April 21, 2024

Best Android Data Recovery Apps Without Root 2024

Android is the most popular mobile OS in the world and for good reason, it has a lot to offer. But there are some drawbacks- primarily that if you lose your phone or tablet, all of your data is gone with it. This can be especially devastating for those who store their personal information on their device without any form of backup. However, fear not. There are many android data recovery apps out there that can help you get back your lost documents and pictures even if they were never backed up elsewhere.

Android Data Recovery Apps

The arrival of Lollipop in Android 5.0 requires a different approach when it comes to recovering deleted files on the device. And soon enough there were many apps available at Playstore that could do just this without rooting your phone.

Some file recovery apps are not as effective or reliable when trying to recover files from your Android device. You should try each app one after another during the process. Because some may work better than others depending on what type of data was lost and how much space it occupies in total within both internal memory and SD card slots.

Android Data Recovery Apps Without Root 2022

If you’re looking for the perfect solution to get back your lost files in Android. Then look no further than these root-permissioned data recovery apps. If there’s any way that requires root access on an unrooted device and it has good reviews like most of them. So I would say go ahead with giving them a try before anything else.

1: UltData

Tenorshare’s UltData is a powerful android data recovery apps that can help you recover deleted photos, videos, and WhatsApp files from your device. This app requires no root to work so you don’t need any special privileges. If for some reason these types of content have been mistakenly removed by mistake or ransomware has gotten its grubby hands on them.

Don’t worry because android data recovery without a root app provides all users with an easy way back into their phones’ inner sanctum. The uninstall & reset option will restore everything without needing any special permission.

 android data recovery apps

The easiest way to recover deleted files on your Android device is with this app. Simply install it, scan, and then select the folders or types of data that you want to be backed up. This easy-to-use software works without any need for a computer connection. So nothing is holding you back from getting those precious moments in life back again today.

Tenorshare UltData for Android is an incredible file recovery program that allows you to search your lost data by categories like photos, videos, and audio. It also has a convenient interface. So it’s easy enough even if you don’t know what kind of files might be on the phone.

2: EaseUS MobiSaver – Recover Video, Photo & Contacts

With EaseUS MobiSaver, you can recover deleted photos and videos from both the phone’s internal memory as well as an external microSD card. With this easy-to-use data recovery app for Android phones or tablets in just three simple steps. Choose your lost files then scan them to locate them on either device (including when they’re not found), browse through what was once yours until returning it into circulation.

  • Supported photo formats: JPG/JPEG, PNG, GIF, BMP, TIF/TIFF.
  • Supported video formats: MP4, 3GP, AVI, MOV.

MobiSaver is a simple tool for recovering deleted files on your Android device. It automatically detects whether or not you have rooted your phone. But if what are trying to undelete as many images and videos that were lost because of an error message telling them they’re useless without root access MobiSaver needs this extra power too.

best video recovery app

The app is able to find every deleted photo and video on your phone, even if it’s been purged. It will search its way through the cache files of the device memory for any trace that you might have overlooked. The data recovery software is capable of scanning deep within local storage units in order at recovering all missing photos or videos.

Whether they are still visible in thumbnail form when originally taken with an old sd card reader accessory. Then later erased from existence without being properly overwritten by new ones after transfer into another mobile device during usage.

3: Video Recovery

If you want to recover deleted videos from your Android smartphone, two different ways may work. The first of these is using an app like video recovery for android. Which can restore most if not all of the video files in any device with ease and without having a huge impact on its storage capacity or quality.

Another alternative would be accessing them by taking advantage of file restoration features offered within some operating systems. Such as MS Windows 10 while also keeping safe backups outside our IMEs cloud service. A simple to use video recovery app that will help you recover deleted videos. You can also extract audio from the video files for more information on what type of data is present in each format. Video Files Recovered include FLV, AVI, MOV, MP4, MPG, 3GP, etc.

video recovery for android

I have been working on a project to develop an app for video recovery. Video files can be very large and the algorithm may take some time. So not all videos will get saved even if they are uploaded successfully initially. There’s also no guarantee about what kind of quality your videos will come back with – sometimes it does better than others.

4: DigDeep Image Recovery

So, you’ve deleted a photo by accident and are now stuck with the task of trying to find an app that can restore it? Well, come on! There’s no need for worry because we have all been there before. All that is necessary in this case would be downloading our favorite scanning tool from Google Play Store.

Which will scan both internal memories as well external SD card slot. So they’re sure not overlooked during their search. Don’t forget about taking notes while going through each result too since some might work better than others depending upon model/manufacturer.

android recovery no root

The best way to get your files back is by using the app. It’s simple, just launch it and wait for a loading screen while scanning all folders in search of erased photos. The speed at which this process happens depends on how much memory you have installed on your device.

So be patient if necessary. Once complete, there will appear another new window with images collected into groups based on where they were taken. Check every group until you find what needs restoring before clicking rstore when ready.

5: Document Recovery

The best way to recover deleted files is with document recovery. The data files recovery app scans your phone or tablet and then recovers everything that was lost. You can use this tool to find out if a document has been deleted on Android devices. Such as Docs, PDFs, XLS spreadsheets (XLSM), PPT PowerPoint presentations TXTs text files, Zip archives with more types supported too.

video recovery app for android

6: Photo Recovery – Ztool

Photo Recovery is a free app that helps you recover deleted photos and videos from your Android device. It can be downloaded on any smartphone or tablet with an internet connection, without requiring root access or technical expertise of any kind. With just one click of the mouse button, it will restore all deleted media items in high quality. So they’re easy to view again no rooting necessary whatsoever.

android recovery without root

The photo recovery app is a lifesaver. With its help, you can easily recover photos and videos from any storage device in just moments. All it takes to get started are the right categories ticked off on your phone or computer. You don’t even need access anymore because this app does all of this smartly for us behind-the-scenes using facial recognition technology.

7: Dumpster – Recover Deleted Photos & Video Recovery

Dumpster is the world’s most downloaded recycle bin for Android, with over 50 million downloads. It makes recovering deleted photos and videos easy. Dumpsters are quick to use because they have all five senses in one place.  Hearing when it beeps orechat style chirps similar sounding objects together.

android data recovery no root

So you know what sound your search should produce visuals through color coding abilities. That let users differentiate between lost data stored on their device vs externally connected ones like an SD card being filled up which signifies usage. You can undelete pictures and videos with the help of a new app. Once installed, your deleted data will automatically backup in case anything happens to delete it permanently. Like if you forget what was on there.

A dumpster is a android data recovery apps for all your file retrieval needs. You can recover videos, restore deleted photos and apps with just a few clicks. File recovery has never been easier or more convenient than dumpsters easy to use interface which gives you instant access from anywhere in the world.


Whether you have an iPhone or an Android, the data recovery apps we’ve highlighted will help ensure that your files are never lost again. If you need to recover your lost documents on your phone. These tools can be really helpful with their ability to scan all of the storage partitions for deleted photos and videos without root permission.

With so many ways for things like this to happen, people must know they don’t need a computer science degree to get back what they’ve lost on their phones. These apps make recovering missing files easier than ever before. Which is your favorite data recovery app?

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