The music industry is an ever-changing one that has seen many changes in the past few years. With the rise of technology, there are now ways for musicians to create their own songs without having to rely on a producer or studio engineer. The best part about this is that they can do all of this from the comfort of their homes. This article will look at 10 music studio recording app for Android and iPhone users so you too can record your next track wherever you are. These apps range from free ones with in app purchases to paid apps but they are worth checking out if you’re looking for something new.

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The music industry is always evolving and continues to do so. As technology advances, new ways to create music are introduced. With the use of mobile devices, apps have been growing in popularity for both android and iOS users. These studio recording app allow anyone with a smartphone or tablet to record their own songs on the go. Whether you want to learn how to play an instrument or just need some inspiration for your next masterpiece. These best recording studio app will help you get started.

Music Studio Recording App For Android & iPhone

For those who love to make songs and musical instruments. There are many tools that can help you. Some of these applications include bringing your own sounds together with software designed for voice processing or enhancement. Others offer full functionality in addition to music production features like recording studios at home. There are even special interfaces designed just so you can work easily without having cords getting tangled up all over.

1: BandLab – Music Recording Studio & Social Network

Get the latest music making app for your device. You can create beats, add creative effects and more. This software has royalty free sounds- which means they’re all yours at no cost to you so go ahead and make something amazing with this powerful tool. The possibilities really do seem endless when it comes to what kind of sounds can be made available on this site. There’s virtually everything anyone could possibly want for making beats and remixes.

A perfect audio recorder for musicians, BandLab is an above average tool that has the ability to record and mix sounds. It comes with 12 tracks on its mixer as well as samples from which you can create your own unique sound. A perfect audio recorder for musicians, BandLab is an above average tool that has the ability to record and mix sounds. It comes with 12 tracks on its mixer as well as samples from which you can create your own unique sound.

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BandLab’s social networking features make it easy to find new friends, connect with collaborators or start a band without an audition. You can also manage your profile and keep up on the latest music happenings in one place. BandLab is the world’s leading music app for smartphones and tablets, with over 200 million active users. It’s also a beat maker, recording studio in disguise. You can record your own songs from start to finish or just experiment on band jam mode without any risk of putting out an unfinished product.

From discovering new artists that inspire you through curated playlists created just for these talented individuals all the way up to catching live streams by top tier performers who would otherwise never have been accessible. There really isn’t anything else like it available today. So if this sounds interesting at least give us try.

2: GarageBand

GarageBand for iOS devices is a unique and innovative way to create music. You can use the app’s instruments, loops, drums even samples from your own voice. With live loops you don’t need any experience in DJ or production. Because anyone will be able make great sounding tracks like one of these.

GarageBand is more than just a tool for musicians. It’s also an interactive learning experience that lets you interact with sound, change volume and settings to create your perfect music environment. What’s even better? With over 10 million songs available in the iBookstore alone (and other tools like Tone Generator). Garageband makes it easy as pie to find inspiration from any genre or style. All without leaving what used be considered the iTunes family tree.

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Your instrument of choice will be downloaded from the cloud or device memory. So you can start making music in minutes. An incredible variety of different musical instruments are available when creating a new track, including guitars and pianos to name just two. You’ll also have access all kinds from electric guitars right down through synthesizers for those who want their sound without any human involvement involved.

3: Dolby On: Record Audio & Music

Transform your phone into a powerful recording tool with just one tap. Record songs, sounds, instruments and more in incredible audio quality. Dolby On is the only free studio recording app that offers cutting edge Dolby technology for users to make their own music or podcasts on any device they choose from anywhere in no time at all.

Dolby On is the best way to wake up a sleepy voice. You’ll never have to choose between recording quickly or with quality ever again. Because Dolby On will make sure your recordings sound great no matter what device you use. Say goodbye (for now) of background noise and expensive microphones. Just playback this clip for an instant listening experience like none other.

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Dolby has been around since 1986 when it was founded by Thomas D distingo while working at NASA on audio reproducing technology that could be used during space missions. He wanted something lightweight but durable enough so astronauts wouldn’t need bulky equipment such as heavy amplifiers etcetera . The company went public in 1993 raising $9 million selling shares at 35% oversubscribed offering.

Dolby On is a surprisingly good app for recording audio. You can use it to record both your voice and instruments, but there are many other features that will keep you engaged with this software. You’ll be able to fiddle with everything from reverb levels or EQs all the way down into editing out clunky noises in seconds if need be. No matter what kind of task falls onto Dolby on’s plate during any given workday at home studio session or band practice.

4: Music Studio Lite

Music Studio is a new app that can be used to create music on your phone. With features and sound quality previously only found in desktop applications. This free application will have you sounding professional by the time it’s done improving what was already there. With an intuitive interface and wide range of features. This studio recording app will have you producing quality tunes in no time at all.

It’s easy to get lost in the world of Synthwave. This is because it combines an interactive piano keyboard, 11 studio quality instruments along with a fully fledged sequencer that can be edited on note level and features 127 tracks. The options also include reverb effects real time delays for added creativity without being restricted by specific ones from before.

recording studio app

It is not uncommon for a mic-recorded song to have the same quality as one recorded in expensive studios. The application has such opportunities to improve sound quality. Which means many people won’t even be able distinguish between these two melodies because they both seem beautiful and pristine when played back on your phone.

The virtual instrument app will allow you to play your favorite instruments on the go. All of the buttons, keys and knobs are easy-to-reach on a smartphone screen. You can feel like an actual musician in front of professional recording equipment with just one phone call away. It’s quite impressive how realistic things sound when using this fun tool for musical experimentation.

