12 Best Auto Clicker Apps for Android & iPhone 2024

What is the best auto clicker apps for iPhone? What about one for Android? These are common questions that most people ask themselves when looking to purchase an application. The truth of the matter is there are many different apps out there, each with their own strengths and weaknesses. This blog post will list 12 of the best apps on both platforms so you can find your perfect match.

Auto Clicker Apps

Do you have a job that requires clicking for hours? This is not what most people would want to do with their time, but it’s an important task. If you are looking for the best auto screen tapper, this article will review 15 of them. You’ll find out which ones work best on Android and iPhone devices.

Auto Clicker Apps for Android & iPhone 2024 May

The average person makes about 250 clicks on their phone per day and it is no wonder why we are constantly surrounded by technology. Imagine how many more times you make a simple tap or enter data every single week, month, year? This list contains the best auto touch apps for when life gets too hectic.

1: Auto Clicker – Tapping

This is best app for iPhone and android devices. Auto clicker helps you do repeated tap, swipe action at any location on your screen. This app features a floating control panel for easy to control of the automatic clicking and is perfect if all day long work just isn’t enough.

Auto Clickers enables users with repetitive tasks such as tapping or swiping in one place over-and-over again without getting distracted by other things happening around them while they are looking away from their computer screens entirely especially helpful when reading. The Auto Clicker also offers more independence than needing someone else constantly monitoring what we’re doing.

auto clicker for iphone

Auto clicker is a great tool for busy gamers who want to automate the taps of their fingers. It doesn’t require root access, so you can use it on full screen apps without any trouble. Auto clickers work by running in the background as an accessibility service which requires Accessibility Services enabled on your phone’s settings menu (Settings > Privacy & Local Bells).

2: Auto Clicker – Automatic Tap

Auto Clicker helps you do repeated taps at any location with intervals of your choosing, without requiring root access. You can create an automatic tapping game that will never get boring and always challenge the player. Auto Clicker is a game changer for anyone who has trouble clicking on the screen with their mouse. It’s super easy to use, just open up auto click and choose where you want your clicks.

auto clicker ios

Auto Clicker is the perfect app for anyone who loves to play games on their phone. You can set it up so that every time you open Auto Click, a tapping sound will start and end automatically. This means no more worry about running out of batteries or having an accident with your device in hand. Just sit back while we do all work (and get refreshed too).

The interface looks sleek thanks in part to its minimalist design that matches any type of phone or tablet device well. However if user preference isn’t big enough then there are plenty customization options available too so everyone can find what they prefer when playing this app.

3: Click Assistant – Gesture Recorder

This auto clicker not only includes clicks, curve swipes and pinch gestures but it also helps you do repetitive work so that you have time to do other things. Any point on the screen can be added as a button with the floating control panel for customizing how users interact within this app.

The AutoClicker app is one of the most popular and reliable auto clickers for Android. It has various features that can be adjusted to suit your needs, including interval timing between actions as well a cycle time or delay before clicking again in order create more intricate tasks like taking photos at regular intervals throughout an event without having people trigger them all by themselves.

mobile auto clicker

The feedback from other users in Google play proves its quality as well with positive comments being left by them on this particular page of the reviews section for Quickshot Auto Clicker Android App. One user even said that they made $500 using this solution so if anyone’s looking into making some extra cash then try it out yourself today.

4: Auto Clicker – Automatic Tapper, Easy Touch

It’s easy to make clicks slow or fast through this auto clicker apps. You can set the time interval at which it will click on your screen, so that you don’t have any more effort in clicking many times for just one command. The app is perfect if fast clicking doesn’t work out quite right like in a gaming environment where reaction speed matters.

The auto clicker apps is a free floating point that can be controlled by tapping anywhere on your screen. You start the window, tap to activate it and then adjust how far away you want from yourself for stability in different conditions. What are some uses of an aerial video with this easy-to use tool? It’s perfect when recording scenery behind car windshields during races or scenic views while driving down highways; these shots allow viewers more than just what they would see directly below them at eye level.

auto tapper ios

The Auto Clicker application is a great way to stay productive and get some extra activity on your fingers. It can be used while playing games, checking emails or even just sitting at home doing nothing! The best part about using an auto clicker in these situations? You don’t have worry about timing yourself because this program will do all of that for you by setting up targets based off the time duration selected (minute/hour).

5: Auto Clicker

This is a game changer for those who want to make their lives easier. Auto Clicker enables you to Auto Click or Swipe anywhere on the screen with custom durations, it doesn’t require root access and installation takes just one minute. This new Auto Clicker apps is much simpler than the previous ones. However, when you first open it and see where to click at for a few moments might be tricky so don’t worry if this takes some time getting used too.

auto clicker app

For those who are looking for an auto clicker apps that’s easy and simple to use, this is the perfect option. You won’t need any prior experience with animated graphics because when you first open it up on your phone or tablet there will be a lot of confusing visuals around which may make things hard to find at times. However as soon as we get past these initial moments in understanding where certain buttons are located everything becomes much clearer so don’t fret.

