In this post we are going to tell you about waterdeep dragon heist pdf. You can also easily download waterdeep pdf from this post. This pdf is great even if you don’t use it as a pure story book. The material presented here is actually extremely rich and you can use any of the hundred of ideas to build your own stories.

d&d dragon heist pdf

Waterdeep Dragon Heist PDF

Incredible as waterdeep dragon heist get to use the same base to breed incredibly different options for the Master and his players. Escolher or vilão this adventure use the same layouts and spaces as others, more or walk the adventure and nature two completely silent places.

Waterdeep is a fantastic setting for a campanha more focused on famous roleplay and therefore highly recommended for new players. Mestre will also be amazed with the tables and fluxes that explain this complex adventure in a simple way and open a huge possibility for reorganization and originality of the group.

This light face is a nice tribute to one of two more fantastic settings of forgotten realms, unveiling Waterdeep in stunning details (especially the pages dedicated to detailing various holidays and festivals that will animate the city streets during its campaign). Waterdeep dragon heist is a love letter that every D&D faith deserves to read.

You’re eager to finish them or Dungeon of the Mad Mage, which will certainly serve as an essential companion to this fantastic module. Perfect for those more interested in the RP than the combat for sure.

waterdeep dragon heist pdf isn’t going to railroad your characters into a set story. There are four villains to choose from and lots of different directions to take and different seasons as well. Great place to start and build from. The setting is urban as opposed to more traditional dugeon crawlers but still very smooth.

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Issues in DnD 5e Waterdeep Dragon Heist Book

Unfortunately, there are a couple of problems with this book. First, despite the promising title of  “Dragon Heist,” there is no real heist contained in this adventure. Finding the hidden treasure smacks more of Indiana Jones than it does Ocean’s 11.

It is still very entertaining, but for those seeking something a little different, this will require quite a lot of customization to bring it in-line with expectations.

The next issue is the maps. In this edition, Wizards has switched cartographers from Mike Schley to Dyson Logos. This is polarizing to say the least. Schley’s maps were rich in detail and color, but some people complain that they were overly complicated and difficult to understand or reproduce at the table.

Logos’ new maps are the opposite of that style. They are spartan and bare bones sketches with very little detail or nuance. I personally much prefer the style of Schley over Logos especially for online or digital tabletop play), and feel the new maps fall short in what is otherwise a premium product.

Your mileage will vary depending on how you feel about the styles. Please note, I appreciate the work of Dyson for the gaming community over the years. His trove of free maps available on his website are a bounty of riches for tabletop DM’s.

However, to me his maps feel out of place in the context of the book they find themselves in – they are rather more suited to Adventurer League or DM’s Guild type titles and feel out of place in a premium product that has already established such rich visuals through the previous volumes.

Waterdeep Dragon Heist PDF Information

Book Name D&D Waterdeep Dragon Heist
Size 109.83 MB
Pages 228 Pages
Format PDF
Language English
Author  D&D


All in all, I really do like this book. It has a few major flaws that are worth pointing out, but it is still a case of the good out-weighing the bad. The city feels lively in the pages, and is a great setting for an adventuring party to start in.

It is a good adventure to take a party from level 1-5, providing a good alternative to experienced DM’s who want something different than Lost Mines of Phandelver from the starter set.

This book is a great start especially for moving on to Storm King’s Thunder or Princes of the Apocalypse. Just be prepared as DM to do a little more heavy lifting than you might have expected to fill in for some of the shortcomings.

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