10 Best Age Progression Apps for Android and iPhone 2024

People may be getting older, but that doesn’t mean they want to look it. These 10 age progression apps will allow you to digitally age your photo to see what you might look like in the future and how people would perceive an older version of yourself. Some are free, others are paid, but all have great functionality with different price points. You’ll never know if one works for you until you try.

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Age progression is the process of transforming a photograph or drawing into an image that represents how someone might look at a later age. It’s often used to show what missing children would look like if they were found years from now. This article will explore some of the most popular apps for doing this on Android and iOS devices.

How to choose the best age progression apps?

There are numerous tools available for creating a realistic age progression photo, but which is the best? An easy way to choose the perfect tool would be by looking at some of its features and reviews. The best age progressions are easy to navigate and offer helpful features such as user-friendly interface, ratings from other users who have tried it out before you buy it yourself.

Age Progression Apps for Android and iPhone

Do you want your friends to know how old they are? With age progression apps, you can take a selfie and transform it in seconds into an aged version of yourself. All the rage right now among teens, these apps allow for sharing on social media platforms which is more fun than ever before.

1: FaceApp

FaceApp is one of the best age progression tools for AI photo editing. What would it be like to see yourself in a different light? A selfie is usually just for you, but with FaceApp’s free app and filters that transform your appearance into anything from handsomely rugged to stunningly feminine, the possibilities are endless.

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The all-inclusive editing suite offers everything you need on one screen. No more tapping away at buttons or scrolling through apps. Have fun with amazing transformations like gender swap, hair styling, and age changing. You’re given access to every filter imaginable choose something beautiful.

FaceApp offers a variety of options to make your selfies more impressive. You can easily add different types of makeup, apply tattoos and other transformations like impression filters to change the way you look in photos for hilarious results or simply swap out backgrounds with one tap.

2: Oldify

Oldify is a new app that transforms you into an old person in seconds. The easy-to-use interface lets users explore the future of their appearance with just one touch, so they can see what life will be like when they’re aged and grey. It’s simple, easy-to-understand interface makes it possible for anyone with an iPhone or iPad to make their own 3D video of themselves as they age over time.

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Oldify is a game that lets you act and look like an old person. Oldify is a hilarious age progression apps that lets you make funny faces or body gestures as an old person. With Oldify, you can even record your own voice and create custom videos with yourself talking like the future has taught you some lessons.


  • Change your age and record video
  • A fun photo booth app
  • Make your face old with your iPhone
  • Share your photos online
  • Snap a funny pic of your old self

3: Make me Old – Face Aging, Face Scanner

Make me Old is an app that allows you to see what age your face will be in the future. The process takes a few seconds and all it requires from you is a photo of yourself with your phone, for this application to work its magic. Once downloaded on any mobile device.

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Make Me Older’s facial aging algorithm will transform photos into images showing how someone might look at various ages by fitting them with different hairstyles suitable for their ethnicity as well as adding wrinkles and visible skin sagging due to years of gravity-induced pull downward over time caused by natural human growth processes.

With just a picture, Make me old app can help you see yourself as an old person. You could show your friends or family what they’ll look like in their golden years before they get there.

4: What Will I Look Like Old Face

Grownup age app will change the face of any person in a photo to make them look like they are old. The app is compatible with photos captured from your gallery or camera by just tapping on one button, and it does not matter what age you choose the result will be an older version of yourself.

age progressed photo app

This app is a wonderful option for anyone who wants to find out what they look like. It’s perfect if you want an accurate rendition of yourself and your face-shape, whether it be round or angular. This app automatic face detection makes photos easy to use. You can create unlimited aging photos with the new Old Age Pass.

The Grownup age app provides a variety of aging filters, so you can decide which one is the best for your skin. You can also share it with all your friends on social media and see who likes what filter most.

5: AgingBooth

AgingBooth uses a combination of computer graphics and facial recognition to generate an image that shows what you would look like at various ages. You can then share the result with family, friends or even strangers through email platforms such as Twitter and Facebook for laughs all around.

photo age enhancer

This age progression app offers a handful of tools to transform your face. You can choose from aging with wrinkles, graying hair or skin and more. Simply take one photo and be surprised at how much you change in just seconds because this is the future of beauty right here today.


