April 21, 2024

Best Infrared Thermal Camera App For Android and iPhone

Have you ever wanted to know what is going on in your home while you are away? What about if a pipe burst or a breaker tripped and the power went out? These are all questions that can be answered with infrared thermography. Infrared thermal imaging uses light from the IR spectrum, which cannot be seen by humans, but can be detected by digital cameras or sensors that measure temperature.

Infrared Thermal Camera

There are many apps available for both Android and iPhone that offer this service free of charge. Here’s our list of the 11 best infrared camera app for mobile devices. When you need to view what’s going on in the dark, thermal imaging is your answer. With this advanced technology and equipment for finding objects at night or when their heat signatures can’t be seen with normal vision alone, these apps have become a very valuable tool that anyone should try out.

What is Infrared?

Infrared is a form of electromagnetic radiation that has wavelengths longer than visible light and shorter than microwaves. Infrared waves can be detected in the range from about 750 nanometers to 1 millimeter in wavelength, and cover the whole spectrum from infrared up to terahertz waves.

It can pass through some materials like glass or plastic, but it cannot penetrate metal. This means that infrared rays will only affect objects that are touching the surface on which they are shining. The waves themselves heat up an object by excitation. We all know how hot food gets when we put it in our ovens. This is because infrared waves are passing through the food’s surface and heating it up.

Infrared Camera App for Android and iPhone

The best infrared thermal camera apps can provide you with insights into the world around you. Whether it’s your home, your car, or something else, these apps are able to detect heat and identify changes in temperature so that you don’t miss anything. We’ve compiled a list of 11 of the best infrared-thermal camera apps for Android and iPhone devices to help make your decision easier.

1: Thermal Camera Prank 

thermal filter app

This thermal camera is best infrared camera app for android and iPhone. More than 1 million people have installed this app on the play store in their phones. This app is a real time thermal camera effect that simulates a infrared camera. Through this app you can prank with your friends.

You can open this app and tell your friends that your phone has a thermal camera sensor so that you can see it even in the dark of night. And the phone detects heat in the dark. The quality of this camera depends on the photographic camera of your phone. Such as – lens, objetive, CCD, resolution, ISO sensibility. This app is only a simulation of thermal camera. It does not detect real heat.

2: Thermal Camera Fx

thermal camera FX is a real time thermal video effect that allows you to change the output of your phone’s screen with just one tap. It can save photos and videos at any point during recording, giving an even more creative look for whatever project or activity.

heat sensing app

The camera app is so easy to use. It has features like front and rear cameras, as well as an option for the hardware shutter button. You can easily view all pictures captured by this heat sensing device in your file manager’s DCIM / ILThermaCamera folder without any hassle at all thanks to its straightforward layout design.

The user interface takes care of everything you need. There are no additional steps needed from time-to-time when using it because they’re already done thinking ahead on behalf our needs before even installing said program.

3: Seek Thermal

Seek Thermal is a free app and camera system that lets you find out how much heat there is in any given space. You can use it to see when the temperature changes, where hot or cold spots might be located around your home or workplace, as well as inspect food for doneness before cooking.

thermal camera app

With this new technology on hand we’re able get an accurate overview of our environment without having too many wires cluttering up precious living room flooring space while still being hands-free at all times which makes life easier in general.

This app is the best way to experience and visualize thermal energy. With the help of this seek thermal app, you can quickly and accurately detect, inspect, measure, and visualize thermal energy from your smartphone and tablet. With this app, you can easily capture and share thermal images. This app has also been featured in 500 Global press articles. This is the best thermal camera app iPhone and Android.

4: Thermal Camera HD Effect

infrared camera app

This is another free infrared camera app android. This app changes your camera view to thermal device simulation. It uses a high technology algorithm for pixel luminance detection and innovative method for color gradient mapping. Which makes all the pictures clicked by this app a real thermal image. The four most important features of this infrared camera app are the following.

  • Three gradient map color schemes
  • Three pixel lumination detector algorithms
  • Live thermal power amplifier
  • No camera latency

5: Thermal Camera Illusion

This app is the best thermal vision camera app for android phone. This infrared camera app has high contrast and blue/orange filter for night view. With which you can easily see the thermal image at night. To start this app, you have to first click the button of the flash light. Then after enabling the thermal vision given in the top right corner, you can easily see at night. This is a very good thermal imaging app for android phone.

best thermal camera app for android

6: Thermal scanner camera VR

The thermal camera app changes the video stream of your built in camera into a beautiful and cool color gradient. It does this by using different shades depending on how bright or dark an object is that it captures with its laser-like focus, making for some really interesting shots.

infrared camera iphone app

If you need thermal scanner app then this app is best for you. In this app you can also increase the thermal gradient so that more hot object actually appears red. The user can adjust this app according to their own.

You have been provided many good features in the app like – VR or virtual reality, thermo-scan, multiple color gradients, good camera controls like zoom, full portrait and many more. This is best infrared camera app for android.

7: VR Thermal & Night Vision

ir camera app android

This is another popular VR thermal imaging app for android phone. More than 5 lakh people have installed this app in their phones on the play store. In virtual reality you will get a different experience of thermal imaging.

In this app 3 different types of thermal effects and 2 night vision effects are provided. You get all these effects in real time.

8: Thermal Camera VR Simulated

infrared filter app

Feel like you’re in the world with this app. It will let your imagination run wild as it provides immersive virtual reality. Try out various thermal effects on an empty room and explore new places to see what they look like before going outside into nature or being inside of buildings.

superheated spaces that feel much hotter than actuality. This is perfect for those who want their mind blown without ever leaving home thanks to VR/AR technology. All while staying seated comfortably at one’s desk via Head Mounted Display.

It is very important to have this app in your phone too. This is a must have app to explore your world in virtual reality with thermal effects. This thermal detector app shows infrared image using tonal mapping.

In this app many features have also been provided to you such as real-time effects for video, supports camera flash, hardware camera button, multiple thermal camera, auto focus and many more. So must download this night vision thermal camera app.


Infrared cameras are a great way to see what’s going on in an environment without being there. The 11 infrared camera app we have listed here can detect heat and identify changes in temperature. So you won’t miss anything important no matter where your phone is. Which of these infrared camera apps do you use? What features do you love about them? Let us know by leaving a comment below or sending us a message through our contact form. We would love to hear from you.

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