April 21, 2024

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This summer’s Suicide Squad featured a scene where two of Amanda Waller’s staffers went to check on a Peacemaker who was still unconscious, annoyingly acknowledging that they were going to be working with him to save the world. If you watched the movie and stuck around for the credits, you saw this scene.

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A spinoff series based on DC Comics’ Peacemaker has now been released. Even before the release of The Suicide Squad, HBO Max had announced that a Peacemaker original series would be produced by James Gunn, the Suicide Squad’s writer/director.

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Details of HBO Peacemaker Series

Date of Release 13th January  2022
Original Language of Series English
Genre Action, Dark Comedy, Thriller, Suspense
Based On 1997 book One Point Safe
Developed By Wilson Greatbatch
Produced By Walter F. Parkes

Branko Lustig

Production Studios / Production House Studio Dream Capture
Episode Runtime 2 hours 4 minutes 
Cast Christopher Smith

Emilia Harcourt

John Economos

Leota Adebayo

Clemson Murn

Adrian Chase

Auggie Smith 

Larry Fitzgibbon

Number of Seasons 1
Number of Episodes 8
Streaming On HBO  MAX

Peacemaker Movie Rating & Review

Now, coming to share with you all the reviews that we have got from our users and other streaming platforms. 

Platform Rating
IMDb 8.5/10
Rotten Tomatoes 88%
Price.com 70
Gadgets 360 degree 4/5


CGI is mostly avoided in the series’ action sequences instead of finding originality and fun in both large-scale brawls and one-on-one martial arts clashes. In between punches and kicks, the misfit heroes of Peacemaker have a good deal of banter. Their low power level and tremendous emotional fragility make every hit they get all the more painful.

Even though the Peacemaker’s commitment to kill as many people as possible in the cause of peace is utterly absurd, the program investigates the influence of symbols and ideology in rationalizing murder and explains why it makes sense to kill as many people as possible.

With an eight-episode run, Peacemaker is Gunn’s strongest work yet, letting him showcase the themes, character development, action, and comedy in a more expansive style than in his previous work. 


One of The Suicide Squad’s most abrasive jerks, who is prepared to betray his friends in order to cover up the government’s heinous crimes, is portrayed by James Gunn as a hero.

If Gunn had given Peacemaker, aka Chris Smith, an easy ride, none of this would have worked. Although the themes that Gunn has been delving into since his last film, Guardians of the Galaxy, have now come to a head in Peacemaker. We learn about the healing power of friendship and how difficult it may be to change, especially when doing so involves letting go of toxic relationships with parents or forgiving oneself for previous trauma.

To begin, we have Vigilante, a callous, cold-blooded assassin who delights in taking the lives of low-level criminals while also killing the odd innocent bystander. This Adrian Chase is a cute trailer-park busboy who somehow manages to pull off being both insane and attractive, and he looks nothing like the nine individuals who have been Vigilante in the comics.

As played by Freddie Stroma, the handsome prince from Bridgerton, Vigilante claims that he’s Peacemaker’s VFF, but it doesn’t exactly reciprocate the only man in this squad of misfits who no one wants to team up with.

When it comes to Project Butterfly, he’s working with the operatives from The Suicide Squad and has been assigned to be the muscle for the task he’s kept quiet about. Even while the stakes and threat’s nature are progressively exposed, it never seems like Gunn is stalling for time or trying too hard at deception. In the end, plot threads that seemed to be left unresolved reappear and contribute to an impactful finale.

Peacemaker serves up its dark themes with a strong dose of immature comedy and slapstick violence. Unapologetic tone whiplash is the standard here, as poignant talks happen while traveling in a van adorned with charming images of “star patients”, and a major character moment finishes in a ridiculous explosion of gore and guts.

Despite this, the components all fit together perfectly. Even a seemingly repetitious running joke about ARGUS agent John Economos dyeing his beard ends up having a profound emotional impact. Over the course of the eight-episode season, characters who might easily be one-note antagonists or comedic relief are given unexpected complexity. 

Superheroes tend to be very static since they can’t develop too much without jeopardizing their appearance in the next film, but Gunn has been liberated from the franchise’s restrictions and is able to concentrate on the ways his team and even their opponents grow together.

The band as a whole performs quite well. When John Cena faces up against Robert Patrick’s terrifying portrayal of his violent white supremacist father, Auggie, he displays not only his razor-sharp wit but also a surprising amount of sensitivity and emotional depth. 

The verdict 

There is a new series focusing on the origins and missions of Peacemaker after the events of Suicide Squad. Emilia Harcourt (Jennifer Holland) and John Economos (Steve Agee), along with new, highly colorful characters, are returning to the TV series along with Peacemaker. Peacemaker received a positive rating. This is due to the film’s perspective on vigilantism, with a hilarious twist, and the performances of its actors. James Gunn’s films are instantly recognizable because of the little things like this: a well-chosen soundtrack.

Pop culture allusions, and a powerful emotional core that makes it possible for the viewer to empathize with the characters, no matter how disagreeable they may be.

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