April 21, 2024

19 Best Free Live TV Streaming Sites | Watch Live TV Online Free

Choosing the best free live TV streaming site can be tough because there are so many options out there. There is a free option and paid option for each one, but first you need to ask yourself what exactly you want to watch? Do you want to watch sports or do you prefer movies? If it’s sports, then FuboTV might be your best bet. If it’s movies, then Netflix will work better for that. Let me break down some of the most popular sites where people go to stream live TV so that maybe this post can help make things easier for you.

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As we’re inching towards the end of summer, it’s a great time to look at your TV viewing options and assess whether or not you need some new streaming sites for your live TV. The truth is that there are plenty of free paid services out there that give you access to all kinds of program. You can navigate through any kind of drama show, reality show, matches, sports, news and many more. This package of entertainment will take you around the globe. Here we are providing you with top 20 free live tv streaming sites.

Best Free Live TV Streaming Sites

Many people enjoy the convenience of watching TV on their computers, but it can be inconvenient to subscribe to a service. Fortunately there are many Websites that let you watch Live TV for Free without any legal complications. All most all these sites do not broadcast from their own servers. They search web directories and openly available links in order to provide free streams with no hassle or fees involved.

It is not uncommon for online streaming websites to try and inject malware into your device. They often use copyrighted content, which can cost them billions of dollars in fines from the entertainment media industry. So production houses are raising their voices against these unethical providers who put profit over people’s safety.



USTVGO is the premier site for streaming US TV programming. Unlike many other sites with clunky UI and intrusive Ads, USTVGO provides a clean user experience that features over 80 premium live channels like Cartoon Network, ESPN, Fox Sports, Discovery, NGC among others. You can also use this site as a cartoon streaming site.

USTVGO is a popular streaming platform that offers buffer-free TV streams from the USA. USTVGO’s simple video player loads quickly and provides an enjoyable stream with decent internet.

Features of USTVGo

  • Over 80+ Live Channels
  • Smooth interface and easy navigation.
  • No redirects or pop-ups
  • Simple Video Player

2: UStream

There are many great channels to choose from on UStream. You can watch live shows, sports events, and movies with a high-quality stream for free without having to pay anything. Though you may have issues if the ad pops up in your screen while watching or streaming as it will block the entire video feed. But an adblocker is there so that should not be too much of a problem. If loading stops at any time then head over towards subtitles by scrolling down just below uploads section where all videos which don’t load start after 200mb unzip size limit hits them hard.

You’ll get access to a whole bunch of sports channels and other general entertainment, but also some more obscure ones. ESPN USA is pretty well known for showing all the big sporting events like football games or basketball tournaments you could want.

Sky Sports offers coverage from England’s Premier League soccer matches while TSN broadcasts hockey, golf, tennis and many different types of motorsports across Canada. BT Sport provides top-level European rugby in addition to live MLB game streaming so that if you’re feeling homesick at UFV it won’t be too difficult on your mind.

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3: OK Live TV

OK Live TV is a live tv streaming site which has links to many different channels. You don’t need any subscription, just click on the channel you want and it will start playing instantly. The video player is simple and there’s no lag time between bufferings. OKLiveTV even offers premium channels for free that can be watched without having an account or paying anything at all. So if you’re looking for some great quality content with high-speed buffering times, go ahead sign up now.

OKLiveTV is a new app for people who are always looking to be entertained. Whether you’re on the go, at home or in school, with just one click of your mouse button you can have access to millions of hours worth of entertainment 24/7 and 365 days per year! With over 75 channels from every genre imaginable including adult content all the way through documentaries and sports there’s something that will satisfy anyone’s streaming hunger need.

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4: TVPlayer

TV Player is the one App you need to keep up with your favorite TV shows and channels every day, including 80+ live streaming options in HD. Watch on any device from anywhere web or mobile. With 60 free channels available for non-premium users, there’s no better time than now to get started.

