April 21, 2024

Tips for Color Correcting and Color Grading on Your Phone

Undoubtedly video is the most popular medium to express yourself and show your inner talents. As a result, video streaming and publishing on social websites are vastly popular. Since we are leaning more into the video content instead of photos, making your video presentable is the urge of time. In that case, video editing with proper color grading and correcting is the least essential change you need to make. Usually, video editing requires a more extensive setup with a decent computer and heavy stuff.

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Do you know you can do it on your smartphone too? Surely it will save your time and make your video editing faster and more convenient. This article consists of 6 tips for color correcting and color grading on your phone.

Tips for Color Correcting and Color Grading on Your Phone

 Color Correcting

The videos will be incomplete if you don’t edit this carefully, and they won’t reach or hook people. As color grading and color correcting make the video more attractive, it must say that it is an essential part of video editing. This is the only process to make your video viral or more reached. Whether multiple Images color correction and color grading or videos, you can apply the same tips to do it. There are some tips and tricks for color correcting and a color grading by your phone.

Understanding The Content Mood

First, think about the mood you want in your video. It means focusing on the content’s main subject. If your video is sad or means something more profound, you can add some gloominess to it, and on the other hand, if your video is happy or funny, you can make it more saturated and brighter.

Which App To Use?

There are some top-rated and free apps for users of android or iPhone.

Some of them are:

  • 3Dlut mobile app
  • Inshot
  • VN video editor 
  • VSCO (Paid)
  • Koloro
  • Snapseed
  • KineMaster
  • Color tunin

Now choose your favorite one. Mine is Koloro. Because it is free and all the features you want are available in this app. In my opinion, Koloro is the best free app for editing videos.

Choose The Proper Frame

In one video, there can be so many subjects over there. So by pausing your video, just choose a frame or moment where all the subjects and colors of your video are visible. This is called hero framing. All video editing mobile apps may not prefer hero framing, but we must find the best framing in color grading and color correction,

Light And Contrast Correction

In this step, you just go into your mobile video editing app. Let’s talk about how to do this with Koloro apps. Go into the Koloro app and click on an option called “add” that will be visible as (+). Then select a video from your gallery. Then recall the content mood selection. Then just edit your video according to your choice or trend.

Color Correction

Color correction comes after light and contrast correction because a disbalance of light and contrast may damage video footage quality. So for the color correction, you just need to select the color correction option and then adjust the shadow and ambiance. Here ambiance means video environment. Then you can balance temperature and tint by white balance. So, what kind of tone do you like to add to your video? You can add by just clicking on temperature and tint.

Color Grading

There are a lot of color grading and color correcting tools. But the “curve” tool is the best for color grading. It recasts your video footage, and this should be your major tool. The curve tool has a dragging point, and it is sometimes difficult. The horizontal point and the vertical point are for decreasing and increasing the contrast. You can choose the shade of color by the curve tool; suppose your video has a gloomy green look, and you want it to be visible in the video. So, just select the green shade and make it more greenish.

Importance of Color Correcting and Color Grading

importance of colour

Why color correcting and grading is important for the video footage can be a question now. Color correcting and color grading are related to each other. First, you have to correct the color to grade color because you don’t want any disbalance of black and white lights in your video. Color grading is important for manipulating the color into the content. It is also important to focus on all the objects or areas. It enhances the audience’s engagement as the audience wants neat and clean quality content. And a well-graded video is satisfying to watch for all of us.

Freeway To Color Grading In Iphone Or iPad

Did you know you can correct the color and grade of your video without using an app? The freeway of color grading in iPhone or iPad footage without an app is possible. I didn’t know about it until I was just exploring on my iPad, and up until then, I Was just using paid apps! But you know, your iPhone itself has pretty extensive color grading tools that you can use for your videos. So, let’s talk about how it works.

Choose a video from your gallery. Then click on edit, and down below, you will see the three colors for filters. And on the far right side, you can control how dramatic the effect you want in the video. If I click, a knob looks like a sun, and you will have access to all the color grading tools there, such as exposure, highlight, shadow, contrast, brightness, shadows, saturation, vibrance, warmth, vintage, etc. You have access to color grading your footage once you have gone through this and all your color grading within the app.


So, these were the tips for color correcting and color grading on your phone. Hopefully, now color grading and color correcting are just a piece of a pie to you, no matter if you do not have a laptop or computer. But the fact is no one is gonna be the expert overnight. Being an expert is not that easy, but as a beginner, color correcting and color grading with your phone can be your best friend. 

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