Hello Friends, In this post we are going to share with you coolest things to draw. If you get free time in your home or office you can draw the Cool, Fun, Cute, Simple and Funny drawing given in this post. Here you will find all kinds of drawing which you can easily draw. Beginners can also make all these drawings very easily and create simple drawing for themselves by finding simple stuff from this list.

Simple Things to Draw

I also love drawing easy and fun things. Which you can see by clicking on this link. Where I have shared many of my drawings. Seeing whom you can also make a fun and easy drawings. If you are just starting your journey of drawing and sketch. So you are going to get a lot of help from the complete list of draw things and easy sketch ideas given here. So definitely try to draw cool and cute pictures given here.

How to Draw Cool Stuff July 2024

If you have to make a drawing with cool stuff, then it is very important to have interest in your drawing, it is not possible to do anything without interest. If you have interest for drawing, then you can easily draw any type of drawing and sketch.

Easy, Cool, Fun, Cute, Simple Things to Draw When You Are Bored

When I draw something, I also want easy things to draw. I know many of you will do the same. You will also find the easiest thing to sketch. This post contains many funny, cute, pretty, beautiful, creative things to draw for you when you are bored, and also some cool things to draw step by step.

How to Find Things to Draw When You are Bored

Finding things to draw when you’re bored can be tough. Sometimes, all you need is a little inspiration to get started. Here are a few tips to help get you started:

1. Look for interesting patterns in everyday objects. Whether it’s the way the light reflects off a bottle or the way the tiles on the floor line up, there are always new things to discover.

2. Draw people. There’s something about capturing a person’s likeness that makes drawing them really fun. Try observing people in different situations and see how their expressions change.

3. Draw landscapes. If you’re looking for something more calming, try drawing landscapes or cityscapes. This can be especially fun if you have access to a good view of either one from your window or somewhere else close by.

  • Draw something from your environment
  • Draw something from your memories
  • Draw a character or scene from a movie, book, or tv show
  • Draw something abstract
  • Use a drawing prompt
  • Draw a still life
  • Draw a portrait

Cool Things To Draw

cool things to draw

This glasses look so cool, you can make the building you see in it.


Beautiful open wings dragon tattoo design.

headphone boy sketch

If you like to listen to songs and love headphones, then you can try to make this sketch. It looks very cool too.

simple things to draw

If you know how to make good sketches and you want to be a pro then you can try this sketch, it is also a bit tough which will greatly improve your drawing skills.

What to draw when bored

If you are getting very bored at home then you can try to make all these sketches and drawings.

1: Alien Ship Fun Drawing

This is an alien ship drawing which is called UFO. You can draw it easily. In this we have drawn sandwich for fun. #hehe and the PICK UP lines look good.

2: Cactus Cute Drawing with Colour 

You must have seen cactus, there are many sharp thorns on it but in this drawing you have to make a cute cactus. Which looks too cute. It is not at all like the other cactus.

3: Beautiful Hill and Cloud

Who does not like hill and cloud. Everyone likes to live in such a beautiful place. That is why you can draw the above seen.

4: Keep it Simple

If you have ever gone to hang out with your family, then there will be some similar scene. Everyone is happy there. You too should try to make this drawing and be happy.

5: Easy Cup Sketch

6: Girl Dress Picture

If you are a girl then you must try this. You cannot ignore drawing such a nice dress.

7: Cartoon Face Pic

If you like cartoon character then you must draw this funny face cartoon.

8: Snake

Snake drawing

9: Bee

Bee Drawing

10: Cat

things to draw

Do you ever think what to draw when bored. So who are you waiting for? Draw this cool and easy cat now.

11: Ice Cream 

things to draw when bored

If you are an ice cream lover then you must try this cute ice cream sketch once.

12: Ghost 

easy and fun things to draw

This is another easy stuff to draw. Everyone starts getting scared on hearing the ghost name. But now there is no need to fear you. Because you can draw a ghost by making it very cute like you have given in the pic above.

13: Giraffe

something to draw

14: Bird

something to draw

15: Jug

easy stuff to draw

16: Butterfly

how to draw something cool

17: Eyes 

easy things to draw step by step

Here we have provided step by step sketch of eyes for you. With the help of this you can also make eyes sketch easily.

Anime Eyes

how to draw anime eyes


18: Diamond

easy things to sketch

19: Monkey Face Drawing

easy objects to draw

20: Rabbit

easy objects to draw

21: Dog

pretty things to draw

22: Victory Sign Sketch

unique things to draw

23: Rose

something easy to draw

24: Cat 

things for beginners to draw

25: Bat

things for beginners to draw

26: Pig 

drawings of easy things

Do you think how to draw funny things. Then you can see this pic above.

27: Eagle

things to draw when you are bored

28: Anime Girl Easy Sketch

anime easy sketch

29: Gun

pictures to draw easy


30: Hat

cool pics to draw

31: Buildings

how to draw fun things

Building sketch is very popular among children. Everyone makes it on the last page of their copy. You should try it too.

32: Tree

how to draw fun things

Tree is another cool stuff to draw. Everyone must have draw a tree in their school life.

33: Beautiful Girl Face 

easy girl face to darw

34: Spider man face sketch

Spider man face sketch

Cool and Easy Things To Draw Step By Step

If you are a beginner, you do not have any idea to draw. So we have a good technique for you that you too can make a very good drawing. Which we call step by step drawing.

In the post below, we have provided some such drawing for you. You have to try their steps one by one and in the last you will create a drawing of your own. It cannot be a matter of great happiness for you that you have made a drawing by yourself.

33: Cute Doll – Easy things to draw step by step

easy drawings step by step

34: Cat Drawing : Easy drawings step by step

You must have realized how tough this sketch is. But when you start making it, you will find it very easy and you will also enjoy making it.

how to draw cool stuff step by step

35: Fish – Something easy to draw step by step

Whenever you make a sketch, you should make it in small pieces like this, you will not face much difficulty in making the sketch and you will make it easily.

stuff to draw step by step

36: Duck – Cool stuff to draw step by step

cool stuff to draw step by step

37: Elephent – How to draw stuff step by step

how to draw stuff step by step

38: Angery Bird Drawing

things to draw kids
Cool things to draw

39: Lion Face 

best thing to draw

40: Fun things to draw when bored

fun things to draw when bored

Easy Pictures To Draw

There is nothing to do when you are alone at home, in that free time you can make all these sketches and pass your time. This will increase your inner creativity and you will also be happy. So Friends this is the complete list of easy things to draw.

You can choose any drawing you like from this list and wake up the artist inside you. If you have a similar sketch, you can send us to our Facebook page we will include it in this list with your name. If you like this post then tell us to do comments and do not forget to share this post with your friends.

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