5: Easy Voice Recorder: HQ Audio

You can take notes, make recordings and even convert them into files for later listening all while staying in the know. Just launch the app on your phone or tablet to start recording. No need to open it. With Easy Voice Recorder’s many home screen widgets you’ll have quick access wherever you are. So that when inspiration strikes at 2am there won’t be anything standing between good ideas anymore because everything was captured right then.

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There with just one tap away from being saved forever as soon as possible. The best thing about this tool? It does not matter if an episode has already begun playback since its interface allows us easy control over pausing/playing back whatever pasts through our speakers. The voice recorder for your phone is a must-have tool that can save you time, make recordings easier and more convenient. The high quality audio it records will last up to 99 minutes on one charge so there’s no need worry about running out of space before recording something important.

The app is perfect for recording anything you want to hear, but it doesn’t have the capacity of taking on an entire album. It does offer some good features like dark mode and Wear OS Support though. The free version has ads while premium without them both are available in-app purchase with different price points depending upon how much storage space or battery life one needs at that point in time.

6: Tuner – Pitched

The Pitch Pipe is the best way to quickly and easily tune your instrument. It’s like having an extra hand at gigs, concerts or during practice sessions. Let it do all of that work for you. The pitch pipe can be used as a ukulele tuner; violin adjustor (performing arts); guitar differentiator, Kalimba player? Just say “tun” when using this nifty tool. So it knows what sound quality needs adjustment next time around. No matter how low bass strings may have been pitched before now. They will always fall in perfect harmony again thanks only them being tuned by their virtuoso inventor.

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The pitched tuner is a unique pitch-tracking headset that has an independent earpiece for each tone. This leaves you with clear hearing when playing music or talking on the phone, without needing to remove them during loud moments. The trial version allows up to 15 minutes of playtime before being required to upgrade your purchase at full price. But it’s worth every penny considering how much easier life gets when both parties in conversation can hear what they’re saying clearly throughout any length phone call.

7: FL Studio Mobile

FL Studio Mobile has a ton of features for producing electronic dance music, including an effects section with synths and the ability to record live audio from instruments if needed. FL Studio Mobile is a lot like Caustic 3. It has all of the tools to make electronic style music, including effects and synths for your audio recording needs in addition to live instruments if you need them too.

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Every serious musician knows that the best way to get anything done is by using Logic Pro. It’s a program with so many features, it would take you hours just browsing them all. With this studio recording app we don’t have an excuse for not being able to complete our work in time and sound amazing doing it too. The price tag might seem steep at first glance but when compared against other music production software out there today such as FL Studio ($30 per year) or Cubase SX3/5 Suite.


  • Save and load WAV, MP3, AAC*, FLAC, MIDI
  • Step sequencer
  • Virtual piano-keyboard & Drumpads
  • Instrument modules
  • User interface configurable

8: Music Maker JAM – Song & Beatmaker app

Music Maker Jam is a fun, easy to use app that includes many music making features. You can record your own sounds and vocals too. The interface skews toward electronic beats more than other types but this should work well for most people who don’t need anything super complicated. And if you’re looking for something with an elegant design or rich sound quality then this might not be the right choice at all.

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You can use music maker jam to create or remix amazing music beats and tracks, using loops from a variety of musical genres including trap edm rap. The app has been designed specifically for aspiring rappers who want an easy way to make their own instrumental hip hop beat.

Music maker jam is the best way to make music on your phone. With a user-friendly interface and free of charge it’s never been easier. Whether you’re looking for an instrumental track or lyrics that fit perfectly with what melodies are already there. This app has got everything available in one place so users can quickly find exactly what they need without having too many options open at once. Which could reduce productivity levels even more than necessary.

9: AmpliTube

AmpliTube is like having your own guitar rig, but better because it’s virtual. It has 6 effects and an amp with mics. You connect the app to any interface device like iRig HD 2 or IR2 to get started right away without picking up anything physical at all. Amazing for those who want more creative freedom when playing live on stage. As well as practicing in private from anywhere around the world.

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The inspiration collection gives you the tools to create great sounds and teach yourself how music is made. With a whole collection of virtual instruments. It’s easy for beginners like me who are looking into getting started in this area. Amps and pedals are an essential part of the guitarist’s arsenal, but sometimes they can be difficult to use. AmpliTube makes it easy for you by allowing your guitar or bass pedal up on a screen in front if itself while also providing various playback options. So that all possible combinations become available at once.

AmpliTube is the perfect app for guitarists who want to make their music stand out. With its innovative looping features, infinite drum track loops and 8-track recording capabilities. You can record anything with ease even if it wasn’t originally designed as digital audio workstation (DAW) software.

10: The Metronome by Soundbrenner

Soundbrenner has created a revolutionary new metronome that will allow musicians to maintain their rhythm during concerts or even sound recordings. Existing metronomes are not good enough for professionals. So the company decided it needed one of its own in order play accurately at important moments with high accuracy.

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The most important thing about the application is that it offers users a completely free experience. You can set your own rhythm and pace, just like how they do in golf. Start by knocking on wood for good luck or take some time off if you’re not feeling well. That way all of this will seem less daunting when starting out because there won’t be any pressure to go full speed right away.

The Metronome is the perfect tool for musicians. It automatically detects your tempo and displays it on screen. So you can practice without having to watch what note goes where. The Metronome gives you the power to perfectly synchronize all your devices together. So that even if you are practicing with an entire band or orchestra it can help bring out their best.


When it comes to recording sound, your phone can do a lot more than you might think. Some of the best sound recording apps for Android and iPhone are capable of capturing high-quality audio with little distortion and minimal background noise. If you’re looking for an app that does everything from basic voice memos to studio quality recordings. There is something out there for everyone. Do you need help finding or choosing the right studio recording app. Let us know how we can help.

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