TV Player gives you an all access pass into over 80 Live Streaming TVs Channels at anytime of the day without having a cable subscription. Get instant gratification by watching what you want when it suits, YOU best because we know life gets busy sometimes so why should your entertainment? The premium version offers more desired television stations like HBO GO which can be accessed through our high speed internet connection and mobile app that will work seamlessly across devices.

Now you can watch all your favorite live TV programs, without having to wait until they air. You’ll be able to enjoy their wide selection of channels and the ability for catch-up or recording so there’s no end in sight.

Features of TVPlayer App

  • Watch all the best UK channels.
  • Live and Catch Up TV
  • Record your favorite programs to watch at any time.

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5: Sling TV

What if you could stream your favorite TV show from home or on the go, without a cable subscription? The SlingTV lets users do just that. With access to over 31 live channels and tons of On Demand titles for under $15 per month, it’s easy to see why this is our top pick.

This idea is a great package for people who are looking to save on their cable bill. The Blue Package has the basic sports straming, news and entertainment channels in addition to 45 more that can be added at an additional charge of $5 per month each or all together with unlimited DVR capability which comes free in this case.

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6: Now TV

Now TV is a contract-free subscription based internet TV service for the UK, Ireland and Italy with its main focus on Sky Network’s Sports Channels. Now you can access all of their entertainment shows including live sports channels from anywhere in the world.

NowTV offers everything that’s owned by SKY network: Shows, Movies and Live Sports properties. If you’re looking to watch anything other than these resources then this might not be what your are after but if it happens to be one or more of those things then nowtv may just work as an option for viewing them without any contracts attached.

Now TV is the perfect streaming service for those who are serious about important sporting events. With Entertainment Pass, Kids Pass, Movies Pass and up to 10 Sports Channels available with a 14-day free trial plan it’s hard not to give this great offer consideration. You can stream Now TV on a wide range of platforms and have instant coverage from some of this year’s most anticipated sporting events.

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7: Hulu

Hulu is a vibrant platform for TV shows and movies. You can view such content on it by opting in to its subscription-based service, or watch limited free content without paying. Hulu has recently started offering live TV viewing as well; the services are available since 2017. Prior to that, all you could do was catch up with old episodes – including those of modern classics like Friends.

Hulu TV is a great way to stay entertained with their huge catalog of content. Make sure you are getting the best experience by choosing your package wisely. The cheapest option will offer Ads while the most expensive offers Live TV without any interruptions, but either one has incredible shows and movies that have been watched for years.

Features of Hulu

  • More than 150 Movies and TV Shows
  • Dedicated Mobile Apps
  • HD Streaming

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8: Airtel Xstream

Airtel TV is an OTT service released first for smartphones. Soon after initial testing, Airtel released the web version of the OTT service to provide a more convenient viewing experience. The website offers Movies, TV Shows, and Live TV with 100+ channels from premium networks like Sony or Zee as well as many FTA channels that you can watch live without any buffering delays.

They wanted access on all devices at once rather than being restricted by location-based content releases . With over 1 million paid customers signed up so far, it’s clear why this was such a popular request among people who were enjoying watching shows offline too much.

The Airtel TV Web is a simple and clean interface that offers free entertainment, movies, sports news from India. The service also has US and UK shows for those who are interested in watching them but only if they have an internet connection on their phone or carrier with the company’s SIM card.

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9: Pluto TV

PlutoTV is a TV platform that has over 100 channels to choose from, it also includes movies and shows. You can watch all of these for free without any annoying commercials. They generate revenue from video advertisements between programming as well as have on-demand films you can watch immediately after choosing them.

Pluto TV is the first and only app that combines personalized recommendations with popular movies, Live TV channels from around the world in one place. You can also enjoy Pluto’s curated content including new releases, classics, and deeper cuts into your favorite genres all on demand for free without subscription or no sign up required.

You’ll be able to use the app or website from anywhere at anytime; no need for pesky geographical restrictions. If videos aren’t your thing, they’ve got awesome TV channels as well which are all available via their dedicated app: Android devices included too.

