and after manner. You can show off the progress you’ve made with weight loss or even how tall someone has grown from one picture compared to another, but there’s an easier way if all these things make too much work for yourself.

Before and After Picture App 2024

These specially designed Android & iPhone programs will allow users who do not have time on their hands accessable collages which prominently display user generated images side by side across multiple screens. While also creating slideshows that take less effort than making individual videos out them individually. The following passage discusses some great tools available today when looking at comparing two photographs.

1: Before and After Photo Compare

Before and After Photo Compare is a free app that lets you easily compare the before-and after shots of your photos. With this tool, it’s easy to find out when things improved or deteriorated in terms of looks for any given project. With this tool, it’s easy to find out when things improved or deteriorated in terms of looks for any given project.

before and after picture app

This before and after picture app interface is simple and straightforward. There are two slider modes: manual, where you’ll have complete control. Or animated which shows your progress on an interactive timeline for easy understanding of what needs adjustment next. A nice feature about this particular program is that it automatically downloads all necessary files from our servers when installing.

A video slide show is a fantastic way to display your videos on Instagram. You needn’t worry about encoding, since the format of each clip will be saved automatically after its first use. So you can easily change it up if needed. Once this process has been completed and rendered. All that’s left for sharing are individual links provided by hyperlinks in their descriptions. Perfect for sending directly via SMS or email.

2: Collage Maker

Collage Maker is the only app you need to create perfect before and after picture. Pick from a variety of layouts, blend your pictures edit with filters and stickers while still being able to add text for that extra personal touch. You can then share on Instagram or Facebook without worrying about resolutions because this maker allows upscaling which will give it an even better quality than what was originally uploaded.

before and after app

You can easily transform your favorite photos into a work of art with the right tools. There are so many options to choose from, including backgrounds and text styles that you’ll love. Add stickers or frames for extra creativity. It will be hard not finding something perfect in this wide array. This template has a wide variety of options, including the ability to customize your photo and add more than 30 types of artistic fonts.

3: Now&B4 – Slideshow App

Now&B4 is the perfect way to show off your amazing transformation photos in both a professional slideshow or multi-slide format. Now you can take before and after shots, compare them side by side with ease using our innovative feature that creates full HD quality videos. With this before and after picture app, you are the director of your own slideshow. You can create amazing slideshows with pictures from Instagram or Facebook at any speed that suits you. Choose between different camera angles and edit their direction by changing which way they’re facing too.

best before and after app

All before sharing them on social media for everyone to enjoy. To put it simply: just pick what type of photos go into each slide (square/rectangular), adjust how quickly they move through or hold still if desired. And then apply extra filters like black & white if needed. You can increase the impact of your video by changing its size and width. This is because you have full HD videos to choose from, which are great for targeted ads. You may also want a stronger frequency so that people will watch it often rather than just once or twice.

When they first load up their device with information about what’s going on at work today. But this is entirely upratchy you decide how much time needs t0 pass before watching another one-unless there’re some commercials involved. In addition as long as we’ve got our logo plastered across everything along wth any text needed then all should be well.

4: Before After Collages 

Sometimes, we all need a little perspective. Whether it be for ourselves or others; before and after pictures can give anyone the boost they need. The before after collages app lets users compare two collaged images as well as provide some context on what happened in between those frames or slides. Don’t let yourself get lost looking at only one side of things. Download this free clipart today to see how much happier life is when you take time off from perfectionism.

before after photo app

Before and after pictures are a great way to show people the progress you’ve made. Your before picture might be of yourself when slim or muscular. Then there’s an image with weights in it that shows how much weight has been lost since then. The best thing about using both types? They let us compare changes over time so we can see just what our bodies were like beforehand compared to now.

The only thing that makes this app unique is the fact that it’s designed for two pictures with before and after marks. There are plenty of backgrounds to choose from. So you’ll be able find something appropriate no matter what situation your in. It only has layouts for before and after pictures. So it can be used to create stability checklists or personal stories about yourself with different backgrounds that you choose from the options provided in this easy-to-use interface.

