April 21, 2024

How to Make Photos Very Creative And Realistic?

Image Cartoonize

Cartoonize is an AI picture cartoon processing software, which can automatically generate cartoon effects from uploaded pictures. You can customize the body and background of your avatar, as well as other funny elements. The final image could be a Superman about to save the world, or a soccer star scoring a crucial goal in the World Cup. If you’re the City fan, you can also design Kelly’s runaway bride. Is this the avatar you want? I think it’s not just an avatar, but a little creativity about dreams and personality in a monotonous life.

image to cartoon

Main Features of the Cartoon

  • Fully customizable, except your avatar, you can find your favorite elements in the system. 
  • Completely safe, we do not save any pictures, all uploaded content will be automatically cleared after 24 hours, we will not use any user’s pictures for promotion. 
  • Fun enough, full of personality and creativity. 
  • Free and paid options are available to complete your creative drawings without spending any money.

Start now: https://imagetocartoon.com/app.html

Photo AI – Inhance Quality of Your Old Photos 

Have you tried bringing old family photos to life? Is your social media profile cool enough? Are you still looking for technically professional and easy-to-use software? Come try PhotoAI, it will solve all your problems in seconds.

Tom and Jerry, enlarged by PhotoAI

PhotoAI integrates the best AI photo editing functions, which can meet 10 professional functions, such as Image Enlarger, Image Upscaler(designed for Anime lovers, Cartoonizer, and Background eraser, can meet all your expectations of AI. Best of all, it’s all done directly by the server, you just hit upload and you’ll get a refresh. It is easy to use and can meet all the needs of life and work.

Main Features

  • Image Enlarger: It can support up to 8x enlargement, and blurred small photos can be directly enlarged automatically. Besides the server will supplement the lost pixels as well, the repaired photo will be clearer.
  • Image Enhance: Repair old photos and enhance image contrast.
  • Image Denoise: automatically reduce noise of image to meet professional needs.
  • Background Eraser: remove the image background just by one click, replace the custom background and add more possibilities to the images. 
  • Image Colorize: automatically colore black and white photos . We have trained tens of thousands of pictures according to the color contrast of pictures in different periods to achieve better coloring effect.
  • Image Cartoonize: Upload your portrait photo to get a cartoonish photo. You can also add various elements to this photo to make your photo creative. Elements will continue to be updated, and more effects can meet more needs.

The product is currently free to use, and we also support subscription options to unlock more funny elements. Download and experience now! Excellent service not to be missed.

Click and start: https://imglarger.com/PhotoAIApp, we support the Mac version as well as the Mobile version.

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