6: Auto Clicker : Super Fast Tapping

This auto clicker apps will turn you into a gaming machine. The super fast tapping app allows users the ability to get repeat clicks by again n again with one click through simple target point and at their choosing timing. Auto Clicker is a new app that will make your tapping faster and more accurate. You can set the time interval for each click, so it’s like you’re playing some music with drums.

best auto clicker for ios

Do you ever get frustrated when your calculator doesn’t do what you want it to? Look no further! This app will automatically repeat taps at any place from the palm of your hand. You can even count anything with ease just by placing all digits or tapping on play. This way, there’s never an excuse not too calculate again.

7: HabiTap

The HabiTap app is the perfect way to save time and make your routine activities more efficient. You can set a number of repetitions, click speed in any application as well as intervals for when they need do on their own. You can set the number of repetitions and speed at any time. So that in no matter what application or task it’s on-hand for, there will be a custom click.

best auto clicker

You’ll never have to tap a single button again with HabiTap, the app that will do all your tapping for you. Thanks to this unique feature and thanks in advance. The idea behind habitap is simple: automate as much of gameplay possible so players don’t get tired or bored while playing games like Clash Royale where there might only be 10 seconds between each level’s prompts.

8: Auto Clicker

Auto Clicker is an offline clicking app that can be used in tandem with your computer. It’s designed for when you are not connected to the internet and want quick access clicks at certain points on screen, like as scrolling through pictures or videos. You save sequences of rapid-fire clicks by adding them into Auto Clicker before starting up every time without wasting any precious data from being used.

auto clicker apk

The auto clicker apps is one of the best apps for playing games, especially at complex levels. With it you can start waiting timers and clicking automatically. You simply select how many seconds or minutes to wait before starting your countdown in order to create that perfect timing so as not be too fast nor slow with every click.

This really comes handy when there’s nothing better around because this saves time by letting us do everything without having an extra person helping out while also being able set different durations depending on what would work most effectively given our situation.

9: Auto Clicker Master

Auto Clicker Master is an auto tapping tool which has special options to set the click duration. It also provides a floating point with its super easy and quick tap on any side of your mobile phone. Just push start button then you can control how long each click lasts for.

Ever wish you could time-stamp your important moments? Now, with one click on the mobile screen of any phone and every device in between including laptops. The Tap n’ Tag app is an easy way to make sure everything gets recorded. It’s perfect for weddings or family events where there may be lots going on at once but not enough space on paper records alone. All it takes are two clicks.

op auto clicker mobile

This is a useful application for gamers that want to skip through difficult levels. You can set up sequences of actions in the game. Such as getting weapons or using power-ups before moving on to another part of play. It’s also perfect if you need access over large numbers of sites and don’t have time on your hands.

10: Blue Point

The blue point auto clicker apps is a great tool for automatically tapping the set points on your phone screen. With special options, you can optimize your usage by setting it up with an optimized touching duration and number of taps in order to get things done faster without having touch any buttons yourself.

auto clicker for games ios

The blue point auto cliker saves time by clicking where we want our clicks while saving battery life at all times. No more reaching down into uncomfortable places or searching around blindly because this remote controlled robot does all work from above using wifi signals as its guidepost via bluetooth low energy technology. So there are never surprises when doing tasks.

The frequency at which the application blue point should perform your routine tasks can be set using this setting. Then, once you’ve chosen what actions to take place and clicked “Start”, there’s no need for time-wasting work.

11: Auto Clicker – Automatic Tap, Easy Touch

With the Auto Clicker – Automatic Tap, Easy Touch app you can create a perfect touch with time duration through your floating button. This application provides users to get click points on their screens without having any fingers touching them. There is no limit for how many clicks one gets in order make an easy game playing experience at any point of where ever they want it done from–all automatically.

automatic tapping

The auto clicker apps is a game changer for those who have difficulty tapping on their own. Whether you’re at home or abroad. This Smart Touch app allows users to set option with easily which perfectly times the clicks count in order that’s customized just right.

You can even play by yourself without worrying about timing as long as your device has internet connection access because we’ve got everything synced up now via one simple interface. So all players need do anything else but enjoy themselves.

12: Automatic Tapping

Automatic Tapping is a desktop app that offers a simpler alternative to manual clicking. You can set up clicks at any location on your screen, with no root access required and there’s no limit for how fast you want those 1000 second intervals. The only thing stopping it from being too distracting are push-button stops in case things get out of hand or someone needs an escape route.

The automatic tapping control panel will have the floating window appear in your selected apps and be hidden from all others. You can conveniently select a location for the auto clicks via separate widgets, which also allow you set speed of clicking as well as number or length per click directly from this interface. Clients are able to save custom settings too so they’re never without options at hand when creating tasks on their own accord.

auto clicker on phone

Automatic Tapping is the perfect way to automate repetitive tasks with ease. You can live record a series of taps, then have Automatic Tap repeat them at any speed you like or create multiple sequences for each app and select which settings are right for what task. This allows for more natural tapping that won’t be broken by accidentally swiping or pressing elsewhere.


If you’re constantly tapping and swiping to do repetitive actions on your phone, then an auto clicker apps is the perfect solution. These apps let you automate any action that requires too many taps or swipes by using a floating control panel for easy access. With this tool at your disposal, there’s no need to tap away endlessly like a maniac anymore.

We hope our list of best iPhone and Android-compatible tools has helped you find one that fits both your needs and budget so give it a try today. Do you know anyone who could benefit from getting their hands off their phone? Please share with them as we would love to help everyone out. Which feature did you find most helpful in finding the right app.

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