April 21, 2024

Boycott Chinese App : Indian Alternative To Chinese Apps

Boycotting Chinese products had become a significant moment since last many years. But, unfortunately, it did not buy any considerable change in Indians. Now a message by Sonam Wangchuck has acquired a new revolution to boycott the Chinese hardware and software. Now it is time to take strict actions. Being from a developing nation like India, we should be aware of all these.

Boycott Chinese App

Let’s start to check the label over the products to see the manufacturer. There are a massive amount of alternatives that we can use instead of Chinese products. Similarly, we also have all the alternative apps of Chinese apps that are developed by Indians. We should immediately remove all the Chinese apps from our phones and download Indian apps.

Message by Sonam Wangchuck

Boycott of Chinese Apps Will Make a Difference

There is a massive reason for boycotting Chinese apps. Guys, you might have seen that in just a few days, the rating of TikTok has been destroyed only due to boycotting the app. Let me inform you that 39 percent of TikTok users belong to India. Its very popular lip sync app

Now think any Indian population; if we all keep in boycotting such Chinese apps, it will bring up a great revolution. Guys, don’t worry. We have enough Indian apps that are alternative to these Chinese apps and are far better. Here is a list of top Chinese apps in India that you need to remove from your smartphones.

  1. Helo
  2. Share it
  3. Tiktok
  4. Club factory
  5. Beauty plus
  6. Xender
  7. CamScanner
  8. Vmate
  9. Game of sultans
  10. Like
  11. Kwai
  12. Clash of kings
  13. Mobile Legend
  14. Club factory
  15. UC browser
  16. UC Browser Mini
  17. LiveMe
  18. Bigolive
  19. AppLock
  20. Mafia city
  21. Battle of empires
  22. Vigo video
  23. Pubg
  24. Shein
  25. Romwe

Guys, now here are the Indian apps that will be alternative to the Chinese apps. Although these apps are not so good and the features are not so excellent but we should appreciate them. As they are competing in the market, we should download them as our house product. The companies will make some improvements in their apps to make them perfect. So here the apps are.

Chaina Video Sharing App Alternatives

Indians use many Chinese apps to make short videos, edit videos, add songs, and many others. The apps that are used are Tiktok, Like, Helo, Kwai. Now here are the Indian apps that will replace these apps.

1. Bolo Indya

Varun Saxena develops Indian app Bolo Indya. The app helps people to create video and enjoy. The key factor is that only productive videos are added to the app because the founder Saxena believes that only Informative things should go viral. And firing checking only productive videos are selected. This is an excellent app that competes with other Chinese apps.

[appbox googleplay com.boloindya.boloindya]

2. Ropso

Roepso is not a new app for us. It is a perfect app that allows users to create videos as you do on TikTok. But it is not the as same copy of TikTok. You can create your video here and also share them. This app allows you to create your own original video using a new sound. Ropso has around 50 million users at present. It has 4.3 ratings on Google play. It is available at both Google Play and App Store. The UI of the app is user friendly.

[appbox googleplay com.roposo.android]

3. Share chat

Here is the top-ranked Indian app. This will help you to create videos and share them anywhere you want to. You can use your video as Facebook or Instagram status also. It allows you to interact with others. This is an Alternative app to Chinese apps like TikTok, like. It provides you many options.

It is probably the strongest competitor of the TikTok app. The best feature is that it provides you security. You can use around 17 languages to make videos. The app has 4.3 ratings on the play store. Share chat has already crossed more than 100+million downloads. Your data remains safe.

[appbox googleplay in.mohalla.sharechat]

Chinese Web Browsing Apps Alternative

The need for a browser is immense. The thing which we need in a browser is speed and multiple functionalities. But meanwhile, we need security also. If it is not secure, it is of no use. A famous Chinese browser is the UC browser. This is very fast, but it is weak in matters of security. That is the reason people want to boycott Chinese apps. Here are the Indian browser that can replace the Chinese UC browser

1. Yo browser – Lite fast and secure

Yo browser is an Indian browser that was developed in Pune. It is a fierce competitor of the UC browser. This is fast, secure, and have multiple functionalities. You can play videos in the browser at a single tap. If the net is slow, you can just click on the image and only read the matter.

You can change the settings according to your comfort. You can switch it to night mode or reading mode. It might be shocking for us all that we have Indian apps that are fierce competitors of Chinese apps. The display can be easily changed. So download the Indian apps and uninstall the Chinese apps.

[appbox googleplay com.browser.yo.indian]

Photo Editing Apps Alternative India

It is very tough to replace the Chinese apps in this field. The Chinese app has made a special place in the market, and it becomes very tough to replace. Here we have tried to put up the Indian apps that will replace the Chinese apps.

