Well! The web is full of false claims and marketing strategies to attract users to make easy money. You may have read the number of post on the web that says spy on the android phone remotely is possible. Don’t waste your time and energy on these lies. There is no monitoring application for android that you can install on the target device remotely.

How to spy android phone remotely

Is it possible to spy on android remotely?

The answer is a big No. You cannot monitor on any cell phone device without having physical access. Physical access is necessary to set up an android spy application on the target cell phone device. Don’t get cheated with the tools that offer remote installation on phone devices. You need to choose the best tracking software for android that works properly on the target device. You have to get physical access on the phone to perform the installation process. 

What you consider to spy on android phones? 

You should keep in mind a few things before you track mobile. Take a look at the following things that you need to monitor and track on a cell phone. 

  • Non-rooted spying software 
  • Hidden and undetectable app 
  • Temper proof application 
  • Feature-rich application 
  • Easy to install on target device
  • App with web-based control panel 

Do you want to spy on your mobile phone remotely? You can use cell phone spy software to monitor your target mobile devices without them knowing. Is android tracking app works on cell phones remotely? No, it needs physical access on the target device to install the application to do surveillance on phones. It does not make false claims and believes to be a trustworthy application.

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Use TheOneSpy cell phone monitoring app to spy android 

It is one of the best mobile tracking apps that enable users to access any cell phone device without them knowing. It makes secret monitoring of cell phone devices possible and compatible with cellphones and tablets. It requires physical access on the target device to spy on android phone remotely. It does not provide remote installation on the target device. The application has dozens of features like call recording, surround recording, screenshots, keylogging, and GPS location tracking. It also monitors social networks, messaging apps, messages, and chat conversations.

Why spy on android phone? 

There are plenty of people trying their best to spy on the android phone remotely. Do you know why? Parents and employers want to monitor and track digital phones of kids and employees respectively.

Why do parents want to monitor kid’s cellphones?

Here are the top reasons that force parents to monitor cell phones without physical access. 

  • Cyber bullying with the children 
  • Online dating of teens with strangers 
  • Access to adult content using browsers 
  • Gamming addiction on mobile devices 
  • Interaction with strangers & sex offenders 
  • Social media obsession & messaging apps 

Therefore, parents want to get their hands on the remote spy software, but they have to have application that sets parental control on mobile having physical access. 

Why do employers want to track employees’ mobile? 

Employers want to spy on android phone remotely due to the following reasons that you need to know.

  • To prevent time wasting activities 
  • To catch data breaching activities 
  • To increase employee’s productivity 
  • To spy on emails on mobile
  • To monitor corporate messaging 

How to install TheOneSpy to spy on android remotely?

You can install a phone tracker application having physical access to the target device. Perform the following steps to install a phone monitoring app to monitor cellphones remotely.

Step1: Subscribe to phone spy software

You can visit the webpage of TheOneSpy software and check your email to get your hands on passwords and ID.

Step2: Get physical access to the target device

Users need to have physical access to the target cell phone device and start with the installation process. You need to complete the installation process and activate it on the cell phone.

Step3: Use an online dashboard to activate features

Users need to use the password and ID and access the electronic dashboard and activate the features. You will get results into your dashboard.


Cell phone monitoring software is the best tool to spy on the android phone remotely. It empowers you to set parental control on kids. Employers can use the application to keep a hidden eye on business devices. 

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