8 Best Baby Deliver Games For Android and iPhone

Being a new parent is hard. From the sleepless nights, to changing diapers and feeding on demand, it can be a full time job. But when you’re not too tired to think of anything but sleep, there are some games that make parenting just a little bit easier. Here’s 8 best baby deliver games for Android and iPhone.

baby deliver games

When you’re ready to have a baby, but are not sure about the timing and feel like you need more information before committing, games can help. Many different birth and pregnancy simulators exist for adults as well as children. So that they may explore their options in an engaging way rather than just reading articles or talking with friends.

Baby Deliver Games For Android and iPhone

Here are 8 of the most amazing realistic pregnancy games for pregnant women and their partners, all free. With these apps, there’s no need to browse the app store looking through a million different ones anymore. So grab your phone or tablet now. Because it’ll be time well spent with these fun and entertaining games on hand.

1: Pregnant Mother Simulator

Virtual Pregnant Simulator is an app that will help you get a sense of what it’s like to be pregnant. You’ll experience the joys and challenges as this mom-to-be takes care of herself for babycare, including doctor appointments with her obstetrician, physical therapy sessions after having surgery on her pelvis and back pain relief exercises.

The story of pregnant mother starts from the pregnancy test in this amazing pregnant simulator game. With a touch and go to your stomach, you can now feel her kicking. If she’s not moving around too much for some time there is always that reassuring kick-counting app on your phone which will keep track of baby’s movement until next check up with doctor or midwife.

baby deliver games

As soon as morning sickness disappears it becomes rather difficult to find anything edible without throwing it back out again. fortunately, most restaurants are happy make something special just for mommy (and daddy) during their last days at home before giving birth. So pick one restaurant near home then enjoy all those delicious desserts like carrot cake. They’re good both prenatally.

Virtual Pregnant simulator from BabyBump Technologies offers players the chance to embark on pregnancy simulation without actually being physically pregnant themselves. This baby deliver games gives users all sorts of prenatal experiences by allowing them to go through one day in life events such as first trimester ultrasound screenings or testing their blood sugar levels at home using glucose monitors just before bedtime. Everything your average expectant.

2: Pregnant Mom Newborn Baby

In the virtual reality world of a beautiful family, there is about to be an addition. The pregnant mommy in this family looks like she’s ready to pop. The virtual reality game pregnant mom newborn babies birth has just recently been released and it allows you to experience what being a new parent would feel like from both sides. That is as well as seeing your newborn baby for the first time.

In a baby deliver games where everything is perfect, there will soon be an addition to this beautiful family. The pregnant mommy needs your help in decorating the nursery and preparing for her new baby. You’ll need to be prepared for the labor games, and help Mommy through each stage of pregnancy before childbirth. Start by caring about her health as she is pregnant with a beautiful baby princess that will come soon.

babies delivery games

When you’re looking after your best friend’s mother who’s expecting their first child. It can feel like all eyes are on you. What do I feed them? How should we prepare for the labor game ahead? When does mommy go to doctor last time before giving birth? Pregnant Mommy & Newborn BabyBaby Princess coming any day now so make sure everything ready when they return from hospital because this new parent needs rest too.

You’re going to have some difficult decisions in this game. Help a pregnant mom take care of her baby so she can keep it healthy. Take the vitamins and eat well, then call an ambulance when Mommy needs more help with labor games before coming home for one last check-up before having that beautiful little princess you’ve been waiting for.

3: Pregnant Mommy & Newborn Baby

Playing as a pregnant mommy is so much fun. There’s nothing like feeling your baby kick and get bigger every day. You can even feel the bones of their feet, fingers, hands. Everything getting stronger for when they are born into this world. In this baby delivering games you have to go through four different views before delivering that sweet baby in each one from birth until toddlerhood.

pregnant simulator games

This game is all about how much love and happiness she radiates from every inch of herself. Play this interactive experience with your partner for even more fun. You should let them take walks but be careful not to strain themselves too hard since that might lead to premature labor. Spend time resting instead.

You are a doctor that has been entrusted with the care of an expectant mother. You need to be sure she is healthy in order for her child to grow up strong. The first thing you measure is temperature. this will tell us if we have some kind of infection or not. Next comes weight both hers, as well as what may one day become theirs too. Then its time for heartbeats. Just two little beats can say more than words ever do about how things are inside their growing belly.

4: Pregnant Mommy And Baby Care

Get ready to have unlimited fun while you take care of mommy and the precious baby. Nurture this little one because they need your help too. Be a good babysitter, dress up nicely for them like a real doctor would do but also be mindful that it’s just play time. So make sure not to hurt anything or anyone in these cool mommy pregnant games with newborn babies.

birth games for adults only

In this game, you will assume the role of a mother and take care of your newborn baby. Along with all those fun tasks that come along with raising a child like feeding times or changing diapers, there are also some other less popular but equally as important duties such as bathing them on occasion.

