11 Best Apps To Watch TV Shows For Free on Android & iPhone

If you are looking for some of the best apps to watch TV shows free on Android or iPhone, then you have come to the right place. Here we will tell you about all the best ones that can be used for this purpose and also provide a brief idea about what they offer. Read through our post and find out which one is going to work best for your needs.

Apps To Watch TV Shows Free

Not missing your favorite TV shows ever again? You can watch them on your smartphone or tablet, for free. If you’re looking to catch up with the latest episode of a show but don’t want to pay through the nose for it. Here are 11 apps that will allow you to stream from some of your favorite channels. All you need is a stable internet connection and there you go streaming live TV show at home or on the move. We have listed some of our favorites free show app below.

Apps To Watch TV Shows Free on Android And iPhone

The iPhone and Android devices are both capable of high-quality video streaming, but they each have their own advantages. The Apple device has a beautiful screen with resolution that will make your show look great on any television set while also providing. You with enough battery life to watch it at home or on the go without interruption from ads like those seen in commercials for other smart TVs. Which might take over half an hour just before halftime begins during football games streamed through these types media players because programmers know how much we love our screens.

1: Crackle – Movies & TV

This app will make you the newest movie star of your friends. Watch free high quality films on every device in addition to classics that are hard to find elsewhere. With crackle app, you can stream free Hollywood movies and TV series on your favorite devices. Yes it’s always free. Watch a full library of new hits or iconic classics without subscribing to an overpriced provider like Netflix or Amazon Prime. With this service that provides all the entertainment at once in one place for less time costs than most people spend watching commercials alone each year.

apps to watch tv shows free

Crackle has been around for a while, but it’s recently become one of the most popular channels on TV. This is because not only can you watch your favorite shows that may be old or new. Crackle offers everything from sitcoms and dramas to action movies with no payment required. On crackle you can watch whatever video files are out there from any time period as long as the file hasn’t been deleted by copyright holders yet.

This free tv show apps is like your own personal guide through the TV show world. When you create an account here, all of the episodes that have aired will be stored in memory for next time when it’s on Netflix or some other streaming service. Then just tap where we left off and bam. There are no long hours spent trying to remember what happened last episode. If this was our second viewing because with Rooster Teeth Video Manager every moment counts and not forgetting anything again would never happen again.

2: A&E – Watch Full Episodes of TV Shows

This is another best apps to watch TV shows free. If you’re looking for a way to catch up on all your favorite A&E shows, subscriptions are available through streaming services like Pluto TV. With over 100 channels and access to exclusive clips & deleted scenes from favourite series such as 60 Days In or Intervention.

You can’t go wrong with A&E. Get your fill of reality TV, watching shows like 60 Days In or the first 48 for an exclusive look at all things crime fighting. You will also be able to enjoy deleted scenes and clips from your favorite programs that are not on netflix streaming services yet. But if they ever decide making them public I’ll let you know first.

best tv show app

A watchlist is an easy way to keep track of the favorite TV shows you’ve watched that lets users pick up right where they left off. The app doesn’t require any logins or registration, but for full access and more content sign in with your cable company account. After signing in, unlocking unlimited episode viewing makes it easier than ever before.

3: ABC – Live TV & Full Episodes

There are many ways to watch your favorite TV show for free, but one way is by using the ABC app. This means you can always get caught up on whatever happened during that week without having pay-per view or cable. The best part about this? You don’t even need a data plan because they stream everywhere including Android TV boxes like NVIDIA Shield and Sony PlayStation 4 a little known fact.

watch tv shows for free on mobile

With a free account, you can watch your favorite series and movies on any device. Sync preferences across multiple devices to continue watching where you left off without losing momentum. Use of this app is supported on every iOS device but not on Android. If you have an Apple mobile or tablet, then definitely give it a go. Trot out your phone to check if the game works with various devices before putting in more effort into making sure everything will work smoothly across all platforms.

4: Tubi – Free Movies & TV Shows

What if your favorite TV shows were available for free on-demand viewing? Tubi has over 3,000 movies and TV episodes that you can watch anytime. Just choose what to stream next from our library of content and start watching. We don’t require any subscription fees or hidden costs. We’re totally legal too so there’ll be no worries about getting caught by pirates because this service is completely legitimate as it comes straight outta Hollywood itself.

Watch your favorite movies and TV series for free on Tubi. With no credit cards needed, this streaming service has thousands of hit titles available with just one click. You can watch what you want when it is convenient in the comfort of home or anywhere else that has internet access. Without commercials interrupting enjoyment like they do during regular broadcasts.

apps to watch shows for free

Your favorite movies and TV shows are now available for streaming with Tubi, the largest free service. With award-winning films from around the world as well as children’s programming to classics like The Breakfast Club or Six Shooter. Westerns you can find it all on this platform. You even get access to niche genres like Korean Dramas which we know our readers love hearing about too. So download today while there still some leftovers before their hunger takes over completely.

You can watch instant access videos in high quality without ads or other distractions while traveling abroad at no cost whatsoever with plans starting as low $6/month or less. Which includes viewing devices like Chromecast. There are also premium options available if your internet speed doesn’t allow 4k video streams yet due their mobile friendly design interface. So users can browse what they want when away from home.

5: Paramount – Watch Live Sports, News & Originals

The possibilities for your viewing entertainment are endless with a membership to Paramount+. You’ll have access to more than 30,000 full episodes of hit TV shows and sporting events like the NFL on CBS when you subscribe. From breaking news updates from CNN New Day Live at 6am ET/3pm UTC or Nick Jr.’s Doc McStuffins in The Doctor Is In At 7:15 am every morning. It’s all available live right now thanks to us here at paraview communications incorporated.

app for watch tv

You can’t watch your favorite show without subscribing to Paramount all access. This tv shows app is free, but if you want access and unlimited episodes for $6/month or less. It’s worth considering because they have one week of their service for free with no obligation whatsoever. Add the largest TV library available anywhere in one monthly payment so that nothing stands between you and what really matters most. Getting relaxed with shows like ncis and big bang theory whenever the mood hits us.