  • Auto-cropping using face detection
  • Shake device to see before and after views
  • Scroll results into the app gallery
  • Save results to your photo gallery
  • Share with your friends via email, FaceBook or Twitter

6: Age Recognition App

The Face Scanner app is a tool to recognize your age, feelings, and ethnicity from only an image. This free application recognizes all mobile device versions with its face recognition technology that analyzes the vibe of someone’s expression as well as their facial features.

age my child photo free

Find out how old you are by using Age Finder within this program or through other similar apps available in today’s marketplace. Face Age is a new app that lets you find someone’s age by uploading or snapping any photo. Simply upload the picture, scan it and Face Age will let you know how old they are.


  • Find related keyword at bottom
  • Facial Analysis
  • Age Recognizer
  • Simple and Easy to use
  • Face Scanner
  • Analyse your feelings
  • Scanner Apparatus

7: Fantastic Face

The world of selfies has not been the same since Fantastic Face was released. This age progression apps can do more than just change your face to be younger or older, but it will analyze all aspects of your facial features and make a report based on them. You never know what complexion type you are until now.

age progression software

The Fantastic free is a new app that has been making waves on social media because it can not only see what your future baby will look like and in the future and compare who’s the most beautiful among you and your friends, but this imagery generator also shows how people might react to seeing themselves in old age.


  • Daily Face Analysis
  • Aging Prediction and Together
  • Baby Prediction
  • Smile Competition
  • Palmistry Predictor
  • Beauty Competition

8: Face Story

Face story app is the most innovative AI face editing tool with all trending filters and effects: Cartoon, Gender Swap, Aging Booth, Art Sketch. You can even be a future baby or celebrity. Art sketch feature where users are able to draw anything from just about anywhere imaginable including reflections off mirrors onto living.

Age Progression Apps

The Face Story App has become your favorite new entertainment medium because it gives you unlimited ways to express yourself creatively using computer generated graphics that change how people see you in an instant.

With over 20 different features including cartoon-style filters for adding humor to photos; aging booth which makes old age cool again by altering physical characteristics of any person’s skin such as wrinkles and moles on their faces so they look younger than ever before.

Face Story is an entertaining AI photo-editing application that features everything from cartoon to gender swap to aging booth filter options as well as art sketching. Whether you’re looking for creative or funny edits Face Story will have something perfect just right in time for summer fun.

9: Magic Face

A new old age apps allows you to explore the future. Plus, it lets you see what your past life was like and who your previous self was. You want to know what your future face might look like? Take a selfie and this app will predict it for you. You can also find out more about how the baby that could be created with someone has appeared in past years, or even see an image of yourself when you were young.

age progression online


  • Young Camera
  • Past Life
  • Gender Switch
  • Aging Prediction
  • Baby Prediction
  • Expression Change
  • Ghost Makeup

10: Old Age Face Effect

The Old Age Face effects app is designed to help change your age and just show how you would look after a few decades. The app uses photo editor filters, which some people may find helpful for showing interesting new ways of looking at themselves in the mirror or taking selfies with their friends who have different skin tones than them.

This innovative technology also includes smart face mapping that will keep each person’s features proportional as they are aging–something no other social media website has ever done before.

Age Progression Apps


As we grow older, our faces change. We can see this in the mirror every day and it happens to all of us at different rates. Age progression is a technique used by forensic artists to project what someone might look like as they age based on their current appearance or photograph.

Today’s technology has allowed anyone with an Android or iPhone device to take advantage of these techniques for themselves. There are many software available that allow you to create your own age-progressed image from photographs uploaded by friends and family members who have snapshots from past decades stored in their digital photo albums.

We hope you enjoyed reading about how facial aging changes over time using examples and scientific facts. If this has piqued your interest then we recommend downloading an age app for either Android or iPhone devices.

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