Are you planning to hold a party? Maybe the occasion is a birthday, or perhaps an engagement? In many cases, it can be a baby shower or even a cocktail party. 

No matter how much your parties differ, there is one dilemma that always looms over the hosts’ minds– how to get people to attend and actually be excited about your party? 

Well, we would suggest starting it from the very start– the invitation. Nothing works better than the perfect invitation that makes people want to attend your party above any other event. So, here is a list of suggestions you can follow to not just make any invitation well, but actually nail the process of making a video invitation.  

Video Invitation

1. Your intro says it all

A banger of an intro ensures an even better video. It also ensures that your friends and whoever you send the video to is hooked to the invitation and how attractive it is. 

On the other hand, a dull start will put off your audience immediately and make them want to skip the video halfway. The key to making a good intro is making it snappy. Quick effects, graphics, and sound all coming together in the perfect combination in or under 10 seconds. 

If you manage to do this, you will find that your video has been made engaging automatically. Now all you need to do is ensure that the content that follows is equally interesting. If you want to make an intro easily, try visiting and explore their website for more.

2. Smooth transitions are key

Video invitations are one of the best places to have the perfect melange of videos and images. However, it is important to maintain a smooth transition between the two. 

Just springing up random images and videos one after the other can be a bit disruptive to look at and take away from the actual visual experience. You are also risking your work to look like that of an amateur, which is something you want to avoid at all costs. 

One fool-proof method of ensuring a smooth transition is to introduce a fade in your music when you are actually metamorphosing from an image to a video or vice-versa. 

3. Spread the news on all your socials

This is more of a mandate than a tip, really. It helps a lot to boost your content on social media. Even though an invitation is not something you want to market in a robust manner, but just letting people know something is happening might add to the intrigue factor of your party. 

An interesting invitation will, in no time, render your party to be the talk of the town. Besides, if you do have a lot of space and no limit on the number of guests, it’s always good to have more people on board, just to add to the fun!

4. Introducing a theme

This might seem like a rookie move, but if you manage to pull it off, it can do wonders for your party. Pick a theme, something not too generic but unique in nature, and introduce it in your invitation itself. 

This will result in a lot of clout and excitement for your party. Preparing for the theme will also ensure anticipation for the upcoming event and add to your party’s charm almost automatically. 

Your theme should be occasion-appropriate, too. If it is a baby shower, try doing something based on colors; if it is a cocktail party, go for something more somber, and so on.

5. Background score is pivotal

An invitation without a background score or music always feels incomplete in some way. If you want your invitation to seem well-rounded, selecting an appropriate soundtrack, however subtle, is important. 

Try putting it in and see the difference for yourself. You can also experiment with its volume throughout the video, where it is lowered during important voiceovers and increased otherwise to make it more impactful. 

Achieving this might take some time, but once you are comfortable with this process, it can make a real difference to your content.

6. Personalize

Just having a couple of images with text come up in your video will make it look like you picked it up ready-made from a website and just made some minor changes to the template. 

Instead, personalizing the video, even in the smallest capacity, can solve this issue. Use your own voice to put in the background or, better yet, record a snippet of you talking about the party and jazz it up even more!

Having a personal touch is what will distinguish your video from the other invitations your friends might have seen, so try and do this to the best of your ability while still striking an appropriate balance between keeping the video attractive and being in it too.

7. Have an effective CTA

The strategy of having a Call To Action (CTA) has been adopted very well in the world of marketing, and it might seem a bit too much to do the same here, but you should definitely give it a try. 

Don’t be as persuasive as a marketing video might be, but be sure to add some sort of call to action that gives a firm ending to your video. Do not insert multiple CTAs throughout the video since that holds a risk of being overbearing or a tad too much. Instead, a simple one or two-line statements will do the job just fine. Something like, “We can’t wait to see you!”, or ‘Looking forward to catching up with you” will also work perfectly.


There is a lot of pressure involved when it comes to making party invitation videos. The fact that it is a fairly new trend that makes it prone to errors is also unavoidable. 

But if you maintain some caution and combine it with some basic production skills like video shooting and editing, you are pretty much on the safe side. To make your job even easier, you can always make use of an online invitation maker that will take you through all the steps in an elaborate manner. Check this site out.

So, what are you waiting for? Get to creating that amazing invitation and having the party of your dreams now!

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