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10: Yupp Tv

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This amazing free live tv streaming website provides you about more than 100+ shows. You can view anything of your own choice. The best thing is that it also provides you with the movies on demand. It has partnership with movie studios, media companies that will provide you all types of shows.

This app is compatible with iPhone and android, apple TV and other devices. This app has a separate list that makes it easy for you to select. The program are organised into categories like music, entertainment, comedy, sports, radio, gaming chill out and many more. It’s special features are you can download video to view later offline and good video quality.

11: Nfl stream

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You can download this app to both your mobile as well as other device. The fact that attracts the viewers towards this app is that it provides content in different languages like Spanish, Italian, Arabic, french. Other feature is that it do not allow unwanted ads to the screen. This do not disturb you while enjoying the shows. You can enjoy everything through this app either it’s live match update, movie or anything.

Special features are –

  • Channels are listed under which various shows are categorize this makes it easy to navigate.
  • You can smoothly stream through regional as well as global content.

12: NFL Webcast

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This is the best free TV streaming service. You can watch channels like NFL network ESPN, NBC, CBS, FOX, SKY sport and their local TV shows. You can watch all the shows in HD and SD quality without paying for it. Being an enthusiastic viewer you can download it for unlimited entertainment.

13: 123tvnow.com

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This is another best free live tv streaming site. This live stream tv provides you all you want at your fingertips. This presents you with more than 70 channels. This could be an ideal choice. This website list the entertainment channels in different categories. Family, news, sports, entertainment, daily shows and many more. If you are great fan of sports this is the ideal choice for you. You can be updated with the latest sport and the current status.

14: TV Catchup

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If you really don’t want to download a separate app for entertainment. This is the best and ideal one for you. This provides you with BBN, CCN networks for live viewing. If you are fed up of filling Bill. And also bored of viewing adds you can download this. This can be downloaded for both iPhone and Android. Best features that comes out are This gives you best picture quality. This can be run on both your mobile as well as laptop.

15: Hotstar

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Most of you have heard about it. This is the ever best top steaming site. This provides you item in more than 9 languages. This is rich reserve of 100000 TV shows, movies. It is the product of star India the well known company. This has got its rich followers for its best service of entertainment. Online ICC word Cup made it word wide famous. You can watch latest movie, all kind of entertainment shows, Olympic, word Cup and many more. This provides you with free and prepaid options. It has millionaire viewers.

16: Show box

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Are you searching out for top movies and entertainment shows without distraction of adds. So here is the best free live tv streaming site for you. The screen comes up with very easy list of entertainment shows that you have to choose. You can select anything of your own choice. Users can download their favourite shows for offline viewing. This comes with high HD graphics and brain Washing pictures. This delivers optimized performance for all the time.

17: Lihattv.com

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Are you bored of searching channels. It is quite fr1ating to search the channels. Here is the most interesting app for you to get rid of your problems. This provides you with fast search option. You need not to go through all the channels you can search for the particular one. You can do everything from homepage itself. This also provides you with high video quality.

18: Squid TV

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This perfect free live tv streaming site provide you all entertainment programs according to language, country and genre. It easily guide you for the entertainment. Channels get divided according to region. This consist of content rich library. Providing you with variety of entertainment shows, movies, sports. Standout features consist high quality content and regional classification of items.

19: Streema

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This is the most powerful platform that allows you to navigate through the globe for your favourite entertainment program. This contain variety of entertainment shows. Different shows across the country, cities, languages. You can browse and pick anything of your choice. For every show you gets pop up so that you can view it easily at the same time. It is perfect combo of TV and radio so that greater versatility could be provided. It holds the greatest stock of radio and TV.


Conclusion paragraph: This blog post is a list of the best free live TV streaming sites. From here you can watch live TV shows and movies for free. If we missed any, please let us know in the comments below. In case you want to watch movies and TV shows for free on your PC or mobile device, check out this guide. We hope this article has helped you find what you were looking for, but if not please contact us with your questions or comments.

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