Become a mommy for the day with our exciting baby newborn care game. You’ll get to experience all that is involved in taking such good care of your little one. This includes feeding, changing diapers and playing fun games together as you bond over this precious time between new parents and their child.

5: ER Hospital

ER Hospital Birth Pregnancy Games is the best surgery games for adults. You’re a first time mom doctor. You’ll need to take care of this pregnant mother before she delivers her baby. She’s in the hospital and could use your help with anything from an emergency cesarean section to sorting out prenatal complications. Take good care of all these patients.

For all of those expecting mothers looking to have their baby delivered by Caesarian section or any other type of vaginal surgery. This game offers plenty of chances for experienced OBGYNs that want to sharpen their surgical technique with various complications that may arise before, during, and after delivery.

giving birth games for adults

Because it’s not just about being able work on mommy anymore. it’s also about treating her newborn child who has come into contact with germs from outside environments while still inside her womb.

The game is both terrifying and magical. It’s a story of nuclear exposure in the city, leading to injuries for many people. You are one such person reduced to nothing but an armless torso after being exposed yourself. You will attempt surgery on a pregnant woman who urgently needs it.

She may turn into her own personal monster during delivery as well. The horror doesn’t end there though. Monsters abound even outside your hospital home base with various mad doctors working towards some mysterious goal that might involve experiments gone wrong or something much more serious like kidnapping.

6: Mommy Pregnancy Newborn Baby Care

Mommy’s pregnancy and newborn baby care in one game is a surprise for you. Get this baby deliver games to take care of your momma-to-be with her 10 levels or mini games like washing clothes, changing diapers, cooking food and more. Caring about the little ones? No problem. You can also play as them in their 5 different activities such as playing piano, flying kites etcetera. All will be fun just wait till you see it up close.

The first step when becoming pregnant with child after careful consideration has been made by patient partners who are committed together through this life change is determining if there will indeed be a new person coming into existence soon enough or not at all among other considerations like picking names while they can still do so without any sort of interference.

baby delivering games

There are many things to do when you become a pregnant mommy and newborn babysitter. Take care of both the mother in her final stages of pregnancy, as well as taking care of the newborn baby after it is born. In order to play this game effectively, players will need three rounds. Round 1 being focused on caring for the fetus inside its protective sack while also providing health-boosting foods from within your home.

Many individuals find themselves becoming pregnant moms or new parents during their lives’ journeys. This can be an exciting time for those involved. One way that people have found joy in these situations has been through playing games like Mom & Baby Care Game with said loved one.

7: Virtual Mother New Baby Twins Family Simulator

As a new mom, it’s hard to keep up with your newborn twins in this real family game. In Real Baby Simulator you get ready for happy home adventures and plenty of fun time nurturing these babies as they grow. In this real baby simulator get ready for happy home adventure with your new babies as they are not easy to handle in the beginning of their little life. Play now and see how you can be an awesome mother, too.

In this game you play as a mother who is responsible for two baby twins. You can’t skip the part of labor and delivery in your life. So use Virtual Mother New Baby Twins to help get ready for that. The boy twin likes BBQs while his sister prefers chocolate cake.

giving birth games

See what makes them happy by feeding these virtual babies with different types of food after each milestone they reach. Be careful not to overfeed or under feed one too much because then he will refuse it next time which would make caring difficult when both are hungry at once.

You can enjoy a virtual family life in your favorite games. You get to take care of two baby twins at the same time, and it’s not as easy as you think. They need feeding all throughout the day, making them poop with diaper changes or changing their clothes before they pee on themselves from being too hot or cold.

8: Pregnant Unicorn Mom And Baby Daycare

This mommy-simulating game with unicorns is more interesting than other games that are geared at girls. As a player, you may choose to take on the responsibility of helping this unicorn during her nine months of pregnancy as she prepares for baby day care.

Pregnant mommies will have a new and exciting adventure caring for their unborn baby animals with our latest baby deliver games. You’ll need to take care of the pregnant unicorn, feeding her healthy food while avoiding dangerous objects. So she can deliver a strong little pony.

pregnant games for adults

For the next few days, your duty of baby unicorn newborn care nursery isn’t over yet. You need to do clothes washing and pressing after birth because there is a lot more work than before.

If you’re looking for other games tasks that never put down your pregnant mommy caring enthusiasm then this amazing my baby unicorn daycare will keep up with all the fun from playing animal game where you can be either an elephant or even a whale swimming in water.


Hoping to find some new games for your pregnant wife or partner? Well, we’ve got 8 of the most amazing baby deliver games that are free. With these apps on hand, you won’t have to search through a million different ones anymore. So grab your phone or tablet now and start playing. These entertaining games will be time well spent with your loved one during this exciting time in their life.

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