A classified app is the best way to buy and sell things. You can easily target users through this app. You can purchase items like Car, PC, Mobile, Laptop, and many more. For selling the items, you can add details of things in this app so that customers could get all about the item. It also allows you to add a contact I’d or phone number so that the customer can contact you.

Classified App

If you have many old items, you can earn money by listing them in all these classified apps. To list your product here, first, you have to click the picture of all your products. After that, by creating your account in all these apps, you can list the product.

All the classified ads apps offered here are available for free, which allow you to sell online locally. This post has provided a list of the top 15 best local and free classified apps for you. You can use all these apps on your Android and iPhone devices and find the perfect buyer for your listing item.

Best Free Classified App for Android And iPhone

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1. KSL classifieds

Guys, here comes the first and best-classified app for all android and iPhone users. This app is provided for free. This app helps you to post the ads of the items that you want to sell. Meanwhile, you can also buy the things that you like by visit other ads.

You can easily search for various items like car, bike, mobile phone, home, job and whatever you like. You can install the app on your device and use it easily. It helps you to post the ads. It has also been rated a very good one by the users.

classified applications

2. OLX

You might have heard about this app. Yes, this is the most trending one. The app is straightforward to use and also helps you in all the possible ways. Either it might be selling or buying articles. You can use this app.

You can post the ads of your item that you want to sell. You need to click the picture of the item to get a good idea about the product. The next thing is that you have to add a contact number to contact you.

best classified apps

3. Gumtree classifieds

Many people are interested in buying and selling things in their nearby areas. You can also start up a small business by doing so. These classified ad apps help you to buy and sell a variety of items in your locality. You can also search for the things of your budget.

Through messaging app, you can easily get connected to the buyer or seller. If you are looking for a job, home appliances, and local services, this app is the best one. It is available for free.

classified app

4. NL classifieds

NL classifieds is also a tremendous classified application for all android and iPhone users. Through your smartphone, you can quickly post ads about the article that you want to sell. Your ads are posted very soon on the site within seconds.

You can add a photo of the article on the site. A short description of the item can also be added using a notepad. And finally, what you need to do is to add your contact number. Through this, you will quickly get the items and also can sell the items.

free classified apps

5. Quicker

The most downloaded app through the internet to date is quicker. This app has high ratings due to its best service. So download this app for free. Here you can post ads about the things that you want to sell. As the name of the app depict everything.

It works quicker. Here you can easily buy, sell and rent things. If there is something that you do not like anymore, you can sell them and buy a new item through the same site.


6. Varage sale

Here comes the easy and safe app to use. Guys, are you afraid of being betrayed online. Here is the app that will provide you surety about your item that you are selling and the item you are buying. It is effortless to use.

If you want to buy something, visit the site, see pictures, and describe the item. If you like you can contact the owner and can buy the item. These classified applications present you with the items at reasonable prices.

classified apps for android

7. Hot sale

This is the modern way of shopping. You can easily buy, sell and rent items through this app. This app’s best feature is that it provides the best deal between the buyer and seller. The agreement becomes confidential through this app.

Add the snap photos to the site to sell your item. It will impress the customer. It helps you to create a list of buying and set things quickly. This is available for both Android and iPhone users.

free local ads

8. 5miles

This classified application has around 10 million happy users around the world. The app is safe to use and also provided for free. You need not follow long instructions and steps to use this app. Within seconds you can buy and sell the items.

With this, you can quickly discover the items that you like. Here you are allowed to talk to the owner about the item directly. It also helps you to find a house near your area. Things are sold, bought, and also provided in rent.

ksl free ads

9. Let me know

best place to post ads online

Guys, it often happens that you buy something and after a short time you are no more impressed by the thing. These local classifieds apps are developed for the same thing. It helps you make money very quickly by just selling the items you don’t need anymore.

You can post the ads about your item and browse through several ads to buy things from pet to a house. You can again buy a car, house, household items, furniture, and many more.

10. letgo

Guys, here you can sell your old used items. This classified app helps you to make money by selling old items that are no more needed. The thing you have to do is add a picture of the item with a short description. Then you need to add your contact information.

The user will visit your ads, read the description, see the photo and then contact you regarding the deal. This is easy way how you can sell old items. Download this app as it will help you to earn money.


11. eBay


You might have heard about this famous app. It is found for its best features. Through this app, you can buy and sell things of your choice. This app is available for both Android and iPhone users.

The dual feature of the app impresses people and users across the world. You can buy the items at reasonable rates and sell the old things you do not need anymore. This is very easy to use and operate.

12. Cashify

ksl cars mobile app

Cashify is the latest app that allows you to buy and sell electronic items like mobile, laptop, PC, TV, and many more. It often happens that you are attracted to new versions of phones and laptops and wanted to buy them.

Here you can sell your old gadgets and buy new ones at the same site at reasonable rates. This app also provides you security about your money and item both. You need not worry while using this app. Just download this app and start earning.

13. Wallapop


Wallapop is a popular classified app that comes into a trend. This app is available for both Android and iPhone users. Guys, do you want to make money online within seconds. Then here is the best-classified app for you.

You can easily buy and sell items over this app. It is handy for those who want to use their old products and make money. Suppose you have little money. You can also buy items from this site at reasonable rates. Guys, get it downloaded.

14. World classifieds

local ads online

World classifieds are the unique classified app that is used in around 180 countries. You can understand that this is a handy app. The app is available for both Android and iPhone users. By using this app, you can easily buy and sell second-hand items.

You can make money through your old items. Get it downloaded soon. You have to post ads about the article, and then the buyer will trace you to own the item.

15. Shpock

Guys, here comes the last classified app on our list. But this app is not less than any other apps. It is effortless to use and also very helpful.

You can easily buy and sell items through this app—laptops, TV, PC, Phones, etc. If you cannot purchase a new item, you can easily own second-hand items through this app under your budget.

best classified apps

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