Beauty plus- Photo editor and selfie

This is a popular Chinese app that helps you to click pictures and beautify them. The app has gained popularity due to its amazing features. This app edits and beautifies the picture bin so that you can’t replace it with any other app. But guys here we are boycotting all the Chinese apps. Here we have bought some apps for you that will help you take pictures and complete the Chinese apps.

1. Camera plus – Creative photo editor HD 

This is the Indian app that was developed by pixel force Pvt Ltd Bangalore. This app is a competitor of the Chinese app that helps you click photos, beautify them, and edit the picture. It allows you to add frame, make the picture to float, you can resize the photo, add frame and many more.

You can also add a variety of wallpapers. Guys, our Indian alternative is not less than the Chinese app; the need is just to use them. You can also make collages through the same app. Here you need not download some other app to make a photo collage.

[appbox googleplay pro.camera.free.apple]

2. Indian selfie camera

This app is not much highlighted, but it is not much less than the other Chinese camera apps. It has decent features that make your photo quite suitable. You can use the features to edit your photo. The app has 4.5 ratings on the Play Store. Guys, here we need to boycott the Chinese app and show willingness toward our Indian apps.

[appbox googleplay com.appbreakers.selfiecamera]

Data sharing apps like Xender, Shareit

Now here comes the competitive apps that have been ruling us all. We all would get surprised to know that it is a Chinese app because it is already downloaded on our phones. But we have Indian apps that can replace the Chinese apps. You can use them securely.

1. Jio switch

Jio switch is the app that is developed by the Reliance Jio in India. This app is used to share files, videos, photos, and documents from one device to another device. This app is free for both android and iOS users. It is an entirely better replacement for Chinese apps. The best thing about this app is that it is provided for free to the users.

[appbox googleplay com.reliance.jio.jioswitch]

2. Share all

Share all is best alternative of Chinese share it app. This is  domestic product developed in India. It is also a better replacement for the Chinese sharing app. It is safe and easy to use. You can easily share photos, documents, videos through this app. It provides you a better speed of sharing also. The app claims 200 times faster than Bluetooth in data sharing. This is small in size and also gives you a backup facility.

[appbox googleplay com.pnd.shareall]

Chinese Gaming Apps Alternative India

PUBG is the first one to be boycotted. This app has never been appreciated since it has been launched. It has always been very progressive in destroying the youth. Some states have already banned this. Now we all need to replace this by our Indian games.

1. Indian Air force: a cut above

Guys, you would be glad to know that our Indian Air force developed its own game in 2019. The game’s objective is to connect to the youth and let them know about the reality of borders and defense services. This is not the first game launches by Indian Air force but the second one. The first were guardians of the sky that was launched in 2014. These are launched to know about the thrills at the borders.

This game starts with the training center. After you the training, you are allotted the mission. You get guns and can use them. Flying jets and planes is a particular part. You can also change avatars. The famous avatar is of wing commander Abinandan Vardhaman. You can also change the avatars.

[appbox googleplay com.threye.iaf.aca]

2. Grand battle royale

This is the same as PUBG but in pixel version. The best thing about this is that it easy downloaded in all types of smartphones. You do not need a large amount of hardware. The missing is interesting, and you get a cartoon-like look.

[appbox googleplay com.onetongames.kingofthehill]

E-commerce applications

These are the top online Shopping apps that sell their items to the Indian market. The goods provided are clothes, footwear, makeup accessories, daily usage items, and many more. But you would be glad to know that they do not pay any taxes to our Indian government. In 2019 the Mumbai government banned the goods then they started paying the fees.

Problem with the Chinese goods

The main issue is the quality. They can never sell good quality of goods to other countries. The products look quite pretty, but they are not less than rubbish. They only grasp.money from customers. You even don’t get Cahn e to return or replace the items.

Indian E-commerce brands that are reliable

Guys, we do not need to explain the alternative to this. You all know the famous brand like Amazon, Myntra, Flipkart. Now here are the Indian online shopping sites that can replace the Chinese ones. You might get slightly costly, but guys, it is our Indian product and will be much better than Chinese.

  1. Bewakoof
  2. Faballey
  3. Pantaloons
  4. Akio
  5. Lime road
  6. Bunnie
  7. Landmark stores
  8. Koovs
  9. Stalkbylove

Download Remove China App APK

If you want to remove all the Chinese apps on your phone then download this app. It removes all the Chinese apps on your phone. You can use Indian app instead of Chinese app. You can download this app in your phone from the link given below.

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