5: Diff before after video photo collage with music

Get the perfect Before & After video in just 3 clicks with this easy to use app. I can show you how. First choose two video from your phone or camera roll that have a lot going on. So they should look good as both before and after shots. Second click create it now at bottom right of screen. Third fill out some basic information about yourself first if needed then customize animation type and download your before and after video.

after photo app

The app is worth trying even if you don’t care for the design. You can save it to an mp4 or share directly from Instagram, and with one tap backgrounds are easy. They just look a little old school anyway. The application has a wide variety of background and text options. You can replace the images with different ones, or add frames to make it look even more interesting.

The fonts are also customizable. You could change their size/shade if needed for whatever situation is happening in your photo shoot today. The new editing app by cool textz kida lets users edit any picture they want without having an expertise on graphic design software like Photoshop.

6: BeforeAfter, Instant Watermark

The 3 second makeover app is the quickest way to create a business worthy and sociable before after image in just three seconds. Choose two photos, hit create voila. The perfect pic ready for sharing instantly on Facebook or Instagram with your friends. This compare pictures app allows you make small changes like adjust colour temperature or exposure time without any hassle. At all by using simple sliders which are located right next each other making this tool super easy even if lighting conditions aren’t optimal.

photo compare app

One of the best ways to get a competitive edge on your competition is by using our app. With this, you can let potential customers know that their business is unique and special in some way. All while showing them what makes it so great. We have options for displaying logos or watermark text right there next to each listing’s price. And if we’re feeling creative? Let’s add an animation too.

The specially designed platform helps small businesses express themselves through customizing aspects such as pricing schemes with customizable graphics from uploads made available via wifi connection at any time day/night without being tethered between desktop.

7: Ditto – Photo Comparer

When compared to a computer, comparing pictures on your smartphone is much easier. You can zoom in and out of the photo while still panning across them for a thorough comparison without risking distortion due to perspective issues that happen when using merely an old monitor or projector screen. It also supports portrait orientation so whether you’re holding up one phone horizontally against another or lining them side by side full length with no extra space between each picture. This app will make sure everything looks perfect at every angle.

side by side comparison app

This app has a simple and easy-to use interface that makes it perfect for those who want to quickly compare their before photos with after ones. This would be the best option if you are looking for something more basic because there isn’t any animation when switching from one picture in comparison mode. So users won’t have much trouble finding themselves sheepishly smiling at an old photo while cringing away from new pictures.

8: Before and after compare photo

Before and after compare photo is the best alternative to App Store. Since it allows for direct comparisons. You can upload photos of any size in order to get an accurate idea on how they will look side-by-side when you finish customizing certain aspects like speed or direction animation with different options available including customization option in terms format as well.

image comparison app

With Before and after compare photo you can see what has changed in your photos. You need to upload the first photo, then adjust them so they fit each other well before doing anything else like choosing direction of animation or customizing speed/kindness for cool effect.

The last step includes sharing these images across social media so friends/relatives may see what changes have been made which could be very insightful especially during tough times where one needs some encouragement rather than criticism. Instead people might find themselves feeling grateful once receiving positive feedback from others following suit.

9: Before After Photo Collage – Compare Old Photos

The Before After photo montages are everywhere. People take up challenges like weight loss, bodybuilding and more to make their life better in the present as well as improve on things for future self. A before-and-after picture is a type of image often found online which shows someone going from an older version or stage along with its corresponding new one. Typically taken at about halfway through said challenge process this can be done by taking pictures every month showing difference between starting point vs end result.

compare photographs

These tools give you the option to change your logo or text watermark before and after images. You can also resize them, as well. This is great for sharing with customers because they will be able see what was done in reality versus an edited version on social media platforms like Instagram. Where space may not always allow brands logos full display.

10: Track Progress: Before and After Photos

Track your progress: Before and After Images helps you track changes, save photos to compare them later on anything that matters to the user. It’s also an app where people can store their secret images using a password from within it. You won’t have to worry about any privacy concerns because it’s password protected.

before after app

You can use the app to import images from both internal and external storage as well as cloud-based services. It is also very convenient because of its data backup features. Though these advantages are minor, you will still be able to benefit from them in some way or another if your phone crashes with no photos on it.


We all have moments where we wish our face looked different or that our body was slimmer. Whether you want to see how your hair would look with a new color, if you’re considering having some plastic surgery on your nose, or just need an ego boost by seeing the person in the mirror looking happier and more confident than they do now. There is no shortage of apps for before and after pictures. To help narrow down the best ones available today across Android & iPhone devices.

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