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Curse of Strahd PDF Free Download – (*Google Drive Link*)

D&D Curse of Strahd Tarokka Deck PDF :  This is another great curse of strahd 5e pdf from Wizards for D&D’s 5th edition. This is the best edition yet as evidenced by the more than solid PH and DM guide. It’s a great adventure that could be useful for expert players or players that you want to introduce to the DnD world. I would say that it’s not for every Dungeon Master, you must be specially good at describing ambiences and set up a dark mood through the adventure.

Curse of Strahd PDF 5e Download

Curse of Strahd

The Curse of Strahd is the best published adventure yet for the new Dungeons and Dragons edition. It has a lot of information arranged in an easy to follow and interpret way. It’s full of interesting gothic horror style story, fun side quests, and multiple ways to play.  It’s well laid out and is a great assistant for setting mood and creating atmosphere in a game. click here for download this pdf.

Curse of Strahd Summary

Chapter Summary
Chapter – 1 Into the Mists: Covers Strahd’s backstory and gives instructions for the Tarokka reading and provides possible adventure hooks.
Chapter – 2 The Lands of Barovia: Gives the lay of the land and the effects on magic.
Chapter – 3 The Village of Barovia: Tells about the areas of the Village of Barovia.
Chapter – 4 Castle Ravenloft: Tells about the areas of Castle Ravenloft.
Chapter – 5 The Town of Vallaki: Tells about the areas of Vallaki.
Chapter – 6 Old Bonegrinder: Tells about areas of this Night Hag infested windmill.
Chapter – 7 Argynvostholt: Tells about the mansion that houses the revenants of the fallen Order of the Silver Dragon.
Chapter – 8 The Village of Krezk: Is about the Village of Krezk and it’s abbey.
Chapter – 9 Tsolenka Pass: Is about the encounter on the way to the Amber Temple.
Chapter – 10 The Ruins of Berez: Is about the ruins currently being overused by Baba Lyasaga and her Creeping Hut.
Chapter – 11 Van Richten’s Tower: Is about the tower where Rudolph Van Richten used to hide.
Chapter – 12 The Wizard of Wines: Says how the characters can get the winery to give joy to Barovians again.
Chapter – 13 The Amber Temple: Tells about the forbidden temple where Strahd became a Vampire.
Chapter – 14  Yester Hill: The hill where the druids are bringing life to Wintersplinter, the Tree Blight.
Chapter – 15 Werewolf Den: The home of the werewolf pack.

Curse of Strahd Review

Larry Sodders
Another great addition to D&D 5E. The book itself is quite nice, with amazing illustrations and well-done maps and tips. As for the story, not much can be said about Ravenloft that has not already been stated. So when you’re ready to leave the sword and sorcery scene behind for a while, take a walk in Barovia, you won’t be dissapointed.

Curse of Strahd PDF Information

Book Name Curse of Strahd PDF
Size 36.99 MB
Pages 56
Format PDF
Language English

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