6: Kodi

The Kodi media player app allows you to enjoy not only free TV shows but all of your music, videos and photos in one place. This software can be downloaded for free on any operating system such as Android or iPhone. With the rise of streaming services such as Netflix and Hulu, people are cutting ties with traditional media formats in favor for cheaper online content.

free tv shows for android

One way to fill this void is by using Kodi an open source software player that can be installed on your device. Which allows you not only watch free TV shows but upload all other types if media including photos/videos or even music too. The Kodi media player has no official version. So you need to provide your own content. This means that if the user downloaded something off of Netflix or Amazon Prime Video in order for them continue watching those videos legally after installing kodi onto their device and not getting into any legal trouble.

One of the best features about Kodi is that it has hundreds and dozens of developers who constantly work on updating its code. This means you can get access not just to your favorite shows, but also those from other countries as well. There’s no need for weekly fee because there are so many streaming options available with open-source software like FireStick or TVAddons.

7: The CW

The only way to watch new episodes of your favorite CW shows, like all american and the flash for free with no login. Keep up-to date on the latest from hit series such as superman & lois or walker when they air in full seasons available now. And if you’re looking into streaming Krypton or 90210 then look no further because google has got what this generation needs. Mobile access to great TV content at its finest.

free apps to watch tv shows

This is a show all about the people who inspire us to be our best selves. It’s going to give you not just one life lesson per episode, but many. You can expect interviews with successful individuals in various fields and professions. As well as behind-the scene content that has been unseen by anyone else before now. Including bloopers from cast members on sets where they’re filming these inspiring shows for us every week and some days off. She knows how hard it can sometimes feel like nothing goes right for an artist trying their hand at making art nowadays.

8: Popcornflix – Free Movies & TV

A new streaming platform that has managed to draw attention, Popcornflix is an alternative of more popular paid platforms like Netflix or Fox TV and a competitor with such sites as Crackle. Streaming platforms like Netflix and Fox TV are the big dogs in this industry. Popcornflix is an underdog that has managed to gain some attention. With their low-cost membership plans for watching movies or tv shows online on your computer screen without downloading them first.

free tv show apps

Popcornflix is a great option for those who want to watch their favorite movies without paying too much. For example, with Popcorns free service you can stream hundreds of TV shows and films from different categories. Like drama or comedy that are not available on Netflix but have been specially selected by the creators. So it will be similar as being there live.

The best part about this app might just be its availability. Since both iPhone users as well Android ones can enjoy all features offered through an easy download process in less than ten minutes. Literally within seconds once installing has finished. No hoops need jump through before getting started right away. Prospects don’t even need internet access wherever they happen.

9: Yidio – Watch TV Shows & Movies

The new streaming guide app is the go-to source for all your streaming needs. Whether you want to stream Netflix, Hulu or Amazon Prime. This guide will have what it takes. With over 100 services indexed in one place and easy navigation from either a desktop browser as well as mobile devices like iPhone Xs Max (or similar) with iOS 12 installed. There’s no lack of entertainment here.

Discovering new things to watch is easy with the Yidio personalized TV & movie guide. With one app, you can manage your online streaming and discovery needs for movies of all genres as well as television shows on demand. TV and movies are a favorite pass time for many. But it can be difficult to keep up with the latest streaming sites. With Yidio you get one central location that helps find all of your options so you’re not wasting time looking through various apps.

Watch TV Shows & Movies

Yidio is a free service that finds where to watch your favorite movies and TV shows across all the major streaming services. Most apps require downloads, but we’ll help you get started with downloading from Yidento so it’s easy as pie. Yidio is a one-stop shop for all of your streaming needs. It has the ability to find where you can watch movies and TV shows, as well as linking into various apps so that it’s easier than ever before. Yidio provides an intuitive interface which makes using this service simple.

10: Lifetime: Watch Shows & Movies

Do you want to stay up on the latest TV shows? Well, A&E has a new app for that. With this awesome mobile library of Dance Moms, Drop Dead Diva and Project Runway episodes as well behind-the scenes clips from all three seasons. The video streaming service is updated everyday. So there will always be something new waiting inside your phone or tablet’s download store today.

apps to watch TV shows for free

The Lifetime app is a great way to stay up-to date with all your favorite reality shows. You can watch and keep track of what you’ve missed, as well as find new favorites. Also, there are descriptions and information about every episode available on Lifetime’s streaming service. So that viewers can find something new if they want too.

11: YouTube

YouTube is an amazing resource for people of all ages to watch, share and review original TV shows. It has become one the most popular spaces in video sharing online. It offers unparalleled access not just with its wide variety but also good quality entertainment. However there are still many who believe that this space should be avoided due to copyright issues or other factors such as lacklustre interface design. Which leaves room for improvement when creating engaging content on platforms like Facebook Live etc.

watch TV shows

The YouTube platform is a great way to find shows that you like and watch them without having the hassle of searching through all your favorite channels. Unless they’ve already uploaded their latest episode onto it. You can also keep track on what’s coming out next via personalized lists for yourself or other people in case someone has forgotten when an upcoming show premiers.


There’s a reason why there are so many apps to watch TV shows for free. It can be hard to find the best one, but we’ve done all of the work for you and compiled a list of 11 great options that will let you stream your favorite channels from home or on-the-go. All you need is an internet connection and these ten apps, plus it doesn’t cost anything extra. Which app do you use? Let us know in the comments below.

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